One Room, Three Ways {Day Three}

Welcome back to day three of “One Room, Three Ways”.

Jennifer, thank you for inviting me to participate with all of these incredible, creative women.

I am loving seeing what all of the other bloggers have created with their spaces!

Here is my third redo of our living room.

For this redo:

*moved the bench and cushions back

*changed the art above the fireplace

*moved the ladder and replaced it with a shoe rack, vintage lines, ironstone etc.

*moved the couch back to facing the fireplace

*moved the chair back to the window

*moved the end table next to the chair

*changed the items on the end table

*moved the desk behind the couch with books/birdcage


Come back tomorrow and link up to show YOUR room makeovers!

Go checkout the other 6 bloggers that are showing you how to shop your own home and create new spaces with the things you already have!

Here are the links to all of the other bloggers…

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  1. Thistle


    LOVE the desk behind the couch! And the color palette for the room is so pretty!

    Have a wonderful day rock star!

  2. Rhonda Hodges

    I think Day 2 is my favorite. I like the desk under the TV and the bench at the dining table. However, all are beautiful!

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  4. barb

    This is the least functional of your arrangements – love the others. The desk is much too big for that spot – a slimmer table would work nicely. But the other furniture appears clumped together leaving odd spots around the room. Aldo loved the bird cage on the stairway wall. No. 2 is my favorite room!! You are doing exactly what I do in our new home – keep it moving until the right mix is there – take photos along the way to get a good view of it all. Thanks for sharing.

  5. gcgirl07

    You have a beautiful home so all arrangements are lovely, but day 2 was my favorite! I am moving this summer, so I will definitely be reconfiguring my things to make the most of them in a new space tfs!

  6. Lisa W.

    OK first of all your living room IS delish BIG time…I have to say I really like this 3rd. “day” the very best. Love how you have birdcage…ect. behind the couch. NICE! AND love the new artwork on mantel…love it!!!!

  7. Jennifer @ Dear Lillie

    I FINALLY got on my computer tonight. I read all of the posts last week on my phone but wasn’t able to comment. Each one was beautiful but I have to say I think this was my favorite!

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