We are back from our month in Italy and I am thrilled to share the the summer calendar for consulting is now open.  One-on-one business consults is one of my favorite ways to connect with business owners and so much can be accomplished during this time.

Whether you want to meet face-to-face or live on zoom we have options for both. I know what it is like to just need another opinion, to brainstorm new ideas or to have someone with experience help make a plan to move forward with confidence.

I understand how it feels to be in the trenches of your business, unsure of what the next steps may be and feeling too close to the business itself to get a clear, objective view of all the ways it can be better.

With some outside perspective you can get un-stuck and grow with confidence!

Over the last 16 years…

  • I’ve created and grown an online art school with over 77,000 + members from around the world.
  • Our business has consistently grown 20% every year we have been in business.
  • Despite Covid19, 2020 was our best-performing year ever through intentional engagement with our audience.We have continued to grow during these difficult but also rewarding times.
  • Created an online art school platform that hosts over 150 online art + business workshops from over 120 creatives

  • Wrote a best selling book, The Painted Art Journal, published through North Light Books and Penguin Books
  • Have created and taught art and business workshops around the world

  • Created the Creatively Made Business (TM) online and live workshop curriculum that has helped thousands to build a life and business that they love

  • Have created physical and digital products

  • Have created multiple streams of passive income

  • Have been published in 20+ magazines and a keynote speaker in my field