My reading habits have changed over the years.

I used to have to finish a book…no matter how bad it was.

It bothered me to have spent all that time and then not finish it.

Now, I may not finish a GOOD book!

I used to only read one book at a time.

I couldn't start a new book until I had finished the one before.



..this is what is on my nightstand.

My nightstand ALWAYS looks very similar to this.

Usually a few magazines that I haven't gotten to, fiction, a book on creativity or business book and some form of photography book.

It is  to me..but I usually have history on my nightstand too.

I love history and especially biographies.

I guess you could count the Francine Rivers' book as a bit of history.

(I LOVE this series.  I am re-reading it before Christmas)

So…now you know that with age has come a lack of decisiveness…or maybe just a whole lot of love of lots of things (I am going with the later).

What is on your nightstand??


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