The Official Launch of Studying Under The Masters III {a huge giveaway too}

Good Morning!

I am excited to announce the teachers for the next and LAST Studying Under The Masters online course.

This next Studying Under The Masters will include not only some of your favorite artists but some of your favorite art forms!

Look at this incredible lineup! 

Studying Under The Masters III will focus on college, abstract, illustration, still life, folk art and portraits.

Ivette Newport will study the work of Marie Laurencin.

Kelly Berkey will study the work of John Singer Sargent.

Alisa Burke will study the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Jenny Doh will study the work of Joan Miró.

Melody Ross will study the work of Gustav Klimt

Jeanne Oliver will study the work of Horrace Pippin.

This deeply rich art series focuses on art history, practicing using the techniques and mediums of the masters, live chats and original technique art videos by the guest teachers.

This series has changed how I look at art in the present and past.

Here is praise for the Studying Under The Masters series…

“In all my years as an artist, I have never had a course that stretched and grew me so much. Not only has my art taken off in so many exciting ways, but I was blessed with friendship and support I never expected. Thanks for all that you do. I am so looking forward to part two!”



“The Studying the Masters class inspired me to look deeper into my own art process. The format where I was able to find out more about the artist’s process and their techniques captured my attention. The presenting artists were quality women whose own art process gave me confidence to keep going. I look forward to the next class.”



“This course is one of the best I have taken in that it introduced me to several different modern day artists. In watching how they studied under some masters, I became a student of, not one, but TWO artists each week, some of whom I feel a real resonance with!! I feel as though I am finding more of my artistic voice as a result of this class, and that is pretty exciting!! Thanks so much Jeanne for helping me take another step closer to my dream! ”


“The best class ever no matter your talent level…seeing the instructors paint right along in  “their” style of painting trying to get close to what a Master created was so enlightening since each had awesome talent but different ways to get the final results that they wanted! We were in their studio with there favorite supplies, magic!”




Here is a glimpse of what you can expect each week:

*The guest artists will study under the “master” of their choice. This will include a brief history of the artist.

*Start to finish video of the artist practicing a painting of the chosen master

*Videos sharing what they learned through practicing the techniques and style of another artist

*A start to finish video of the artist creating their own art using techniques they have learned but creating in their own style

*Each week will end with the artist sharing the artists that have encouraged and inspired them over the years.

*Each week will have book and video references

*Weekly live online “chats” with the artist

*All content has lifetime access

*All videos are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience


This new course will have 5 artists that will be joining me for a 6 week online course.

To read more about about the course click HERE.

You can also register by using the paypal button at the bottom of this post.

This 6 week course begins May 5, 2015 with lifetime access*.

Early registration price of $49.99.


To celebrate the new course I would love to have a huge giveaway of some of my favorite supplies!

What I am giving away:

*One Matilda Art Bag {valued at over $180}


*One portable art studio set {valued at over $200}

*One $200 Dick Blick gift card

* One package of every class that has already run on my creative network {valued at over $790}

One lucky winner will get an art package valued at over $1,300!


To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post letting us know your about a person that has influenced your creativity!

For additional chances at the giveaway you can…

* Facebook about the giveaway and the new course and link back to this post

* Pin this post and/or course to Pinterest

* Talk about the giveaway and/or new course on Instagram and use the hashtag #studyingunderthemasters and @jeanneoliver

* Blog about the new course

* Share this post on Twitter

 Each time you share about new course or please come back and let us know.

Thank you for sharing the new course!

{the winner will be announced next Monday}

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  1. micheleru

    I have been studying the paintings of German painter Xenia Hausner for a number of years. Closely examining her work, and trying to “copy” several of her paintings, has changed the way I approach color and how I apply it in my work. Ms. Hausner showed me the beauty and strength in being bold.

  2. Lori Byrne

    My greatest influence is my grandmother. Her artistic ability and her ability to use so many different mediums is always a huge inspiration to me! I only wish she was still alive to see how greatly she has inspired me and my daughter, who is her namesake.

  3. Heidi

    Love the giveaway package! The person who influenced me the most artistically is my mom – growing up – she was always taking art classes in photography, pottery, and design. She pursued her art by creating amazing large paper murals at our church every month.

  4. patty marker

    What a group you have compiled to study under it would be hard to choose. I have been afraid of this course in the past but I am stepping out of that fear and signing up this time.

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    1. Tamar

      Awesome! Give away thank you. The artist that has influenced my creativity is Van Gogh love his work.

  6. Hedwig Schlötjes-Belle

    Great course, great teachers! Ow, who influenced me? I love van Gogh for his use of color and texture and Matisse for exactly the same!

  7. Suzen

    My greatest influence is my 9 year old granddaughter! She doesn’t have limits 🙂

  8. Sheila Pearson

    The person who has most influenced my creativity? An elderly aunt of my husband. She used what she had and created something out of nothing; and then she shared it with people who probably had more than she did. She did it with a joyful heart and never sought praise or recognition.

  9. Donna

    My grandfather not only is a fine carpenter and gardener, he also painted in oils and did beautiful woodcarvings. As a a child, being in the house that he had built himself, breathing that atmosphere of beautiful things, had a profound influence on me. He still inspires me at age 92!

  10. Dale

    My mom greatly influences my creativity and inspires me! She is always learning new creative pathways from sketching, watercolor, jewelry making, crafts, etc.

  11. Amanda Trent

    I have actually been influenced by recent artists like Alisa Burke, Kelly Rae Roberts, Christy Tomlinson and more, who just make art fun and don’t stick to hard and fast rules. I’ve enjoyed art more by just letting go and letting it happen, and these ladies have helped me get to that point.

  12. Rebecca

    My greatest influence has been my uncle, who reminded me of my artist self when I forgot.

  13. J. Engen

    My mother was my biggest champion and although she would argue she was not artistic nor creative, it was the fact that she dabbled a bit in everything while I was growing up “crafting” that continued to foster my own desire to create. Always enjoy learning others perspectives in these courses.

  14. rockymtnrn

    Growing up and not feeling very artistic I enrolled in a community art class in my late teens. It was called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” based on the book by Betty Edwards. I learned to draw what I was really seeing, instead of what I was supposed to see. My drawings came out more realistic and life like. Far from professional, but enough confidence and courage to pursue a dream. A dream I am still trying to fulfill, many years later, now that I have a little more free time in life!

  15. Jo

    The person who has recently inspired and encouraged myself and others in their creativity is the fabulous Tam Laporte – her dedication to Lifebook and beyond is spectacularly awesome! This is a fantastic giveaway I would love it!!

  16. Jodene Shaw

    Jeanne, thank you so much. Someone who has inspired me in my creativity: Kelly Rae Roberts and Shona Cole were my first mixed media inspiration. My high school art teacher Tom Monahan planted some of the first seeds. My aunt Kay VanDervoort was my childhood inspiration. And my daughter Erin, now seven years old, inspires me with her bravery and eagerness to try ANYTHING artsy fuels me to continue. She wants to be a “metal burner”, in other words she wants to weld sculptures when she grows up. You also, Jeanne inspire me with your classes and all the sharing that you do.

  17. Kristen Powers

    It is hard to pick just one person who influenced me most but I would have to say my mom. She encouraged me and believed in me always and her spirit is what guided me to truly be courageous and continue on this journey. Thank you for an amazing opportunity to win such an amazing prize.

  18. mskowbo

    SaraAmarie at Life Connection Studio has shown me how to be bold and step into my creativity. Love the whole apprentice idea. thank you, Jeanne, for showing us how much apprenticeship helps us grow.

  19. Leslie Cude

    My parents have inspired me the most of anyone. Both are very creative and artistic. I treasure my dad’s paintings and pen and ink drawings he gave me from when he was in college. This giveaway is a dream!!

  20. Victoria

    My grandparents were the greatest influence of my life. One was a professional artist and the other made art with a sewing machine and a kitchen. Their home was a refuge from a less than nurturing family. I had no artistic project they did not support which allowed me to create with found objects and professional grade art supplies. I went on sketch trips with the local art club as soon as I could grasp a pencil. I learned to sew with designer samples from their neighbors. I miss them every day but they still influence my art and my life.

  21. ahawkes1

    Influenced – perhaps not yet as I am pretty new to art – love Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, A. Y. Jackson, Emily Carr and Lawren Harris among others.

  22. melissa Waterson

    My husband has influenced my creativity the most. He is an amazing artist and always coming up with creative activities for our kids. Although my creativity looks so much different than his, he is good at encouraging me in each little ” creative” thing I do. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  23. Judi

    I have two artist’s work that I admire and inspires me. The first is Georgia O’Keefe and second is Vincent Van Gough.

  24. Christine

    Love this giveaway – I have to say that Melody Ross has had the most influence on my creativity. I took a class of hers a few years ago about body image and was amazed at how much I loved the art portion. Since then my interest has exploded and I make sure to spend time on art every day!

  25. Marsha Gulick

    My favorite artist these days is Louise McElwain. We painted with palette knives on huge canvases in the NM desert. She would attach canvases to the side of her Van! Sadly she took her own life last year.

  26. Leslie Wiercioch

    There are two women who have really inspired me to go back to my artwork when I needed a new direction in my life. The first is Jeanne Oliver, I stumbled across your website and took one of your first classes. I have taken several since then and am always impressed with the quality of information. The second woman is Deb Drager, an amazing artist to the core and a breast cancer survivor. Her goal is to help as many artists as possible and then have everyone give back by donating art to hospitals and cancer patients. I am grateful to both and am truly inspired to continue learning for many years to come!

  27. tesoritrovati4800

    I would have to say that my greatest personal artistic influence was my Aunt Charlotte. Everything she did was magical and had an artistic flair to it. From the way that she wrote (her handwriting was the most beautiful and distinctive I have ever seen!) to the way she collected and displayed things (she had an amazing collection of seashells from yearly visits to the Keys) to the way that she baked, and crafted and lived her life. She passed away 14 years ago, right before my daughter was born, and I think about her all the time. I know that she is helping me shape my own creative life and I am grateful for her guiding influence in my life.
    Wow. What a great giveaway. Thank you for your generosity!
    Enjoy the day!

  28. Veronica Roth

    I’ve just started the studying under the masters 2 and am enjoying it. This looks like another lovely course. My greatest influence was my aunt who taught me and let me use her oils since I was a child. 😀

  29. Julie Johnson

    JEANNE IS A GIVER! And I’m not responding to the giveaway! ( which is outstanding !)
    She fills her week of study to the fullest! Gathering studies elements of the artist that tell their unique story. She fills her week up to the brim with all kinds of art techniques that interest all artists!!!!!
    Jeanne thank you! Your love shines!
    Gathering other artists from around the world each unique in their gifts. They in turn share their artist of choice.
    Studying under different artists allows us to Grow!
    Grow when we allow new ideas, techniques to maybe help our own art along!
    Do you like to practice, learn, glean from others, connect with other artists? Then sign up today! No other art class is as well priced!

    1. Julie Johnson

      Jeanne I have instagrammed about your Masters Class sharing some of the work I completed. Also IG-ed about Kelly Berkey teaching in the third of the Masters for this Spring. Thank you Julie

  30. Christy

    My greatest inspiration is the Maker of all things. His work is amazing and if I can just remember to stop and look around I am in awe. I have really been inspired by the Becoming series. Thank you so much! I was told a couple of years ago by someone that did not know me, or that I was an artist, to use the talent He has given me using my right hand (that she started holding.) very wild at the time but I know I am not living up to all that He wants me to do. As I teach children Art I am sometimes inspired, sometimes drained. I keep reaching and searching for what I am missing.

  31. roseluxton

    My grade nine Art Teacher at Merivale High School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Mrs. Stinson was a huge inspiration to me. Her quiet senior smile, her gifts in all media she presented and her one-on-one attention as I first spread my art wings. She took the time with a lonely fourteen year old girl and made such a difference in my life when I needed it the most!

  32. Stacey Meredith

    When I studied art I was drawn to many of the masters. And then I had the joy of seeing a traveling exhibit of the Matisse family collection. It included so many amazing works by the masters. I appreciate the early years of Picasso and all of his journals and sketches – very different from his cubist works. I love Kandisky and beautiful color he used. Lately I’ve been inspired by friends, local artists Beth Winterburn and Hillary Butler.

