Caroline Ingalls? I’m not so sure!


(Originally posted July 18, 2008)

I recently bought The Prairie Girl's Guide To Life by Jennifer Worick. 

 It has many fun projects and tips. 

 My family decided to try the homemade ice cream last night. 

 Lets just say….we earned our ice cream! 

I was getting tired of the children asking if the ice cream was ready yet.  30 minutes later we had enough ice cream made to share! 

We were shaking that coffee can FOREVER. 

 Talk about a workout program.  

Do you think the prairie gals got together and talked about their workout programs? 

 "You look fabulous Harriet".  "Thank you Wilma. I plowed the upper field, washed 20 louds of laundry by hand, ground my own wheat, made bread, swept my dirt floor and finished my quilt before I made lunch this afternoon". 

 If I was tired from shaking ice cream for 30 minutes I don't think I would be cut out for prairie life. 

We will be heading to William Sonoma to purchase an ice cream maker. 

Don't get me wrong..I am all for hard work and all, but I think I lost 15 pounds just making the ice cream.

  The plus side of all of this is that the children were incredible impressed by my ice creaming shaking endurance. 

I even started doing a little dance to the beat towards the end…..something I am sure Caroline would never do:-)


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  1. Tricia Whisler

    You are hilarious! I think woman for SURE had to work WAY harder than we do now. I’m honestly not sure that I would be cut out for it either! They were probably so bored with no tv or computer or telephone that they had to keep busy to keep from going crazy. I still wish I was Caroline so I could crawl in bed with Charles! πŸ™‚

  2. Jackie

    I am definitely NOT cut out for prairie life – I love my Williams Sonoma ice cream maker – that’s about as primitive as I get! (OK, I pick plums and apples from our trees, but, really, that’s it!

  3. elyse

    caroline would have been proud of your can-do attitude (no pun intended). looks like you’ve served it up deliciously (mrs. olson style!)

  4. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Yummy! Nothing quite like homemade ice cream. We have an electric maker and it works great.
    I went camping when I was little and we made “kick the can” ice cream. It was fun…probably easier than shaking it:o

  5. Tammy

    LOL!!! Loved this post…it does make you wonder what the Prairie women would blog about if they could!!
    I’ve got this book, saving it for my granddaughter who is a big Prairie fan.
    Great post!!

  6. Amy Muffoletto

    I Honestly believe Caroline danced a jig everytime she made ice cream….. Sounds like a lot of fun…. I was just telling my Mother-in-law Sunday how intrigued I am by the prairie days. She said it was so hard…. I agreed but I like the life so much more simple…. nothing but family nights…. no TV or game systems, fresh veggies that you grew… handmade clothing…. riding horse back through the prairies, I think it would have been a very sweet time… Something to be said for simplicity.

  7. Tracy

    oh, I’m sure Caroline got ‘down’ when the children were all tucked away in their loft – living the life they did – I would hope so!!!
    Prairie days – God knew I would appreciate the modern amenities that this day and age bring us – and knew that this was the time for me. I’m so thankful for his wisdom! πŸ˜‰
    XOXO – Tracy.
    Hope you’re having FUN on your trip!!!

  8. Sue

    Way too much work – denfinately get the ice cream maker. We purchased one this summer and it is the bomb! Found a great recipe that uses real vanilla beans – very tasty. Now I just need to track down a source for some gormet mini chocolate chips…..
    Sue E.

  9. Lori

    too funny…if you haven’t already gone to William Sonoma for your ice cream maker…i wanted to tell you that i have one by Cuisinart that i think i got from Wal Mart…i am sure it is MUCH less expensive than anything from WS…it works great…my kiddies also use it to make slushies…with their favorite juice or soda…

  10. Silke

    Oh, you made me laugh! I often think about the prairie women and how hard they worked all day long! Sometimes it would probably be very satisfying, but most of the time I can imagine it was very hard. We’ve got it easy don’t we? The hand-shaken ice cream looks wonderful!!! πŸ™‚ Silke

  11. Tracie~My Petite Maison

    Ha! You had me laughing, Jeanne! It sure looks delicious. You reminded me of when we used to make ice cream in the olden days and my dad used to say… keep cranking! A coffee can sounds EVEN harder, maybe you could eat twice as much since you worked it off already?

  12. LuLu

    Praire life and i would be a comedy show! very much like Lucy moving to the counrty! πŸ™‚ hee hee The funny thing is I now live in the counrty after living overseas and on the beaches of Southern Cal!! and still scream when wild life enters my yard!! πŸ™‚

  13. Kathryn

    I have that book and even though I never made the ice cream, there are parts of the book I did enjoy. I have broken 3 ice cream makers now and my DH refuses to buy another *sob*. This year we’ve put up with store bought, but there is nothing like home churned ice cream!

  14. darcy & Kara

    will come and eat with us and do the rendition of the ice cream shake a shaka?? please. really. i think kasey wants someone to shop with her at the fair……pretty impressive line up so far, new vendors.
    surely you have air miles to use up……….hee
    hope your having a ball at the cape……..
    kara + darcy

  15. amelia

    i sure hope those cute little prairie women didn’t have to worry about weight!!! as much physical labor they endured, i would love to believe for their sake they were tone, tan and taking! give ’em a little makeover & POOF, supermodels!
    p.s. i left a message for you on my latest post πŸ™‚

  16. Elaine Power

    Hee Hee Jeanne you are funny!!! But the finishing touches looked so good!! I might need to borrow the recipe I need a good work out hee πŸ™‚

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