I was a little spoiled on Friday. 

My husband took the day off and we all headed to a once a year antique show in our area.


As soon as we got there my husband told me he needed to get food…I only wanted to shop.  He took the kids and headed to the food.  As he was walking away he said, "You are in heaven aren't you?"

There was one incredible booth after another.  How come I hadn't known about this show before? 

There were so many things I saw that were NOT in the budget…but so fun to look at.

I love seeing what people create.  I am always in awe of the creativity out there.

My husband and kids were really good sports.  I think they were actually in hell but they never complained.  Next year I will spare them the agony and go with a friend.  I love them for going and knowing how much fun I was having and being ok with that.

I found some old suitcases to help with my storage issue in my workspace and the biggest purchase was all new bedding from Carolyn Westbrook.  She was so nice and I loved meeting and talking with her.  She was talking me into coming to Texas for the antique show in the fall.  Another girl's trip??? I can't tell you how excited I am to get it in the mail.  She didn't have the exact size of everything I needed so it will be here in about a week.  All linen bedding….am I dreaming?  Here is a little peek at what I bought…..



I didn't take many pictures of my morning, but here are some that I took the time to snap. 






Photo taken at the Sweet Water booth.





There was only one thing that I am kicking myself that I didn't get. 

There was an amazing bench/sofa made from an antique Jenny Lind bed. 

 It had french ticking seat cusions and all vintage grain sack pillows. 

It was A LOT! 

 My husband told me it was up to me…I hate that. 

It wasn't his taste and I didn't want to spend that much without is complete blessing. 

 When we got back to the truck he asked if I had bought it…I told him no. 

 He told me I really should have bought it. 

 I called the booth to see if it was still there….it was SOLD. 

 I knew it would sell fast.  It was probably for the best.  It was $1,300!

It was such a fun morning for ME:-)  I think I will sell at this show next year. 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Did you find any treasures????