  33. Olivia

    I have been recently studing American folk artists and outsider artists…. Would love to free my work into a more raw, unstudied style

  34. Liz Atmore

    My greatest creative influence has been the women in my life when I was growing up ; my grandmother had her own clothing factory and I would spend hours with her falling asleep on bales of fabric ? my aunt who was an opera singer, she took me to all the big stage productions in London and I would spend hours with her at the piano singing ? my Mom who was a gentle kind loving lady showed me how to be the best I can in all situations (I lkst my Mom to cancer 5years ago I miss her everyday ?
    Now my daughter who encourages me and inspires me with her ability to push into all the great plans & purposes God has for her ?

  35. Lisa Wright

    I’ve taken the first two Masters courses and took away so much – it prompted gallery trips too where I almost burst with excitement to see the brush strokes of my heroes!
    I guess I have been influenced by so many but in particular online art tutors like these featured here. The first class I took was with Suzi Blu and she taught me to draw and paint faces – something I had never before been able to master. I haven’t looked back since!

  36. CD Muckosky

    So exciting Jeanne! You just keep bringing on the awesome sauce 😉 it’s so great how you Bless people with the content and the gifted friends you share. My mom started me out by refusing to get cable TV and saving everything from toilet paper rolls to Popsicle sticks and anything else she thought I could imagine into Art! I was always encouraged to get creative (and make a mess if needed) there is such a freedom in starting out that way. Thanks to God for a fabulous mama!!!

  37. Annette Tyrrell

    Pick only 1 ARTIST? Super hard for me since I have so many I LOVE! But– I am in love with the art of Ali Kay of Positive Spaces- especially her Rust Series. As a decorative artisan I get excited about texture- and when it is incorporated into fine art- Wow! I get excited to incorporate textures into my art.

  38. April Lopez

    My mom was the most amazing artistic and creative person I have ever known. I miss her.

  39. Becky J

    My precious grandmomma probably first influenced my love of the artistic and creative. Having lived through the depression she could work magic with things the world would throw away. You would have loved her, Jeanne. She was a godly, gentle, loving & creative soul! She would turn our humble little country church basement into a seasonal wonderland for the youth as summer turned to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring & spring back to summer! She cut everything our by hand and always utilized carbon paper for her tracings 🙂 {SIGH} That was a sweet trip down memory lane for me! This new course looks scrumptious-simply scrumptious! Thank you, Jeanne!

  40. Karlene Boss

    Besides life itself which has a profound effect on my creativity, a class on The Artists Way kick started my creativity in my adult years. That class lead me to Melody Ross and Brave Girls, Tamera Laporte and Life Book, and Jeanne Oliver, who all taught me so much, not just about art, but about life too.

  41. Elizabeth

    Too many artists to list for inspiration, but the one that has intrigued me the most is Van Gogh(thanks to you)…his letters, sketches and paintings are simply surreal. Sorry to see this is the last in this series, but what I have learned about art and myself as an artists are forever embedded…Thanks!

  42. marty flowers

    Wow…i do not even know where to begin…jeanne oliver, Christy tomlinson, stephanie ackerman, melody ross, and so many others…but these ladies have encouraged me to become true to me, to explore art I never would have even tried, and to allow my art and creativity to take me to a beautiful place when my life was in an unbeautiful place…they have changed me and ministered to me..i am so thankful their lives have touched mine. Simplyhandmaid.. (Marty Flowers)

  43. Cheryl Jenkins

    I know this might sound strange however I have been most influence by the teachers I have taken classes from over the internet; I think I have always had art in me; I just let it out in quilting or sewing; then I came across these types of classes. From Junelle Jacobsen I have learned not to be afraid; not to judge myself; Christy Tomlinson more freedoms and the courage to take the types of classes you offer. I am so proud I can take your classes; before I would have been afraid to sign up. Then I took the first Masters class and all those reasons I took Art Appreciation when in college suddenly really made sense !!!! Thank you Jeanne for all you do for us who are not able to travel to get the benefit of your beautiful spirit and great techniques.

  44. jenniferclaar

    My dad and step-dad both had a huge influence on my creativity. I inherited some of it from my dad and my step-dad was a completely different kind of artist who forced me to create outside my comfort zones.

  45. Annette Tyrrell

    Facebooked! I rarely enter these contests because: 1. I rarely win and 2. I don’t feel right endorsing what I haven’t tried. HOWEVER, in this instance I am excited to endorse this class because the previous 2 have been Fantastic! In fact every class I have taken on your creative network has been well worth it! Thank you for doing what God has put into your heart! Your #1 Fan!—

  46. Becki Miller

    My mom is the person who has influenced me the most. She was always crafty and encouraged me no matter what it was I tried. I lost her a year and a half ago and it has been really hard, but I think of her whenever I create and that memory will be with me forever!

  47. jenifferssmith

    My daughter has influenced me. She just turned four, and watching her has reminded me of the hours I spent with crayons and paint and scissors and glue at that age. It’s been so good to remember where my love of art started and how free it felt.

  48. Karen Lewis

    That art giveaway looks amazing! My sister in law, Michell, who went to be with The Lord three years ago very suddenly, was my artistic mentor. She was very gifted in all mediums that she explored from sewing to painting and card making. She was so free in her artistic attempts. Although she had many insecurities in other areas of her life, her art forms were her freedom places. She taught me to just create what I loved and what came from me and not compare it to anything else. That it was a free expression of me! I miss her greatly but am trying to carry on her legacy of freedom in art!

  49. Heather Basson

    So excited about this 3rd course, the others were amazing. My greatest influence was my mother. She was amazing. Studied art after school and then went on to do nursing and eventually became a matron if a hospital. She was just always encouraging me and arranged for me to do art extra mural art classes. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her for making creative opportunities for me. I was encouraged and taught in many art forms by her and great aunts, embroidery, sculpture, clay, wire work sewing , to name a few. Although she work all day, she always made time to be with my brother and me. I miss her so much but know she is smiling down on me and wishing she could get involved with this “new” form of creativity…. Online classes and all the great new art materials available now. I hope I do her proud. Winning this amazing give away would be a dream come true, living in South Africa , we don’t have a wide range of materials to choose from.. Thank you so much for all the time you have put into the three courses, much appreciated. Keep creating ,everyone, food for the soul. lots if love Heather Basson.

  50. Julie Cottrell

    I LOVE to go to any museum I get a chance to. I am flooded with creativity by being surrounded by the beauty of the the art. And books!! When I was younger, I loved the Sister Wendy books!

  51. Isabelle

    My greatest influence was and is Shiloh Sophia McCloud. The way in which she approaches art, the method she teaches is both easily accessible for all women and extremly powerful and life-affirming. Thank you so very much for this wonderful giveaway!!!

  52. Barbara Dundas

    I have never taken a class like this, but I love watercolors and would love to
    learn more as a beginner artist.

  53. Elaine

    The person who has most influnced me is my friend Catt. She started me out making a Smash Book. She encouraged me to find myself and do “my thing”. I signed up for Life Book last year and saw myself growing with each teacher. Thanks for giving me a chance at your giveaway.

  54. stillworkingitout

    In art school here in Texas, I was challenged to excel by Robert Jessup – to stretch my boundaries of form and line, and to abstract my realism. Today I’m working in in calligraphic text, but wanting to move in different directions. Shaking it up from time to time is good for the soul! (PS – I’m also homeschooling three kiddos!) Thanks for this opportunity.

  55. Arrica

    Not sure who might be my greatest influence. It is easier to answer the question, who inspires me. Those that I am inspired by at the moment are Monet (his palette and mood, Van Gogh (his movement and use of blue) and Guadi (his genius). I have had the privilege of seeing Monet and Van Gogh’s work several times but the inspiration came during the original SUTM.

  56. Annette Cable

    I have so many people who have influence my art. Picasso is probably my favorite. I love studying artist and trying new techniques. I will be signing up for your class!

  57. Suzanne

    Danny Gregory is an inspiration to me because his message is to simply make art – no matter what.

  58. michelletempletonart

    I am inspired by all the artists and makers who are balancing motherhood with their creative practice. I’m already registered for this and really looking forward to it!

  59. Susan Allen

    I pinned this post Jeanne you inspire me even your simple interviews inspire me but also folk artists like Mose Tolivar who painted from the side of his bed using just house paint and grandma Moses who started so late in her life and yet still taught us soo much there are others too many to mention but anyone who rises above their circumstances inspires me thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway…

  60. Debbie McIntyre

    I look forward to another Masters class and am especially happy to see Alissa Burke in the lineup of instructors. I love the work of Klimt and am very excited to hear Melody Ross tell me more about his life and his work. I think my biggest influence has come from Donna Downey who keeps me moving forward and has introduced me to artists such as Alissa, and so many others who all have had a big impact on me. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a wonderful prize package, and all the work you have put into bringing us the Masters classes.

  61. Pam Thorburn

    well, who has influenced my creativity? Big question, lots of artists-Klimt, Van Gogh…but I have to say taking online courses has been inspirational, and the content of the last Studying Under the Masters was amazing!! I love the added depth the course has given to my understanding of the artists.

  62. Sandy Belt

    I cannot wait..the first two classes were more than I ever expected. Anticipating more of the same great work

  63. Kim Smith

    The person who has influenced me the most right now is Mindy Lacefield. I get so inspired watching videos of her painting. She inspires me to be free in my art, free in my self-expression, free in Jesus! She inspires me to be more playful with my art – to paint like a child – which is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do. 🙂

  64. denisejohn2014

    My husband continues to support and encourage my creativity. He helps me to “see” myself as a real artist when I doubt myself and my abilities. He allows me the time and space to explore my creativity and he gives me necessary nudges that help me to step out of my comfort zone. He has confidence in me!

  65. Kiki Halbert

    What a generous prize package! This course looks amazing! I have been very influenced by Alisa Burke who really prompted me to look at sketching in a different way, and to practice. I have loved her courses that I’ve taken.

  66. Anja

    This is a great giveaway, Jeanne!Thank you for this chance. I feel inspired by so many things around me and by so many people in the World Wide Web,who are so kind to show their work and how to paint. This helps a lot to get further. So I would like to say Thankyou to all those Blogger,Pinner and so on.

  67. Diana VanGorden

    The person who has most influenced me artistically was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs Donaldson. We had a corner of the classroom devoted to the masters and their genres of art. Each week the subject matter would rotate to a different artist and genre. I am amazed how much I remember to this day, as do my classmates. I will never forget going to the National Gallery in Washington DC with my family and impressing the heck out of my parents as I pointed out the Renoir, Monet and Degas!

  68. Marcie Aspras

    My creativity has most been influenced by Tamara Laporte. I have learned so many awesome techniques from her LifeBook classes that I look at things with a very different eye. Because of this, my confidence level has also risen. I loved you Studying Under the Masters II class – it was fabulous!! Would benefit from winning!! Thanks!!

  69. sherresartzone

    So many have influenced my creative journey. In my adult portion of the journey what changed my life the most was when I became a Christian at age 23. God opened my eyes even more to His beautiful creation; the fall colors got me started on the painting part of my journey in 1999. Have expanded and spread out into many mediums since. I love to paint faces and it dawned on me how my great-aunt Grace did delicate watercolors of faces. The heritage lives on!

  70. Cathe Ekas

    My Mother was my biggest influence. She could make the most incredible things from nothing. No matter what I wanted to learn she made sure to find me a teacher. She was my biggest cheerleader. I miss her so much.

  71. Sally Jo

    One of my greatest influences was an Art History class that I took while living in Germany. Field trips to art museums and seeing the old architecture still in existence. Museums opened up my world. In the present day, my daughter and I enjoy a truly special relationship – we do trips together and art retreats together. I am blessed and my life is so full because of art.

  72. Judy Earley

    Each class that I have taken as part of your network has been a true gift. Each artist has been warm, funny and very willing (happy, even) to share their talents. The community you have created is a true inspiration. I think it is challenging to pare down a very long list of people who have inspired my creativity into just one, but if I had to, I would say my husband inspires me the most. He introduced me to the world of photography and once I had a taste of what it was like to capture the current moment into an eternal one, I was hooked. From there, I was off and running into making jewelry, drawing, cooking and more. I think what is the most inspiring about him is that he suffers from MS but he does not let that get in the way of his joy of creating and being inspired by others. He is a true gift.

