One Room, Three Ways {Day One}

I am a big believer that we have good stuff in our homes and we just need to move those things around to appreciate them again and again.

If you have stop noticing something in your home that you once loved…move it.

That little move gives it instant life.

My favorite room to redecorate is our living room.

We spend the most time in our kitchen, eating area and living room and little touches can really make big differences.

I want our home to look beautiful but also to be comfortable and welcoming.

Here is the original view of our living room…

The first redo:

For this redo:

*moved the couch against the window

*chair facing the fireplace

*tray on the coffee table/ottoman

*painting on the mantle

*cushions on the bench (from our window seat)

*moved the end table to the right of the couch

Come back tomorrow for another view of “One Room, Three Ways”.

Go checkout the other 6 bloggers that are showing you how to shop your own home and create new spaces with the things you already have!

We also want to see what you will do with your own space.

Join me all week for this series and on Friday I hope you will share your own room makeovers.

You can link up right here and show everyone how you shopped your own house.

Here are the links to all of the other bloggers…

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  3. Thistle


    Your room is so lovely! You truly have such a wonderful eye for design!

    So happy to be participating in this challenge with you.

    Happy day!

  4. Barb

    Lovely, bright and relaxing atmosphere. The only thing I have a problem with is that I just cannot come to terms with a large TV taking over a room, and in this room it takes away the charm of the fireplace. Couldn’t a TV be inserted in that bookcase beside the fireplace?

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