Old School

I have a husband that grew up in Southern California. 


He was always on his bike and at the skate park. 

One of the things I adore about him is that he is so young at heart. 

 He still loves to go to the skatepark and he now takes our children. 



I tagged along last weekend and my husband is never the only dad there riding. 


What I love the most is this is something special that he does with the children. 


A skatepark morning always starts with donuts and orange juice from the gas station.  The kids love this because I would never buy that. 

It is their tradition with dad.



Picnik collagea 

Benjamin back at home trying to be just like daddy!


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  1. Elaine Power

    They all look like they are having fun, what great memories the kids will have, those dad times are so special. And they will do that with there children & remember good old dad, and the cycle of life continues! Wish we could have a pause button some days with our kids Jeanne. Enjoy the donuts kids Shhhhhh I won’t tell mum hee!!! My husband does the same only they get chocolate shake’s too ouh those calories πŸ™‚

  2. Molly @ Star Cottage

    What a cool Dad and Hubby. It’s always so nice to see Dads that are involved with their kids in such a positive and fun way. You have a beautiful family Miss Jeanne!

  3. lissa

    super sweet Jeanne! Those times with daddy are of the highest importance! That’s just great!

  4. the wild raspberry

    Your husband has such a friendly smile~you can tell he’s a nice guy just by looking at him πŸ™‚
    How nice that he has this special thing to do with the kids. My husband bikes with the girls but it’s all ‘road cycling’….I think it’s scary either way….and he gets them donuts at Casey’s too!!
    That little Benjamin is such a cutie…I bet he keeps you plenty busy.
    Have a great day today.

  5. Traci

    that is so fun! i am sure the kids look forward to that time with dad so much. how sweet. benjamin is adorable. i think he might be your daredevil.

  6. Dixie

    these will be those cherished memories that your children will share with their children someday. it’s important to make memories for children… looks like Dad is doing a wonderful job… and now mom has the photos to help remember…
    blessings. Dixie

  7. mkg

    What a special dad!! Skatepark, fun, donuts – hard to beat!! Love the photos!!

  8. Kim

    I love this post – what a sweet husband you have! Isn’t it fun when you are in love with a man who really loves to do silly things with your children?
    Have a fabulous rest of your week my friend~

  9. Tara

    So cute, does your husband always smile so big? It is infectious! My son tries to be just like my husband too, he is quite the kid at heart as well, living in Southern California! πŸ™‚ Great memories for them as well….happy hump day!

  10. Kelly

    I’m the lucky one! I have three great kids who love to do what I do. I also have the hottest wife at the skatepark! While there may be a few other Dads out there you rarely see the Moms. We loved that you came too Jeanne! I love you!!

  11. Tracy

    What a sweet family – love the pictures, and what a hottie husband, Jeanne!
    Where in So Cal did he grow up – and where do y’all live now? Looks like such a beautiful park!

  12. Alyssa

    Oh my gosh – this is the greatest! What an awesome dad πŸ™‚ You guys are too cute.

  13. Wendy @Sun-Kissed Savages

    Aren’t dad-traditions great?! My husband wrestles with the kids on the bed, and the last one still on wins. I would never do this, so it’s extra special daddy-time!
    The pictures are adorable …urr…I guess your husband and sons would prefer “studly.” πŸ™‚
    Love the one of your little guy practicing his moves!!!

  14. kayellen

    How adorable!! Your hubby is starting the kids young:)
    Darling photos!!!
    My husband is a big kid too! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  15. Lori

    what a beautiful family you have Jeanne!!! they look like they are all having so much fun together:) sweet post…

  16. LuLu

    Oh look at your sweet family! So cute! What a wonderful thing for all of them to do together! Love seeing dads act like kids! so sweet,

  17. Kara

    Love the skull cap. You guys mind as well be 19 in that picture together. I can see it all, the skate park, the meeting, the make-out…then comes baby in a baby carriage!
    I love father traditions. I remember those the most about my childhood. It means so much.

  18. Anne Marie

    They are always so cute! when they do fun stuff with the kids aren’t they?
    My husband is an avid mountain bike rider, and used to race, and even our little 5 year old is well on her way….
    gotta love that “real man” eh?

  19. Laura

    I came upon your site through My Petite Maison and I’m happy I did. Your family is adorable and brought a smile to my face this morning!
    Have a wonderful day!

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