    I am very excited that you are offering the chance to study John Singer Sargent. He is by far my favorite painter, (along with Mary Cassatt). If any one reading my comment has the opportunity to see Sargent’s work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, you are in for a serious treat. Not only are some of his most famous works on display, you can also see his ceiling murals which are nothing short of breathtaking.

    Later today, I will share your amazing class on my Instagram and on my husband’s Facebook page. Thank you!

  73. Sue Scott

    What a perfect way to study art! You are very generous – An amazing learning opportunity and a gifts to boot!
    Thank you,

  74. Lynn P

    I try and pay attention to what the kids in my life are doing with art. They just seem so free with their creativity. I will be signing up for this class!

  75. Carol Weiler

    Hard to narrow it down to one person but I would have to say Misty Mawn. After years of being a decorative painter I took a live workshop with her and my creativity was rekindled and has been going strong. Since I am a caregiver to my handicapped husband I have been taking online course from her and many others and and art is a saving presence in my life! Will pin on Pinterest.

  76. Tabitha Campbell

    There has been such a longing in my heart to get back to creating. I finally finished course two and am invigorated from the techniques shared. This is such an amazing and generous giveaway Jeanne. My creativity is mostly inspired by just everyday things. Finding the beauty in my surroundings and the simple. Claude Monet is always ever inspiring for me.

  77. Lesley K. Glenn

    I am an arts integration specialist for an inner city after school program. I teach the masters to the children as we learn about their lives and create unique and original works of art. We currently are studying Andy Warhol and pop culture. I have become so moved by his art work that I am even taking an online course to study more about his life. His view of society has been very interesting to me.

  78. Meghan T.

    These studying under the masters looks awesome! I have been dabbling in a little bit of everything and someone who I admire greatly is Alisa Burke! She just blows my mind away at the amount of creativity that she has! Thanks for the chance to win, so fun!!

  79. Renee Ortiz

    Over my years of art study I have had so many amazing teachers that have influenced me; but then I thought that I had gotten to a point where I was comfortable in my style and specific mediums.. In a good rut of sorts… When along cane Jeanne Oliver and her “Studying Under the Masters” series. Talk about rocking my world! Old ideas become new challenges- renewed creativity! This is so worth it!

  80. Erin

    My mother is probably the person who has had the biggest overall influence on my creativity. As a child I always admired her artistic abilities, but for some reason never believed that I had any potential in that area. I made it all the way into my 30s just watching her and wishing that I knew how to create beauty, but too scared to try and maybe fail. One day when I was visiting her with my toddler, pregnant, stressed and in the middle of a huge identity crisis, she sat me down, put a bunch of supplies in front of me and said, “Make something.” I tried, and it wasn’t terrible, so after that I started letting her teach me some things. She kept encouraging me and leading me to different creative people online for inspiration. I finally found my confidence and am beginning to figure out my own voice and vision, something that might not have happened if she hadn’t had confidence in me first.

  81. teddi

    i thought of my mom immediately. as a child my mom was continually creating. she sewed me clothes, made others wedding dresses. the crafts & the way she decorated the house. she was the DIY queen before i even knew what that was. she also used to make these awesome meals, baked goods, & casseroles. she continues to amaze & inspire me.

  82. Traci R.

    My greatest influence was my grandmother who loved to study and paint with oils primarily…I think of her often as I look at her pictures on my walls. I wish I could have learned more from her before passing onto a better life with God.

  83. cockrum

    I am inspired by a young art teacher that was once in our youth group at church. I remember his drawings in his teens that were a rough copy of what was to come. I am inspired by the talent he has encouraged and practiced. His talent has grown into a life of sharing with others. I love the idea of a traveling art bag!

  84. Cindy Tobey

    I’m blessed to have had many creative influences in my life. I’ll mention my first – my high school art teacher, Laurel. She not only gave me a solid foundation in art but encouraged me, pushed me, and helped me realize I wanted art to always be a part of my life. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Kahra Gilley

    Wow, it seems like I am inspired by so many, but I’m inspired mostly by my mother that was always creative and still is at age 74.

  86. Judy Holland

    I have posted to Twitter, Pinterest. The person who influenced me was my mom. Not because she was creative or an artist, but because she new I was and didn’t know it. She has always encouraged me in all my art endeavors, and tells me I was born creative. I am thankful for her support and encouragement.

  87. NM Kuemmerlein

    My greatest influence artistically have been my own children. Although I started art school, I didn’t finish: I lacked the character, was in a rush to succeed, but had nothing to say. Five children and two decades of homeschooling later, I have learned to stop wasting time; paradoxically, to be a contemplative in the present moment; to be a patient beginner; to respond to the natural world with love and wonder; to be grateful for the gift of talent. Far from being obstacles to growing my artistic life, my sons and daughter really have been the means by which I rediscovered it.

  88. Deena

    My Grandmother has been a great inspiration to me! She has always been very creative and generous with sharing her talents. At 90 yrs old she is still cutting out pretty ‘bits’ of paper and ephemera to send to me in hopes that it might find a home in my art! She taught me to craft from an early age and encouraged me to draw and paint even though she wasn’t a painter herself. She gave me the precious gift of appreciating arts and crafts, and wherever we went, we would fine something to ‘create’ together! My earliest experience with master painters was when I saw the paintings of the ‘Group of Seven’ who together, through their art, explored the unique nature of the Canadian landscape in a distinctive style of their own. They were breaking traditional boundaries of their time. These inspired me to begin painting at the age of 12 when I first fell in love with the art of ART. Thank you Jeanne for continuing to inspire me by sharing your artist’s voice and helping me rediscover my own gifts and talents. I so appreciate all the amazing workshops and for sharing with us so many other talented artists! I have fully enjoyed each one of these “Masters” courses!!

  89. bsktdiva

    Over the course of my lifetime I have had many people influence my art, from the first real life painter I ever met at the age of nine to my high school art teacher who encouraged me and many others along the way. My recent work studying under Tracy Verdugo has helped to loosen up and find a new direction for my art.

  90. jannu76

    My best friend from childhood immersed herself in art as we went through our teen years together. I truly feel her presence in my life helped shape my appreciation for all sorts of art (and literature)…it opened a whole new world to me, and inspired me to later get a degree in Art History. Much of my creative study centered around the artists and movements of different periods, as opposed to learning studio methods – and it hasn’t been until recently that I’m feeling pulled to nurture my own creativity. I found Jeanne through the Becoming course and am so thankful I did!

  91. Marianne

    What a great offer. Thank you. The person who has influenced me most is one of my best friends who always told me I could. She believed in my capacity as an artist long before I ever did. She pushed me beyond my boundaries and asked me to keep trying and growing. Secondly, my online community of fellow artists help me continue to shine and grow and explore.

  92. Elaine Neidig

    Oh my goodness this is so exciting! I love the masters courses and have taken them all. My inspiration was my mother. At 9 she made me take a sewing class, it was summer no school so what’s up with that. It turned out to be the best thing, I went on to design doll clothes, at 10 I made dolls and sold them for Christmas. Then I went on to drawing and painting. My whole life has been art in some form or another. Thank you so much for this chance! You are so over the top generous in everything you do.

  93. Katie

    My two very young, 3 & 1, little girls have been inspiring me to be creative like no one else before….mostly because it’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do. As they stare at me blankly and I have to suggest the activity, tell the story and inspire their minds, my wheels turn for material. They interject their own creative thoughts, but they have challenged me like no other human beings before. It’s both intimidating and sweet. They are stretching my creative abilities and perceptions of what I thought being creative meant.

  94. Lisa

    I have been most influenced in my creativity by van Gogh. His art inspires me; I love his dark lines and his “rough, rigorous brush strokes.” But most of all, it is what he has said that inspires me the most. I have a deep, deep desire to create beautiful things and when I read that he also felt that way I was so happy. I am certain that all artists have this desire, but to see it “in writing” had a great effect on me. I am also so encouraged and supported by his acknowledgement that with this desire comes great effort, disappointment, and perseverance. When I feel like a failure or like I have no business doing this I re-read his words and feel validated and encouraged to keep pressing on. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  95. Melissa Tanner

    My oldest daughter has shown me that just having fun creating is enough. I don’t need to stress myself out about everything being perfect, I can just create for the fun of it.


  96. Ginny

    I have wanting to take an art class and this looks like it is the one. My mom is such an inspiration to me. She is learning about her art later in life. But we come from a legacy of artists in our family. Women from several generations were ahead of their time as they created art and were savvy business women in a time when it wasn’t very common. I want to continue this legacy.

  97. AbbyC.

    Wow Jeanne what an awesome giveaway. I have been blessed to be influenced by a number of creative people in my life, but in particular an elementary school art teacher I used to work with. I volunteered to help in her classroom and it opened my eyes to how you are never too old to express your art. Being in the classroom and watching how she taught her students inspired me to find my way back to my own creativity. Besides her, most of the workshops I have taken from instructors like you Jeanne, and others, who give us the gift of learning from the comfort of our own home, gave me the courage to keep learning and step out of my comfort zone. I am very thankful for each positive influence I have had in my life to keep me creating. 🙂

  98. Anna Maria Stone

    The people who have influenced my creativity in my most recent years are the first teachers from whom I took online classes: Suzi Blu, Mary Ann Moss, Alisa Burke, and most recently: Flora Bowley and Pixie Lighthorse.

  99. Dianne A.

    The artist that has influenced me the most is Harry Sabordo. A gifted artist that loves to share.

  100. Penny Nuttall

    My art influences were 1. My art teacher at school, Mrs Taylor ….”Be bold!”, 2.My mother……”That’s nice, what’s it for?” And 3. William Morris…..”never forget the material you are working with and try always to use it for what it can do best”.

  101. kellygau

    my mom. she wasn’t an artist, but she was a cage opener and when I figured out i wasn’t in the cage anymore.. i flew… and now i fly free in the land of creativity.

  102. Edwina

    Thank you for this awesome, generous giveaway! I have been greatly inspired by two people-one a friend who decorated her home with so little money but such incredible creativity…the other the instructor of a class, “Art for Elementary Teachers” who helped me see that I am in fact, very creative!

  103. trinette

    My mother influenced my creativity. It wasn’t just in art but in everyday living. There were times she had to make lemonade out of lemons. It made me feel like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do.

  104. Anita K.

    Such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I came to art after retirement when I studied with an abstract artist. Am currently in a class that feels like earning a college degree. From online classes and personal study, I’ve learned to expand and experiment. I LOVE sitting in my art space and creating!

  105. Kelly Aubert

    My Nana used to sew custom drapes for people. She had a big sewing room with tons of fabrics and all kinds of fun things. I would sit in there with her and she would let me play with anything that I wanted and create clothes for my dolls and Barbies. I love those memories!!

  106. Tracy

    Oh my giddy aunt… its more than one person, the joy of the paintings I am so lucky to own by a recent artist “Sam Toft ” even on a tough day all I have to do is walk into my home, see the paintings and I am transported to my happy place, love her work ( can you tell lol ) followed closely by Kelly Rae Roberts that woman has such soul and faith!! Thank you so much for the chance to win such a fabulous prize … swoonworthy indeed!! Big hugs from Scotland, Tracy xxxx

  107. jmo71421

    This sounds like an important course for me for a couple of reasons: 1) My creativity has been inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt – so much beauty and love in his work. 2) I have taken some online classes with Alisa Burke and I find her so creative and fun.
    I have already posted this too my Pinterest and Facebook page. I will post it to Instagram next. Thank you for these opportunities!

  108. Ruth Guthrie

    This looks wonderful. My two grandmothers Effie G and Sue A both taught me to cook, sew, craft etc. so I named my art business after them. Effie Sue Designs. I miss them both every day! I’m sharing this class to the following: Pinterest, Facebook,Twitter, Blog and Instagram.

