Our New Home In Pictures

It has been 2 1/2 months since we have been in our new home and land.  In some ways it feels like we have been here forever and then we are reminded we don’t even know this land or home yet.  Before we moved in we had the whole interior painted white and all of the window frames painted black (except for the children’s bedroom window frames were painted white).  We have never done this before and it was the biggest time saver for us to feel like we could jump right in and start putting our home together.  We also replaced all of the lighting throughout the whole house. I starting ordering lighting as soon as they accepted our offer.  I will do a whole post soon all about our lighting and sources.

We are currently having our bookshelves built and a fireplace is being added (hence weird framing in one of the photos).  We have also been working like crazy to get our studio finished.  We have the electrical finished, insulation almost done, walls going in this weekend and our full view garage doors have been ordered.  In between snowstorms we have also been trying to work and play in the yard.  We have fit a lot in the past 2 1/2 months but it is all worth it and we are all in love with our new home and land.

I will try to take photos soon with a real camera but I wanted to share some of the house that I have captured with my phone.


More posts coming soon with the bookshelves installed and the fireplace completed!  Thank you so much for looking!

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  1. Allison Slice

    Love that modern kitchen nestled right in among the natural elements! Great style!

  2. Debi

    Love, love your style mixing, and color palette. Your new home is gorgeous!

  3. Jill

    You need more wine!

    Looks beautiful – my favorite color palette!

  4. antiquechase

    Ok I just love your new house and the “vibe” your new home has. So different than your last… did this style evolve in your head or have you been planning to make this total change in decor. Your new style is exactly what I want… and I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is… vintage modern rustic and minimal cozy?? I love all the black and what the the stark contrast everything has but it doesn’t feel cold. it feels perfectly cozy but not overdone… did you get rid of a ton of stuff? How have you been able to show such restraint with it being so undecorated while perfectly decorated. I struggle with all the “stuff” I love and how to not have it all out.. where to put it… I just love everything about your new HOME!

  5. Barbara Marie Steele

    Lovely home… very indicative of your unique style, Jeanne. The next to the last photo… I swear, the tree in the window looks just like a painting… beautiful!

  6. Melodee Morgan

    everything is perfect. what a beautiful home! can’t wait to see more details as you have time to share 🙂 congrats on your home and lovely property!

  7. Krista

    So beautiful! I love the contrast of the black & white and the clean, rustic, yet modern feel of everything.

  8. Alida

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Thank you for sharing your beautiful new space. I love the textures, raw wood, and sense of calm & cosy. And the environment somehow reminds me of your paintings.

  9. soozyb2013

    What a beautiful piece of property! Love the barn in the background, is it yours? That picture of the insulation and wonderful door, is that going to be your new studio??? I dream of that one day. You are lucky to have found such a little piece of heaven on earth. Love the “nook” photo where the number 5 is, that is a great picture, very relaxing place until you see those wonderful kids with the masks on, did they make those? Too funny.
    Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us.

  10. Denise

    Can’t wait for more pictures and descriptions. Your saga buying the house was great reading. My husband says sometimes God’s gifts are wrapped in struggle paper.

  11. Karen

    Beautiful! Can you share the name of the book with the mother Teresa quote? Thank you

  12. Cathy G.

    Your home is lovely!!! Love all the big windows…..and all that land!!! Are you growing lilacs or peonies???? I just planted peonies!!!! Can’t wait for this snow to stay away!!!!! Do you have access to a pool there? I can’t wait for The Grange to open!

  13. Amber K

    Aww Jeanne, your big orange cat looks a lot like my big orange cat! Looking at your wonderful pictures and beautiful family fills my heart with joy for you!

  14. Rachel Callaghan

    Absolutely gorgeous, Jeanne. Thank you so much for sharing your personal space with us all. Love all of it. Great idea to paint everything white before you move in!!! The wooden furniture adds so much warmth (and character) to the colour scheme. Love the image of the distant hill. Magic!! x

  15. nelson37

    I have been very behind in my blog reading and just saw that you are in a new, beautiful house!!! I went back and read about the other two houses, and the day you bought number 3. I just want to tell you my little God stories, and how, no matter what happens, God is at work. I always say if He doesn’t answer my prayers the way I wanted, I am praying the wrong prayer. We owned a beautiful lot in Hot Springs Village. Being that we are in Minnesota, we wanted a place to spend part of the winter. We had a house plan, the lot, we were set. My husband wanted to have the house framed and then he and his brother would go down and finish it. In addition to this, we had decided to sell our beautiful hobby farm and buy a house in the country closer to his mother – a very isolated area. We found the house and I was in love!! I had a notebook and it was divided by room, and I listed everything we needed to do to each room. I was in Heaven!!! I love reno! There was one strip of land that he wanted but they wouldn’t sell, and that was the deal breaker. I was really devastated. Oh how I had wanted that house. So then, I concentrated on building the new one. Before anything was started, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread all over. He died 80 days later. Here’s the God part: IF we had bought the house I wanted, I would be sitting out there all alone. IF he had started building the new house, I would be stuck trying to figure out what to do next – finish it and sell, or sell as is. After I had a chance to look at this situation, I knew God had really protected me. I would have been miserable living in a house I loved in the middle of nowhere all alone. I would have been scared and filled with stress at having to deal with the other house. God takes care of us in His way – the right way. We need to learn to just hand it over to Him. He will provide. Sorry this is long, but I am still in awe at how this all turned out. I’m right where I should be.

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