On Thursday morning we headed out early to drive to Utah.

I always pack a bag full of things to do and I usually spend all the time daydreaming and letting my mind wander.

There is something about seeing land that you have never seen before.

It is like putting a face to a name.

As we were driving I wrote a letter…to myself.

It may seem like a funny thing to do but at home there is always so much to do that I don’t give myself enough time to be quiet.

You would think I couldn’t find it in a packed 9 hour car ride….but I did.

One of my worst faults is that when I have too much to do ….I do nothing.

I am trying to work on that but sometimes I feel like there are so many things I want to accomplish and no time to do it.

The truth is I have the time to do it…but am I making time for it?  Is it important enough to make sacrifices for?

Everything takes time, energy or money.  Am I willing to sacrifice one of these three to get things accomplished?!

So, here I am after a full day of skiing.

My children are all cuddled in their beds watching a movie and Kelly is getting us some dinner.

I am letting my mind wander and figuring out what it is I am willing to sacrifice and what I need to just let go of.