  109. roseluxton

    Pinned and Facebooked Jeanne! Had a fun time looking at all the Teacher’s blogs and now I am SO pumped to sign up. Thanks for all the opportunities to stretch my art heart!

  110. Ronda Conley

    My greatest support and influence is my husband. He is my biggest fan and gives me the courage to try everything that I have wanted to do. He is an amazing person! I am a lucky girl!!!

  111. Erica

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! My dad influenced my creativity as I was growing up. He encouraged me to express myself.

  112. Jackie Beeman

    I have always been interested in art and making crafty things. I have been influenced by many people in the past 4years, since finding Facebook and online classes. I loved the talent of Kat McBride, an excellent teacher. Also Tamara Laporte, Jane Davenporte and many,many others! I have loved the studying under the masters series. I have done the first two and have signed up for the third. Sorry to hear it’s the last one, but it has made a huge influence, by meeting the fabulous teachers and class mates. Thank you Jeannie Oliver!

  113. Heather Drake

    My daughter is my creative influence– she is incredible! I would love a chance to win the giveaway and stock my daughters art studio

  114. Jani

    Georgia O’Keefe influenced my creativity very early on and
    most of my art includes something from nature.

  115. Alma

    The first person to influence my art was my high school teacher. He taught me how to turn disasters into treasures! I am excited to be a part of this experience!

  116. Elsa

    My current creative influence is Michael De Meng. He is a master of the “assemblage” technique. I also enjoy learning online from Jane Davenport, Jeanne Oliver, and many others that I just been introduced to via “art journaling”.

  117. Silvia

    Others are so many people that inspire me, but I did have one wonderful art teacher in high school who believed and encouraged me.

  118. melaniegore

    I never had someone that influenced me while I was growing up in an artistic way. My mother played the piano for our church for over 50 years and of course, I took for over 9 but nothing as far as ‘art’ was concerned. About 3 years ago, our only child moved 1100 miles from home and I discovered Junelle Jacobson. She made me believe that I could actually sketch. From there I found YOU and you introduced me to some of my favorite artist…..Kate Thompson, Jenny Wentworth…and art has helped heal this mamas heart. 🙂

  119. melaniegore

    I tweeted about the class! I also forgot to mention Danielle Donaldson! I adore her!

  120. jenniedgar

    It is art itself that has influenced me to start creating my own art. Viewing art especially in a gallery transports me to other worlds, stirs emotions, give me a sense of wonder again and touches my very soul. I met Jane Davenport at a craft expo and haven’t looked back through her I found studying under the masters, and Jeanne oliver I love these courses can’t believe I’m so fortunate to have discovered this way of learning thank you

  121. Teresa in California

    Oh! This looks like such a beautiful course to take! And such a reasonable price too. This is a hard one as I have a few, dear, kindred spirit souls who have influenced me greatly in the past eight years in the realm of art and mixed media creations. My first ‘love’ of a new mixed media inspiration artist was in 2008, with JoAnnA Pierotti, whose Moss Hill Studio Blogs and Workshops influenced me greatly. I took her Bella Art Doll Workshop and learned loads of art techniques from that class. Alas, this past week, JoAnnA has gone home to be with her Heavenly Father, after fighting a battle with cancer which came back to take her fragile body. So, I devote my inspiration to her magical art work and her joyous blog posts where she always gave credit to her Lord Jesus Christ. So I chose her as my teacher and guide into the realm of online art and workshops and I am still on the journey of discovering more kindred spirit ning sites with a myriad of artists who continually inspire me.
    Thank you so very much for this opportunity to express to other artists how they can and do inspire others with a lasting inspiration. As, do you, Jeanne.

  122. ladylyn

    Funny you should ask because Alisa Burke is actually one of the main people whose influence has brought me to the place of pursuing art as a career.

  123. darcyw3arcy

    so hard to pick one artist, I am influenced by so many, picking tidbits up here and there. But I do love the work of Rosina Wachtmeister, fun and layered. Aside from that a huge influence on me is my inner critic, the more it tells me I can’t do things the more I want to prove it wrong. I seem to be in constant battle with it,, and i don’t always win. ..but this does spur me on to try new things and push myself further.


  124. westminstergirl

    I am not young so I have had many influences( including many friends and my mother and grandmother) but the number one influence on me was Mr. Todisco, an adjunct professor at our community college. I walked into his studio to learn to draw for fun and walked out with an Associates Degree in Art with Honors. He opened my eyes to the world of art, but more importantly he taught me to believe in myself because artistic ability is not an innate talent, but something one develops through dedication and perserverence. Sadly, he passed away shortly after I graduated. I hope I get to sit next to him in Heaven.

    What a wonderful and generous prize awaits your lucky winner! But second prize should be those shoes!

  125. Kim Barnett

    What a wonderful opportunity you have given to all of us. I have always been crafty but never thought of myself as an artist. My good friend Jacqueline helped me to see that just because I wasn’t very good at drawing didn’t mean I wasn’t artistic. It really opened me up to all my possibilities. Also what a wonderful giveaway of goodies. Thank you.

  126. Gayle

    The person to influence me was Mrs. Hammel, my Fifth grade teacher. She taught me how to bead and make Indian necklaces, that started the creative juices flowing! I have to say, currently it is my daughter, Emily. We practice our art together (she is 16) and she pushes me when I do not think I can draw/make/achieve something

  127. Diane Leiker

    Sooooooooo many influences but never tire of Winslow Homer, John Singer Sergeant, Childe Hassam, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec

  128. chel1974

    Mr. Zingarelli – he was my high school art teacher and was really the one person who inspired me with his creativity and made me realize that if I pushed myself, and put myself into my work, I, too, was an artist.

  129. cinnibonbon

    Your are amazing! Best of luck to everyone on the giveaway. I find myself being inspired you lately! As a young girl it was always my momma and brother, both who would sketch to pass the time and relax.

  130. joannakelley1976

    Pinned on Pinterest, too! Can’t wait for the class. I loved I&II so much. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to study the masters with such a terrific group of supportive people.

  131. Loren

    Such a cool giveaway! The person who inspires my creativity would have to be my mom since she is so creative herself and we can always bounce ideas off of each other! I also tweeted the giveaway:)

  132. Lorrayne berthold

    truly studying under the masters has opened my eyes in so many ways, just learning of the artists struggles and ultimate success is so inspiring. Lorrayne

  133. kathryn490

    The greatest influence on my art is my husband. He believes in my work when nobody else does, supports me in trying out different media and generally allows me to follow my heart. Above all he loves me even when my art stinks, and encourages me to keep trying.

  134. mary lisa campbell

    My Mother is and was my biggest influence on being creative. She and my dad raised four girls on a small budget but we sure didin’t know it. My mom was DIY before it was named! She sewed all our clothes, made my barbie clothes, designed and remoldeled our homes, cooked every night, and I could go on and on. Because of her, I felt like I could tackle any project I wanted. I would love to have all the goodies to do just that! Thank you Jeanne.

  135. Pam

    I would have to say my Grandmother influenced me most. She wove the creative and artistic into her everyday. It was how she lived. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Karen Balon

    I didn’t start taking art classes till I hit my 40’s and the first art teacher I ever had, Jeanne Lachance, has had the biggest influence on how I paint today. She has a knack of knowing what works best for each individual person she teachers. She instantly knew I had and eye for color but that paint brushes and I were not friends, and to this day I still use a palette knife as my to go tool. She is one of the most supportive and intuitive teachers I’ve ever had. The best part about studying with her is she also became a very dear friend as well. Sadly I moved 3000 miles away from her 3 years ago and I so miss our weekly painting get together! But I will cherish her and the memories forever. <3

  137. Kelley Fewer

    My greatest inspiration is my daughter-the abandon with which she approaches new experiences encourgages me to set aside my expectations and just enjoy the process!!

    Shine on!

  138. Danielle

    Creativity had always been part of my life, but it had others names : crafts, making-what-we-need-with-what-we-have, etc. I remember asking my great-aunt to make a patchwork quilt for my doll in early 60’s. With my older sisters, we made Christmas ornements and small dolls. I was also doing crafts seen on TV. My mother didn’t sew or had time to make fancy things with us, but she had always encouraged us.

  139. Theresa

    Everyone in my immediate family is creative in some way… my mom wouldn’t say she was creative, as her abilities in the crafts of cooking, sewing, embroidery, drawing,… all grew and evolved out of necessity. But what your creative heart wants, it seeks and finds wherever it can.

  140. Angeline

    It may be corny BUT my greatest influence is my husband. Throughout all my creative endeavours he has been the wind beneath my wings. Every artist knows how hard it can be, and how hard on ourselves we are. He has always held my hand, been there when I have cried because “nothing is working” and stood applauding when I had success. At every corner, very bump in the road and every hill there is to climb, he is there. Oh and Henri Cartier-Bresson (photographer and painter) who inspired me to take pictures and gave me permission to start painting. Have shared on Pinterest too!

  141. Kathy Clark

    I am so happy to be taking another Studying under the masters class. I would say the person who influenced me was a watercolor instructor at the local art league. I had never taken any art classes even in school. Over 10 years I learned so much from him, loved when he talked about art history the most. I’m retired from nursing now and I am painting and journaling everyday. Love taking online art classes too. I teach art classes occasionally at a local library, and it’s a dream come true.

  142. Karen cannon

    Jean carter was my first art teacher and fueled my love of painting. She had an incredible art studio and she would give oil painting lessons after school to elementary school kids…I think I continued classes with her for several years.

  143. Vicki Miller

    I think the thing which gives me most inspiration and which has helped me develop as an artist the most is internet art classes. It is so easy now to learn from other artists online. I live in a very isolated community and am not very mobile, so classes like yours are so important to me. Love to win one!

  144. pamela jayne

    Although they have both been gone more than 25 years, My grandmother, Grace and her sister, Clarice inspired me. They were both loving teachers. My grandmother was a writer she taught me by example to keep a journal from as soon as she taught me to write. Aunt Clarice once she retired from teaching, learned to paint and bought her self a pottery wheel. Oh how I treasure those memories and recently in honor of them and their memories I have begun my creative mixed media journalling. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration on your website.

  145. Joanna

    A girl who I grew up next door to in Titusville Florida named Julie Bledsoe inspires me the most. She does wonderful painting on walls all over town (hired and paid :)) She is also such a sweet, humble soul. Thank you for the chance to win. I never do but it’s fun to try.

  146. Debbie Vinyard

    My mother influenced my creativity. She was not so creative herself, but she exposed me to art and let me set up a craft table in the den and I did all kinds of things. My Christmas gifts were always artsy, one year I even got a copper enameling kiln. I started out in college as a fashion illustration major and ended up with an accounting degree and got a job as a CPA. Now, at age 52, I am rediscovering myself as an artist and illustrator. I wish my mom were still around to see me now. Thanks for offering these courses, I am excited to take one!

  147. Julia Molewyk

    To pick one person who has creatively inspired me is hard. I was inspired to try mixed media by Donna Downey. I was inspired to try mixed media portrait by Christy Tomlinson, Pam Carriker, and Kelly Rae Roberts. I painted an acrylic abstract for my house, and since then was inspired by a local artist, Karin Nelson. I am taking the Studing Under the Masters 2 class with my artistic friend, Cindy, and I am loving the class. Thanks for your inspiration you give, Jeanne. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize package.

  148. Kathy Lieb

    What an amazing giveaway! Who has influenced my creativity lately? The ladies at Art to the 5th, Kelly Barton, Joanne Sharpe, Flora Bowley, Kelly Rae Roberts, Danielle Donaldson and YOU, Jeanne! The generous creative souls online have sparked my creativity and I am back to actually playing in my art studio. My favorite masters are Van Gogh, Vermeer, Sargent, Klee, Wolf Kahn, Cecilia Beaux, oh, the list goes on!! Can’t wait for the new Masters class to start (even though I’m still working through the other two -It’s great stuff!)

  149. Nancy Melbourn

    I feel so honoured to be able to study under the masters with our again. And what a fabulous group of artists to learn from. It really is hard to know who is the master and who is the “real” master with this amazing group of women. Each one is so incredibly talented. Thank you.

