(Originally posted July 18, 2008)

I recently bought The Prairie Girl's Guide To Life by Jennifer Worick. 

 It has many fun projects and tips. 

 My family decided to try the homemade ice cream last night. 

 Lets just say….we earned our ice cream! 

I was getting tired of the children asking if the ice cream was ready yet.  30 minutes later we had enough ice cream made to share! 

We were shaking that coffee can FOREVER. 

 Talk about a workout program.  

Do you think the prairie gals got together and talked about their workout programs? 

 "You look fabulous Harriet".  "Thank you Wilma. I plowed the upper field, washed 20 louds of laundry by hand, ground my own wheat, made bread, swept my dirt floor and finished my quilt before I made lunch this afternoon". 

 If I was tired from shaking ice cream for 30 minutes I don't think I would be cut out for prairie life. 

We will be heading to William Sonoma to purchase an ice cream maker. 

Don't get me wrong..I am all for hard work and all, but I think I lost 15 pounds just making the ice cream.

  The plus side of all of this is that the children were incredible impressed by my ice creaming shaking endurance. 

I even started doing a little dance to the beat towards the end…..something I am sure Caroline would never do:-)