  150. anne lahr

    Hello!My sister Mary is my biggest influence in the art/creativity world. She is so talented and kind enough to share her gift with me.Her webpage is And you too Jeanne:) I took the first two Studying Under the Masters courses and hoping to take #3. Great Giveaway!!!

  151. Pam Ballard

    My girlfriend Anne is my go to girl when I need something done. She has so much talent it amazes me. I met her some ten years ago at a local Scrapbook store. She shines in her personality, spirit, faith, and beauty. She just went through aggressive breast cancer this past year in her 30’s. Always had a smile and inspiration to share. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  152. RhinestoneContessa

    I have taken all off the masters classes and I love them all so far ! I am so inspired daily by blogs, of Alisa melody and Jeanne ! You all are creating new paths for us to head out on!! So exciting

  153. Karen Kay

    My parents influenced my creativity. My dad was an artist and my mom a crafter (I didn’t stand a chance!). They gave me life and a love for the arts. I am forever grateful. Thank you for the giveaway and another Studying Under the Masters. God bless!

  154. Vicki

    Renoir’s light has always drawn me to his work and made me see light and seek out lighting for the joy it is. I paint with different eyes because of his work.

  155. Kelly

    God is the ultimate artist and I am inspired by His creation constantly. The contrast of color, texture and I try capture that brilliance in my work.

  156. Ann-Marie

    The artist who has most influenced my creativity to date would have to be Gillian Lee Cox via her inspiration through her personal art as well as her teaching and challenging.. I have learned and grown so much beyond what I could imagine.

  157. Rana

    I find inspiration in so many artistic women. My friend Brenda is a good place to start. But the work of Lisa Congdon, Kathy Doughty, Anna Maria Horner, Melody Ross and the list goes on. This class looks awesome, and so does this giveaway.

  158. Christine

    Jeanne, your classes and your inspiring messages are truly encouraging. The way you bring your experiences and knowledge about creativity and art encourage risk taking, learning and artistic practice. I am also influenced by my teenage daughter. Even when we went through times of conflict and growing pains, she always complimented and supported my work. She seems to understand that while I am a novice, art, creating and playing with color make me happy.

  159. Dawn Schneider

    My grandma was an artist who used fabrics as her medium. I sat by her side most of my childhood asking the what’s and why’s of everything she did. She never dove into anything deeper than her little pencil sketches while laying her work out however, she never drew. About 15 months ago, I stumbled onto Christy Tomlinson and found a way to take the fabrics and papers I already loved so dearly and combine them with drawings and paints. Christy suggested at one of her workshops that I go check out her friend Jeanne Oliver and I’ve been here now for months taking classes and improving on my abilities. Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration to me. My art is now inspiring others and that feels wonderful!

  160. Tania

    i am constantly inspired and influenced by all the talented and creative people I come across daily on my art class groups. I have learnt so much new skills over the past year and five months from both the amazing teachers and students alike.

    So I would say my greatest influence has not come from one individual but from everyone who has shared their creative proses. In being exposed to so many different styles and techniques and teachers I have found my own individual style. It has been a struggle at times but so worth all the hours of practice, frustration and doubt to fonaly see who I am as an artist. Jeanne, your online art classes were some of the first ecourses in ever did and has greatly influenced the way I look at art.
    Thank you :”)

  161. Melissa Burford

    My mother has influenced mt creativity greatly. She is so creative herself and I have looked up to her so much in that arena. Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. Sheila Earhart

    Well, Dear Jeanne, as I was able to finally tell you in person that -you- have had a huge creative influence on me! You know about my “Journey of Letting Go.” All of the classes I’ve taken from you have had a wonderful effect on me in so many ways. Thank you for helping me “create beauty from the Ashes.” What a wonderful giveaway this is!

  163. Angela Hayes

    My two greatest influences are my mother and my grandmother. They created art with beads, and took cultural traditional beadwork and added their own flare to it.
    ***shared this course on Pinterest***

  164. Sheila Earhart

    I have pinned the class to my Pinterest account under Art/Classes, simply the best. Awesome!

  165. Cynthia

    The artist that has influenced me the most is my mother. Looking forward to taking this class.

  166. Lisa Ummel-Ingram

    I’m a 6th grade public school teacher. I have a student who was recently putting together an art portfolio to apply to another school for her 7th grade year. She worked so hard! She came to me for advice and shared her work with me. It has been an inspiration to see and to share in her joy.

  167. Lisa Ummel-Ingram

    What a great opportunity! I’ve Facebooked, Pinned, and Instagramed the news.

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  169. carlanda williamson

    I am thrilled to be taking this third series of masters. So much information, for such a reasonable price. Probably my grandmother and my mother were my greatest influences. Very talented women. I shared on fb for extra chance. Thank you. Carlanda

  170. tamarahelenelizabeth

    Oh, Jeanne. You are an amazing woman. You inspire me daily to be a better person and to file my dreams. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, strong, yet tender heart with us. This course and all of the products in this giveaway are amazing! I need to make more time for following my own heart and for creating. Thank you for everything, and especially for being you! ?

  171. joAnn

    Jeanne, Thank you for your offering. My Grandfather has been my greatest influence. He was a maker and a musician. He built his furniture for his home, made various metal objects and designed and grew a beautiful garden. As far as a musician, he played multiple stringed instruments and would go to various churches in his neighborhood to play hymns for their service. His life was art. This too is my aspiration. To use my creativity is all that I do and be generous with what I make. Thank you for asking this thoughtful question. You have been a great encourager in my own creative life.

  172. Annabelle

    Many people have influenced over the years, this year it has been Effy Wild , I love her honesty and she is a great teacher. Thanks for the chance to win this great package. I will be defiantly signing up for this course.

  173. Mary

    Van Gogh in the masters and every teacher in every class I have taken online or in person, you learn something from each one and every class influence’s your creativity and pushes you further. Thank you Jeanne for your site and your giveaway!

  174. tracy lynn

    My greatest influence was both my mother and her mother. Hand form porcelain, painting, drawing, these were all art forms my grandmother and mother showed me. They gave me courage to try my own hand at creativity.

  175. Janet Ghio

    What a great give away!! I signed up for the third Masters class several weeks ago–Taking these courses has been amazing and I have been influenced by each and every artist and teacher-I can’t pick just one!

  176. Kendra Joyner

    So many people have inspired my creativity lately… definitely all of Jeanne Oliver courses I have taken have planted multiple seeds of creativity in my heart. Currently, I am taking a class by Artist Flora Bowley and it has influenced me to let go, be brave and be more expressive in my creativity! Thank you for hosting such wonderful giveaways and for all the awesome e-courses you offer!

  177. coopernest89

    Jeanne, YOU are the person who has influenced me. I randomly came across a blog post you had over 3 years ago. It resonated with me, I checked out your site and discovered a class you were relaunching. It was a lot of money for me, but something inside told me to just do it. I did and have not regretted one moment. I then went on to take several of your other offerings, I have in that time grown as an artist, (I actually call myself that now, thank you) a person and a business woman. I have accomplished things I never thought I was capable of. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have taken your first Masters class and will very much love this one as well. I am off to post to the world about your wonderful upcoming class. Again, without finding you, I would not be where I am today, thank you. Amy

  178. Maggie Barbour

    My momma, who was primarily an oil painter, influenced me the most in my creativity. When I was seven years old, she taught me how to “see” what things look like. Instead of a circle with petals for a daisy, she showed me how they are dimensional, had values of light and dark, have texture, and how to draw and paint them that way. It was like a light bulb went on! DING! I never saw things the same way again. She transformed everything she touched in a creative way, including my entire life. She was empowering and only encouraged me, and anyone who wanted to create anything. She was selfless and she’d go without to make sure I had the supplies I wanted or needed to make art. She’d have loved the way you are offering this selfless, empowering giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  179. Laura Callaghan

    I really admire John Singer Sargeant. My great grandmother who was an amazing artist was heavily influenced by his work. I like his work that was done in the west!


    The person who has helped me so much in my creativity is my artist friend Grace. I told her ” But I can’t even draw a cup!!!” She said ” F&#^ the cup and just draw. Start trying”. Such wise advice even if a bit vulgar ;). I posted about the class on Facebook and Instagram

  181. Brandi Evans

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway!! My mom has greatly influenced me and a creative life!!!

  182. Gloria Martin

    It is impossible for me to choose one specific artist, as they have all been tremendous sources of inspiration. Cy Twomly though stands out at this moment since I have always admired the deeply expressive messages in his work. The most influential person in my life has been, and will always be my Aunt Rachel. Jeanne Oliver…..I must include you as well. I cannot begin to express my tremendous gratitude for the boundless, limitless, creative, and spiritual guidance you so generously embody, and imbue. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  183. Bobbi

    My greatest influence is my 13-year old daughter. Her expression of art is contagious!

  184. Rowena Graham

    My dear friend, Susan, has influenced me so much with her creativity and passion. I get excited just being with her while we create together.

  185. BubbleArt

    Very generous gift! My greatest influence: everyday artist and crafters who share their creations encouraging me to “try”

  186. paulafava

    There are many Masters that have influenced my creativity … from Van Gogh to Picasso … Michelangelo to Rodin … ah, that lists goes on & ON!

    In my ‘personal’ life … I have been greatly influenced by my Mamma’s side of the family. Both my Mamma & Zia Cecilia were dancers (as I too began at the age of 5) … my Uncle Jay was a professional photographer (I picked up my first camera at the age of 7 & have never put it down:)) … my Uncle Johnny was a gifted painter … and, after my Mamma’s passing, we found a remarkable old studio box of her sketches, drawings, pastels, watercolors & gouaches.

    In my ‘current’ creative life … many art friends bring joy to my art & stimulate my creativity … however, YOU Jeanne, are the one I am most in AWE of AND Grateful to for blowing the doors off my discovery of further creative expression. THANK YOU!

  187. Melissa Ellen's Loft

    WOW! what an incredible giveaway!:) My husband has been a huge influence on my creativity… if it wasn’t for his encouragement, support, and gentle push to use my creativity, I don’t think I would be doing what I am doing today. He has helped me develop my gifts and he is creative himself, so we have had so much fun exploring different ways to create together!

  188. paulafava

    Tweeted … YIKES, I am ‘officially’ on Twitter now … see what you’ve done:)))

  189. Missy B

    What a fabulous opportunity – and thrilled with the lifetime access (esp since my supplies are in storage!)

  190. offcenterproductions

    I have taken two of the Masters courses and love what happens- insight, new tricks, appreciation, ideas, feedback,I liked the Matisse class with Jeanne best.. Matisse took me by surprise and I loved it all.Joan Tucker

  191. Missy B

    My favorite artists are all those you have ever had teaching these courses – because they have inspired me to step out and claim art as something I love and I can do – and with regular practice, can even be good at 🙂 Jeanne Oliver you amaze and inspire!!

  192. paulafava

    And YES … Pinned on Pinterest too! Thanks EVER SO MUCH … for ALL You Do … and, your ‘crew’ too!

  193. lulumoonart

    I have to give credit to my Grammie and my Mom. Although she didn’t teach me how to make anything in particular, Grammie was an enthusiastic maker of things. She loved all kinds of handcrafts from sewing to braiding rugs to tatting lace. She imparted a sense of pride in the ability to “Make it myself!”

    My mother also never directly taught me to make anything, but she had an amazing sense of color and pattern, both in the clothing she wore and the way she decorated the house. She also had all of her art history books which I poured over again and again, and took us to museums to see all the great exhibits.

    Thank you for asking this question – I really hadn’t realized before how important my mother’s influence was!

    Sign me up for the class – Studying Under the Masters I was so amazingly well done!

  194. Emily

    My biggest creative influence has been my grandmother. She was always the one in the family to encourage arts, languages, sewing, and design. I’m the only grandchild who inherited her passions, and I’m thankful that I had her influence through the years to help develop my own love for creativity.

  195. Tina

    When I was in school many years ago, I was in a painting class with a very gifted blooming artist. She encouraged me to not “think” too much about my art. I tend to be very analytical, so it is hard to sometimes let go and be free to explore colors. Again, I have found myself stuck in this rut, but another friend of mine, Chasity, has inspired me more than she even knows by her creativity and whimsical art!

  196. Angie

    My daughters and son are an inspiration to me. They have different styles but are all amazing!

  197. Cathy Garrett

    The creative influence for me are all the wonderful and talented artist / teachers that I have taken classes from. Thank you all for showing me the wonderful art and creativity that you have to offer. You never cease to amaze me. I am so blessed by God and all of you. Thank you!

  198. Renee S

    My dad was my biggest influence! He would draw pictures of my brother, mom, grandma and I! They were amazing to me because the pictures would look just like us! I love that someone could be so talented!

  199. Sarahphim

    Wow, such a wonderful idea and fantastic giveaway! I’ve had so many wonderful teachers, and I have such trouble honoring their efforts with the time to make the art they have encouraged me to be confident in. I love the accessibility of artistic teaching bloggers – their posts roll into my RSS feed and remind me to ‘hey, try this’ and ‘have you drawn something today?’ Thank you all for everything you do.

  200. chasity

    Oh… this course has such a fabulous line-up!!!
    I have received creative inspiration from every beautiful woman that I have taken art courses from~
    you, Melody, Mindy Lacefield, Christy Tomlinson….
    And I take something new and wonderful away from each class to add it to my own voice.
    I am forever grateful for all the blessings I’ve received from each of these women~
    their willingness to share their craft and most especially to share their hearts.
    I am thankful every single day to be living the creative life.

  201. Dianne Bell

    The creative influences in my life are my Mom and my daughter,Laura. My Mom was very creative.
    A gifted artist, and that reflected in every aspect of her life. From her sewing to her baking to the creative
    ways she’d play with us when we were childen. I always was able to dream and be inspired to do
    new things because of her. My daughter is so much like her Grandmother, and she amazes and
    continues to inspire me to reach inside my self to create and be my authentic self. ????

    1. Dianne Bell

      Oops. Wasn’t suppose to have ??’s at the end. Don’t know what happened.

  202. K Brasfeild

    My Garndmaw Henrietta is the person in my life who has most exemplified creativity in everyday pursuits and who has always encouraged my creative endeavors…she is my hero!!

  203. Mandee Jablonski

    My mom influenced my art so much. She always jumped into whatever creative idea or whim that interested her & made beauty happen. I’m so thankful for her guidance and loving inspiration!

  204. Kathie Longbricco

    You are an inspiration! MWhat a wonderful opportunity!
    I’ve shared this on FB and Pinterest.
    I’m hoping a few friends will join me and we can “Study Under the Masters” together : )

  205. Karen phanco

    I think it is impossible. To vote for one artist above all the many I have learned from and admired in my journey, would not be giving credit to all of those artists. I think all are wonderful!

  206. Angi eharis

    Jeanne, I just love your site! It is one of my go to blogs for inspiration and getting in touch with some artist energy, tx for all u do to maintain your site and always sharing and inspiring us, I am gonna try and take the masters class, I actually am a metal smith but long to be a artist in other ways, I am very addicted to collage also. I would Loooove to go to Europe with u too! Maybe someday, part of the journey is learning to do what our heart desires, I think it makes us better people, parents, and artists, so keep my fingers crossed for the giveaway and aloha and blessings to your family, p.s., my grnd dtr and I loved your dtrs video, she is so cute! Aloha, angi in hana

  207. Tamar

    I sign up for the class I have enjoyed the previous two and have learn so many things about the artist and unique techniques about them.
    I can’t wait to go on the new journey 🙂

  208. Marianne

    I have been trying to decide which artist has influenced me the most… I think I will go with Matisse but such a hard thing to pick just one!

  209. Jeanie Rock

    My dear sweet thrifty and ever so creative Grandmother inspires me. Thank you kindly for this opportunity. I appreciate you giving me a chance to win costly lessons that would mean so much to me. Thank you kindly.

  210. Paula Keeler

    really looking forward to the final installment of this terrific class! Thank you Jeanne. The biggest influence on my art has been by Friday Kahlo. Her example of expression through art inspired me to break through a lot of mental boundaries. Another inspiration is not a person but a collection of beings, and that is NATURE!!!!

  211. Paula Keeler

    Posted on my instagram kingskidpj Check out Jeanne Olivers new class “studying under the masters part III” A great class! #studyingunderthemasters @jeanneoliver

  212. abigail

    what an amazing giveaway!!! i am so excited for these upcoming classes!!! the artist who has most inspired me is the french academic painter of the late 1800’s, william-adolphe bouguereau. what a blessing it is to study ‘under the masters’!!!!

  213. Deborah Helms

    My Creative Influence has always been my grandmother Ruby. She passed away in February of 2014 at the age of 94. When I was a young girl I spent a
    month with her every summer. She would sew me new sundresses every year out of bright fabrics, we would work in her considerable garden and
    freeze fresh vegetables and make jams and fruit butters from her apple and pear trees. She was a creative quilter and still used her mother’s quilting frame.
    Most of all she taught me to see the beauty all around me and instilled in me a love of color and nature which are a very integral part of the art that I create.

  214. Teri

    I would have to say my biggest influence was my mom, who just recently passed away. She always supported and encouraged me to be a “maker”. Thanks for the opportunity today!

  215. Amber Timmerman

    Alisa Burke has inspired me as an artist because of her fearless experimentation with all sorts of materials and techniques. The part I absolutely love is that she is creating with her child and motherhood is not completely at odds with her art career. Unlike the other bloggers, films and books that address the struggles of artist life and parenthood, her positive attitude is a breath of fresh air.

  216. Leanne Boughner

    Thanks to Alisa Burke I found this workshop! I stumbled upon Alisa a few years ago and she gave me an interest in watercolours. That has grown into my taking watercolour print making classes taught by Sybil Rampin and Mary Rischke at Joshua Creek Studio in Oakville Ontario Canada. A couple of months ago Mary suggested I study the paintings of Mercedes Horne, particularly her line drawings over watercolour and acrylic. That has opened a whole new world for me….and on I go!

  217. Mary Sarah Cruzan

    Alisa Burke has influenced my creativity and pushed me to try things I thought I never could! I am so grateful for her Blog and classes. Having the ability to go at my own pace and do art when I want has been huge for me. Alisa Burke and her blog are wonderful!

  218. Sandy Monterde

    I am inspired by you ladies. The internet is such a great way to see and learn so much from the comfort of my home 🙂 Alisa Burke really inspires me. I love how she incorporates art into every aspect of her life. I want to be like her when I grow up 😀 haha.

  219. Krishna

    Lately, my 4 year old daughter. She paints with wild colors that are fresh and vivid. Her lines are free and lively. Her mark making has no limits. And her paintings are beautifully abstract. If you ask her what they are about she will tell you a fantastic story that when looking at the work all of a sudden makes perfect sense. Ahh…to be so free! I love her. She is a constant inspiration. A true master of childhood!

  220. Tina Zappone

    The first time I picked up Somerset Studio magazine. Sharilyn Miller, Linda Blinn, Melody Nunez, Lynn Perella, Anne Bagby and the many other artists too numerous to mention. I went from simple beaded necklaces to stamped polymer clay pendants to card-making to collage and mixed-media.

  221. selahrejoice

    I am looking forward to this course with great anticipation! I’ve pinned the link to Pinterest to advertise the launch!

  222. selahrejoice

    Thank you so much for making all of this amazing content available! I’ve just posted to Facebook about this course!

  223. selahrejoice

    I forgot to mention someone who has influenced me creatively. My art practice launched when I viewed an exhibition by Colleen Cutschall called “Voice in the Blood.” Her use of symbolism to express her faith inspired me to do the same!

  224. dannylion

    I have to be honest – the person who has inspired my creativity is Jeanne herself. I seriously was totally in a dark place with being a caregiver to my son for 21+ years now. The main challenge is watching him suffer – day after day. That has taken a hold of my soul and truly makes it cry hour after hour – day after day…. each holiday brings on a different grief cycle. It isn’t feeling sorry for myself – but something like watching someone you love and would give your life for – not having any sort of quality of life. Not only does he not understand spoken language, but he is unable to communicate as well. After 17 years of teaching him 60-80 hours per week – he began to speak single words – maybe a vocabulary of 10 – and able to answer yes / no questions within reason. This was huge!!!!!! Although, there were many times I used to think the severe autism and profound mental retardation was horrible. Well shame on me – he had a grand mal seizure at the age of 17 and lost all skills and then some. Now he has a third diagnosis of traumatic brain injury where it is almost impossible for him to learn. I have listened to Becoming – the free class that Jeanne has so graciously taught and hosted. The very first day – her first video helped me beyond words. I saw her tear up – I listened to her words – I found my Bible again. Her words resonated in my soul. I listen to it over and over again – nothing has helped like this. I have tried support groups but it is hard listening to someone who has a child with special needs who is able to toilet themselves, or feed or bathe oneself. I think that is a serious flaw in me – that I can’t listen to that – but – I have an art journal now – I try – I practice … when I can steal away minutes – there is a pencil in my hand and a piece of paper. I have begun to start all over and try to find me – even if it is a little piece – Thank you Jeanne – You have truly touched my soul. I could go on and on and on – However, due to this being a comment on a post – I will stop. If I didn’t say thank you, thank you. I believe you have saved my soul.

  225. Jan Vaal

    My biggest artistic influence is Georgia O’Keefe. She forces me to stop and really look at the subject in pieces rather than the whole. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome gift….I can only dream.

  226. Kristina

    I found you through Alisa Burke’s blog, and she has had a great influence on my creativity though her classes and use of out-of-the box techniques!

  227. Leilani Pierson

    okay! i am going to this! i am super excited! saw this on Alisa Burke’s blog – she is one of my favorite artists and her work is hugely inspiring to me – as well as Janet Edmonds dimensional embroidery work, Cas Holmes fiber art, and Mary Wangerin’s work, Alena Hennessy, Flora Bowley, and Tracy Verdugo.. okay – i have a LOT of inspiring people i look up to! thanks so much for the chance to win these incredible prizes! and for this awesome class! xoxo

  228. Jenna Oh

    First I have to mention Bach and his music, it has been a huge inspiration! Other person is my grandma. She is creative and positive and has given me so much inspiration!

  229. jessie

    Probably my biggest creative influence is my Dad… While he’s not an artist — he instilled in me early (and often) that if there was something you wanted to do — just roll up your sleeves and get to work. There’s no need to leave things to the “experts”. (In fact, where’s the fun in that?) As a kid I trailed him around on weekends and evenings while he built barns, rebuilt old tractors, fixed cars… He had a desk job and wasn’t an expert at any of this. He just decided to do it and figured it out as he went along. I think the notion that one can do things — that willingness to jump in, even if you haven’t done it before — is absolutely core to being creative. (As is the second step of this — which is that things will go awry, don’t despair — just figure out how to fix it and move on. 🙂

  230. chocolatelovertoo

    I loved my first art retreat with Alisa Burke, she is so creative, and I’m thrilled she is teaching here. Now I’m into Encaustics and feel I’ve found my niche.

  231. Miss ß.

    In the beginning, when you create something you aren’t too sure of yourself and need encouragement. A high school art teacher and then one in community college made a substantial impact on my confidence to create and I will always remember them. I only wish that I could meet them again and thank them because, at the time, I didn’t appreciate how the direction they provided influenced my creativity for a lifetime.

  232. Tabitha Klucking

    Some of my first memories are of prints in my grandparent’s house–mostly impressionists, so I guess you could say they were my original muses. Now…Georgia O’Keefe comes to mind!

  233. Kelli M.

    I learn something every time I look closely at a painting. It can be one of the Impressionist painters or Keith Haring or Mindy Lacefield. They all have their own interpretations that speak to me.

  234. Adrienne Berry

    I’ve just posted it to facebook, pinterest and instagram and will blog about it when I get home from work, no twitter account though 🙁

    I love Jean-Michel Basquait, when I first started painting again I was reading everything I could about him, I even bought one of his documentaries. I also love Alisa Burke and recently signed up for one of her courses so that face that she will be studying under him is a bonus, I would be over the moon to win this giveaway!!!

  235. Cristal

    My biggest influence in my art would be my crazy talented husband… his work actually stopped me from painting for over ten years due to my absolute awe of his hidden talent and lack of ego attached to it. I pursued other forms of art only to come back to painting recently and celebrating my own style and renewed love of the art. I would be so grateful for this to be a part of my transition back to my true passion…
    Thank you so much for this opportunity… I have shared on pinterest and FB and I hope many people I know will join me in the classes!
    All the best <3

  236. Miriam Prantner

    My grandmother influenced me early on. She was the crafty one who got me interested in needle/fiber arts, and over the years it grew to painting and paper crafts as well.

  237. Laura Snow

    I think the artist that has inspired me and one whom I greatly admire is Mary Beth Shaw. The crazy thing is I am not an abstract artist at all and much of her work is, but I love her use of color, value and line. I also really love Mary Cassatt and her portrait work. These Studying Under the Masters workshops have really opened my eyes and given me more appreciation for the many Masters that are out there, modern and historic 🙂

  238. Laura Snow

    I just posted on Facebook a link to this sight. I am not sure how to trackback so I tagged Jeanne in my post. Hope that works 🙂

  239. Steph

    One of the instructors, Alisa Burke, has been a major influence of mine over the past 2 years! I love her passion and enthusiasm! My favorite master is El Greco! ?

  240. Linda Sagastume

    I love Gustav Klimt and his use of abstract design and realism. Last year I was able to tour Vincent Van Gogh’s museum in Amsterdam and it was amazing to see the vibrant colors in up close and personal. I admire the way Vincent painted everyday life, the peasant, and paid tribute to the normal folks of his day. And locally Gwen Fox is my favorite artist and mentor!!! What a joy it would be to win!!!

  241. Julia Dinter

    My first influence of someone who influenced me was Claude Monet, I chose him as research paper way back in elementary school. That was 35 years ago, and currently my dear friend Sharon who lives in RI who is a brilliant graphic designer. She infuses creativity in everything she does and inspires me daily to do life artfully, mindfully & colorfully. I am signing up for master class and totally excited to learn and grow.

  242. Regan Tomlin

    My inspiration as an artist was first and always will be my dad! As a child I always saw him doodling away, no matter what he was actually doing. He always inspired me to create what I felt like making, not what looked “pretty” or what my art teacher told me to make. He encouraged me to make things my way, using my unique filter and bringing a piece of me into everything that I create. While he is no longer physically with me, he will always be a part of me, and everything that I create!

  243. Missy

    Klimnt grabbed my curiosity when I was 8 yrs old……painting was magic then and now…
    Missy from the bayou

  244. Jennie G

    My mother was my greatest Art Influence. I thank God that every day that I received even half of her amazing talents.

  245. Meredith

    Right now a big influence for me is Paul Klee. I love how he experimented with unconventional materials and his unique, whimsical imagery always inspires.

  246. Melissa

    My inspiration as an artist is definitely my Mom. She has worked alongside of me from childhood teaching and encouraging! Thanks Mom!

  247. Jennifer Evans

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I just read this post and have already gushed about this on Facebook, shared on Twitter and pinned to Pinterest! Jeanne, this is the most awe-inspiring class you have put together. I enrolled in the Studying Under The Masters initial class and was so darn inspired — not only did I get to hear from Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobsen and Stephanie Lee (who I adore, ALL) but it introduced me to Danielle Donaldson. (Which, by the way, led me to sign up for HER classes.) You asked us to leave a comment about who inspires our creativity, and you have TWO of my favorites here: Alisa Burke and Melody Ross. I am an art lover and did a lot of art when I was younger, all through school. But when I started my professional career, I listened to people who said “Don’t be an artist — you’ll starve!” So I channeled my creativity into graphic design (on the computer) and marketing. For like, 20 years. Several years ago I picked up a paintbrush after such a long hiatus to make some holiday gifts, and realized I missed the process of making art with paint and brushes. Really missed it. Longed for it. I found Melody Ross online and took her Brave Girls class. It brought me full blown into the world of mixed media and I have been on such a journey ever since. Alisa is just wonderful; I love her style and spirit. And I connected with more and more artists online, enrolled in classes, and here I am! I can’t thank you enough for giving back to this community and nurturing the creativity in people far and wide. –Jenn

  248. Jennifer Blevins

    I love the composition style of Georgia O’Keeffe. Calder’s mobiles and jewelry are a favorite of mine. Matisse’s cut and paste style of art has influenced me.

  249. Heidi Medhurst

    My inspiration for creativity is my mother. She loves Van Gogh, Monet, flowers and nature. Mum always appreciates the beauty around her.

  250. Dianne P.

    Looks like a wonderful course and a great giveaway! I would have to say my mom has influenced me the most. She has been an avid quilter for as long as I can remember. I’ve done some quilting, but have really grown to love doing a large variety of handmade crafts, as well as watercolor painting.

  251. susy

    Ohhh I so wish to participate. There are so many awesome courses going on right now and if course its when I can’t afford any. I have been learning figure drawing and playing with sennelier pastels. Of course I don’t know what am doing but am trying. My influences ate Friday Khalo, Van Gogh and Vivien Maier. I love Frida’s freedom, Vincents passion, an Vivien artistic vision. Yes she was a photogri but just seeing the way she saw things I feel like she is a kindred spirit.

  252. Tessa

    Alisa Burke has inspired my creativity as I feel I can relate to her style. She also motivates me as a mom to create alongside my kids.

  253. Maeve Binder

    This course looks like it will be just fabulous I’m going to sign up. I have loved art and things artsy all my life. I paint with watercolors but am very rusty after years of neglect due to FT work and other situations since then. When I was a teen, I loved going to the National Gallery of Art and sitting in front of the Rembrandts, studying them. I love anything Rembrandt. I’ve studied his drawings also, which I can identify in a heartbeat simply by recognizing the his own unique style. I love mixed media too, along with fabric art. I am a huge fan of Alisa Burke and thus came to this site. Maybe this course will motivate me to get back into my watercolors.

  254. Paige

    My watercolor teacher while studying abroad really pushed me creatively. He was so inspiring and a very sweet person, who really encouraged us and got so much joy out of seeing us grow as art students. Now that I am back in the states, I still watercolor almost every day, and I think of him and his advice often. He totally opened the door of watercolor to me! I was definitely set in the world of acrylic painting, but I love that he expanded my styles.

    x, Paige

    Studio Skate

  255. Maeve Binder

    Oops, I not only followed you on FB, but I have shared your post on my timeline on FB. And I emailed the link to my daughter, just in case . . . 🙂 I think I’ve covered all the bases except for Twitter (which I don’t do). Can’t wait to see who is the lucky one to win all the goodies! Fabulous!

  256. Tracy

    I have been impacted by seeing the work of Van Gogh in person. His pieces seem to really live and move!

  257. Laurah05

    Such a generous giveaway! My parents inspired me, my dad made a living as an artist and my mom was always creating for her classroom – I have always felt fortunate to be encouraged by them to create!

  258. debbi george

    My friend Gail has inspired me the most and to get my creativity in motion.She encouraged me to join a stamp club and to take classes and it has evolved from there.
    Would love to win this great bag of wonderful items. Thanks for the chance.

  259. bellissimadarling

    One of my biggest influences is Marc Davis, who was an animator and imagineer for Disney, way back in the day. He conceptualized and designed The Haunted Mansion, helped to design Pirates of the Caribbean, and also animated Aurora, Maleficent, and Cruella DeVille. I love that he worked and thought outside the box, and I absolutely love his lines.

  260. reddoglady

    Sounds great shared on facebook i have been inspired by alisa burke and juliettte crane taking many online courses great giveaway

  261. Ilana Polakiewicz

    My greatest influence in art is God and Nature. Talking about human artists, my biggest influence is Marc Chagall.
    Thank you for the opportunity to learn from all these special teachers.

  262. Susan

    Melody Ross has influenced my life in many ways. She helped me discover my creativity and myself.

  263. Leah Boulet

    An artist who has influenced me is Roberta Laliberte. She is a local artist who has helped me break the barrier and not be scared to make mistakes because each one is an opportunity to solve a problem and maybe find a new and exciting direction. Super giveaway and fabulously interesting course!

  264. Michelle Carlson

    Oh My! What a Dream give-Away! Thank-you for your generosity!
    I am influenced everyday by the amazing world in which I live. I am lucky to live smack-dab in the center of abundant nature in a super rural area.
    But I have to say I had this amazing art teacher in Jr. high that really inspired me and helped cultivate the creativity that was always there and needing a way to be expressed. I create every single day, it is just part of who I am!
    Looking forward to this master class!

  265. Carol Pohl

    I have always love creating, painting is one of the creative outlets that i always come back to. My mother was a wonderful inspiration. I also love, love all the great graffiti artists, they are so free! I love the lettering, who knew what you could do with a spray can! My husband passed away in Jan of this year and i have been at a loss as far as my art. This will get me back creating can’t wait for the class!

  266. katie

    i would say carson mccullers is one of my great influences. i love her clear and poignant writing.
    i love her dedication to her characters.
    the new course sounds great. good luck with it.

    1. Sandra Bilodeau

      OOPs forgot to say, a person I have been influenced by is my daughter, her approach to daily creativity with ease and acceptance is what encouraged me to re-ignite my endeavours in visual arts.

  267. Sandra Bilodeau

    just pinned separately ‘studying under the masters course’ and this blog post giveaway, thank you!!

  268. SharonKC

    My mom has always inspired my creativity. She did so many art projects with us as kids for holidays and just busy time – and this has stayed with me into adulthood! Thanks for this awesome giveway…I can’t wait until the class starts!

  269. Faydra Jones

    What an amazing course! My mom inspired me growing up…she was a commercial artist & created amazing art…I loved all the art books we had around the house & I would pour over them constantly. 🙂 As as wee one, I loved “hiding” under her drafting table & playing with her art gum erasers. Ha!

  270. Jenn K.

    An artist by the name of Julie Schaffer. She was our neighbor for several years when I was a teenager. Julie was always encouraging and I loved her free spirit and ‘why not’ attitude. She is the reason I took art classes in high school and why I went on to college to pursue graphic design. Never underestimate your level of influence in others lives when you are doing what you love and are passionate about life. Kind and encouraging words really do resonate with lost souls.

  271. Gerry Lynne Baker

    I actually took a painting class in studying the old Masters…John Singer Sargent, Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Manet. I learned how to paint, then glaze, also to paint ala prima. I love to paint people and have been highly influenced by Sargent and Manet! Thank you for the giveaway! Hope I win!

  272. angela friend

    WOW! This prize package is amazing! I can’t wait to begin the class! My mother was an amazing influence on me as a child artistically! She was a phenomenal Tole painter as well as an amazing seamstress! She has always been my number 1 fan!
    -Angela Friend

  273. Cynthia Spolidoro

    Well, first I discovered Alisa Burke a few years ago when I decided to stop hiding my love of creation and simply accept that that is who I am. She has a style/process I felt comfortable with. She doesn’t need photographic perfection in her paintings, yet she doesn’t leave her work messy. And it’s beautiful. And she certainly has the ability to do more detailed work, but what she does told me that, though I don’t have her incredible skill level, I can create beauty. Then there’s the other really important influence. Its a scripture that says not to neglect your spiritual gifts. Passion is a spiritual gift. So when I don’t pursue my gift, I’ve neglected it. This mindset has caused me to begin to push past that place where my work looks ugly or boring or uninspiring, because when I pass that place, I begin to see beauty in my creation.

  274. prairie girl studio

    “I do not bring beauty to people’s lives; I, perhaps, draw their attention to beauty which is already there.” _ George Buytendorp
    There have been many who have influenced me through the years but perhaps the most during my youth was George Buytendorp. I learned oils with a palette knife while attending an arts festival in a small, nearby rural town. It wasn’t so much his style or his works that captivated me, but his gentleness in his approach to his work. The experience has stayed with me a lifetime. Although my path took me to a career in graphic/web design for three decades, I held close the best creative moments at that arts festival, learning from Mr. Buytendorp. When it came time to hang my career hat, I became a bit lost and started to seek what I would do with my studio space. The warmest feeling of what it felt like to create and learn with other artists came clear. Enter Jeanne Oliver and her amazing offerings. I was inspired and influenced through her classes to open my studio to other artists. Together we have signed up for Studying Under the Masters and gather to learn from Jeanne and fellow artists. My heart bursts. I am so grateful. xo

    1. prairie girl studio

      I was thinking about this some more and realized I hadn’t really completed my above thought … that all artists and friends along my journey have been golden threads in my creative tapestry. The ones who don’t believe they are creative, who try and find they are, are possibly the most inspiring of all. Thank you. xo

  275. prairie girl studio

    Thank you again, Jeanne, for your gift. And for offering this amazing giveaway! Pinned to my ‘in awe of art’ … and ‘weavings of wordsmith’ boards. : )

  276. prairie girl studio

    … and … delightfully tweet tweeted this wonderful course and artmazing giveaway! : )

  277. amy B

    My mom has influenced my creativity. Through the years I have watched her decorate, paint, garden, draw and more. What a wonderful giveaway this is!!

  278. Jacqueline Tucker

    Studying under the Masters has been inspirational and I look forward to No. 3! The person who influenced me (other than the masters 🙂 ) was my great Aunt. Her watercolours adorn my walls. She was a true artist and a great woman, who in the early 1900’s traveled abroad, alone to study art. After these many years her paintings remain radiant and beautiful. Her spirit shines in her art and I am blessed to not only have her paintings but to have known her love and kindness.
    Thank you Jeanne for providing the third Studying Under the Masters.

  279. Maureen

    Amazing giveaway! I homeschooled my 3 children… they nurtured and sparked my creativity as no one else.

  280. Angelika Westermann

    Your give away-package makes me swoon! I took your first Studying Under The Masters class and am constantly returning to it because there is so much to learn! As soon as I start retirement – only four more years to go! – I intend to do the other classes as well.

  281. erinkb

    Recently my creativity has been influenced by Frida Kahlo. I am moved by her expressive self portraits with gripping images of her experience living in a body wracked with chronic pain. I am encouraged by her tenacity and perseverance to paint even when life made it difficult to do so. She painted what she felt, she painted what she saw in her world, and she painted with what she had and where she could (even when that meant painting on her back in bed.) I know this sounds cheezy, but everday I think to myself “If Frida could do it, so can I.”

  282. dawnds

    I am influenced mainly by modern day artists. I LOVE Jean-Michel Basquiat and Frida Kahlo’s work. Street art also influences me. thanks for the giveaway opp!

  283. Amy

    An artist that influenced my work greatly has been Georgia O’Keeffe! I love her abstracts and she elicits such a serene minimalism in some works. Her strength as a woman always has inspired me as well. I named my daughter after her 🙂 Your Studying Under The Masters Class sounds wonderful as does your giveaway goodies! Good Luck to everyone!

  284. jen bell

    Oh how I wish! as soon as I finish my danielle donaldson class this and the first two studying under the masters are on my list to do next! Thanks Jeanne for sharing your gifts with this art community! What a blessing you truly are!

  285. Jen

    My 8 yr old son really inspires me, he is so patient teaching others and Im icredibly blessed to witness the talent he has been given and Im in awe watching him paint. He is truly gifted in piano and peace floods me as I listen to him play. Im beginning my journey in following and unfolding myself to the hidden desires in my heart to create beauty! Found you on instagram and will share there!

  286. Meg Hess

    My sister has been a huge influence on my creativity. She teaches Art at the High School level, and is devoted to her students in a way that is truly inspiring. She unlocks their creativity, gives them tools to create, but most of all believes in their creativity. She can also make something beautiful out of nothing…she’s amazing.

  287. linda folkerts

    Where to begin? There are so many influences and inspirations around us all, from online classes to contemporary artists to the masters. Some of my favorites are Chagall, Van Gogh, the impressionists – to Katie Kendrick, and Judy Wise, to name a few. But my greatest mentor was Christine Webb, who owned the Artist Nook. Through the classes she offered that set me on the artist path, she helped me to grow in confidence and creativity, to the friendship she nourished in myself and others. She has been my biggest influence.

  288. Laura Tiller

    My sister is a very creative person…I am more of a “follow a pattern” kind of girl. She has encouraged me to try to think outside of my box, take risks, and get messy. What a great learning experience this would be!

  289. CC

    One of the Biggest influences on my Creativity was my Mom… She was an artist. I have her oil paintings all over my house. She died of cancer in her 30’s, yet she had already instilled in us a love of the creative, an eye and heart, yearning for it. I was only 6 when I lost her. but she had already nurtured the seed of creativity God put within me.

  290. Sandi Rosson

    As a child I was able to take an art class at our public library…. And fell in love with art! ALL ART… Since then I’ve been able to go to many great art galleries from Paris to Amsterdamn to our own wonderful Philbrook in Tulsa. I always leave inspired and ready to paint! Recently my daughter and I went to Alisa Burke’s art retreat in Oregon and were totally blown away by her creativity and fresh approach to all things artsy! Your Masters online classes will be yet another great opportunity to learn and be inspired!!!!

  291. Kristina

    My Grandmother is my inspiration. She loved beauty around her and when she hosted family gatherings, things were always so inviting and accessible.

  292. Kelly

    Just recently I discovered artist/illustrator Robert Sabuda. What inspires me about his work is his philosophy of trying new techniques with each book he illustrates. Mosaic, batik, pop-ups – he truly challenges himself to grow as an artist. Good stuff!!!!!

  293. Teri

    My mom, who recently passed away, always supported and encouraged my creativity. Thanks for the chance!

  294. Lola

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love the freedom and the fearlessness of my daughter when she paints, it inspires me always.

  295. Shelli

    The biggest creative influence is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has something HUGE planned for me. I just have to believe in what He says about who I am, what He has planned for me and diligently pursue him like he has me. The art He creates is the most colorful art life has to offer. We only have to open our eyes to our beautiful surroundings and create it ourselves.

  296. Kasey Briggs

    I have been following Alisa Burke for a few years now, and I am just so inspired by her whole story as well as her art. Through her posts, I have found many more amazingly talented women and artists. Such a great theme in a class, and a wonderful give away!

  297. Tricia Legg

    I’ve been so inspired by you Jeanne for so many different reasons. I’ve enjoyed each course I have taken and it’s forever changed my heart! Many blessings!

  298. Melanie

    One of my sweet friends has been the greatest influence on my creativity. Without her pursuit of me, I’m not sure I would’ve ever discovered the artistic child within me. Jeanne, I love the giveaway! But that is no surprise! A beautiful gift from a beautiful person! Thanks for a chance!

  299. Michelle Wooderson.

    Would loooooove to win this prize. Your art and encouragement is just so inspiring to me. I’ve been purchasing some art supplies to create a Living Studio travel bag and would be so excited to own one of your bags and brush roll. One person that inspired me is my high school art teacher, Marilyn Thompson. She was a professional artist and she saw in me and encouraged me to be the best I could be. I will always be thankful for her guidance.

  300. Skye

    What an awesome giveaway! The person who influenced me the most artistically is my mom. Everything she did was artistic!

  301. Angie Myers

    What an incredible giveaway! The one who has influenced me is actually both my parents who let me be who I was growing up. They were willing to let me try just about any project and were constant encouragers of my work. Now I am a mother of teenagers and hope I can carry on that legacy to mine. Thanks for all the inspiration on your site!

  302. Suzanne Fernald

    I’m very thrilled to begin the Masters class in May. Some classic artists who inspire me are Dega, Monet, Renoir and Gauguin. It turns out in later years, I’ve found that my Father (after he passed away) had painted in his earlier years… Wish I would had paid attention better, but its not too late for me… Present day artists who inspire me are Laly Mile, Jenny Wentworth and Sarah Rowan Dahl. Thank you for the opportunity for a give-away, that’s fabulous and generous! =)

  303. sheetal

    my toddler has influenced my creativity. I’m much more purposeful with my alone creative time, and have had to stretch to come up with creative together time!

  304. Gina

    Growing up I was influenced by my Grandmother. She sewed all of her own dresses and made rag rugs and crazy quilts from the scraps. Nothing went to waste. I think that is where my love of using scrap paper and ephemera in my art journals came from. In the past couple of years I have been greatly influenced by Alisa Burke and you Jeanne!

  305. Gina

    Thanks for the chance at such a wonderful give away! I pinned the course to my art journals and mixed media board!

  306. Charlotte

    I am so excited about your Studying Under the Masters III class!! When I found this series that you teach I was so excited, as always wanted to go to art school, but life brought me down another path. I recently was introduced to the mixed media community and love how you have brought an appreciation and learning from fine art to mixed media. I feel blessed to work through the thorough and inspiring lesson’s. It’s like a dream come true…it’s like going to art school. So excited for the class!!

  307. Charlotte

    Growing up the person that influenced my creativity the most was my Mom. I always looked up to her and her creativity as a child. When she was young she went to art school for fashion design with a full scholarship. The scholarship was the only way she could go. Long story short, life brought her many unexpected trials and she left the creative life she once desired. She was always creating in some way though….sewing, drawing, taking pictures, home decorating. She still lead a creative life. As a kid I loved to draw. I would spend all my free time with a pencil and paper endlessly drawing and she was always encouraging and inspiring. I also sewed, took photography, and helped my mom with the endless tasks of fixing up the old house we lived in. I really wanted to go to art school for painting, but my mom, I think from her own experiences, really encouraged me to find another track. I ended up becoming an architect, but art bug has never really left me. I am lucky to lead a creative life and my mom continues to inspire me to find creativity in the everyday, no matter what life brings you.

  308. Michelle Duffy

    So thrilled to be taking SUTM, looking forward to a great summer with this course, I have been following Jenny Doh for awhile and just recently found Melody Ross and Alisa Burke, what a great group of people you have assembled! I have pinned this to my Pinterest and will update my Instagram stat, my influence for art is the beach mostly, the extensive travel I have done and my forever love of Frida Khalo

  309. bevlangby

    Oh thank you for the giveaway I would love to have a Dick Blick in Australia….I was influenced most by my art teacher in high school who introduced me to Friday Kahlo what a teacher she was and they should all be like her…thanks again Jeanne for making classes affordable …

  310. Marieke

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I love lots of different artists, I recently discovered the watercolor paintings by Natalie Wargin and I love her style of painting and tried painting in sort of the same way. In my family I think I am influenced by my grandmother. She was very creative but insecure about her artistic capabilities, yet she reminded me repeatedly she saw an artist in me.

  311. Janice Butler

    I am not sure which Monday you are referring, but I would love to win one of your giveaways. I am an aspiring artist. I have been a life long sewing, quilter and metalsmith. Now, I would like to try painting. I have been intimidated to paint because I did not think I was good enough or my art would not be good. But, I want to try and make art for me. Thank you for this great workshop.

  312. Lori Walker

    My mom is an artist and at 84 she doesn’t paint very much anymore. I guess she was my first influence. In January I got to meet Jenny Doh and I took a class at her studio in Anaheim and I will love to learn more from her in this series and the others!!! She is such a genuine soul who shares every aspect of the good in her life. This giveaway is amazing!!! Cross my fingers!

  313. Pati Ivey

    Looking forward to taking this class!! My dear friend Jane inspires me everyday!

  314. norma

    My father taught me I did not have to follow the rules when it came to colors. After he was gone I realized how much I learned from him. Another person that inspired me to become a creative adult was Suzi Blu.

  315. Tracey Bower

    I would have to say I was blessed to have Beautiful creative women in my family on both my Mum’s side and Dad’s side and including my Mum, they were a massive influence on my journey through child to create beautiful things with my hands and from my heart. Each had her influence on me and many precious hours growing up were spent by their side eagerly creating and being taken on a wonderful journey in the process. To my Mum, Grandmothers, Aunts I am truly blessed to have been nurtured in such a creative artistic family.

  316. Sandra Paull

    Family history is my influence, art is in the blood, you have no control over it, it controls you. The influences are there in the genetics…………we have to create, it is a part of us which we in turn pass on to our children and perhaps looking at a particular artist whether contemporary or not sparks what has been inside us all along. To hear a voice you just need to listen, be inspired and let it take you on its wonderful journey.

  317. Lisa A.

    Thank you for a chance at such an amazing giveaway!! I am inspired daily by my 3 children?

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