When we bought this home and land almost four years ago it was for the gathering of creatives and non-creatives alike. We knew it was to be a gathering place and it has fulfilled that desire and promise over and over again.

We are so excited to announce our full 2020 studio schedule. For many our studio workshops are a yearly journey and maybe you have been waiting for the right event to make your own trip here.  Our schedule will look different next year so if you have been wanting to come to the studio THIS is your year!

You will create art with incredible artists and teachers but it is so much more. It is hard to wrap up in words in this small space how people tell us they FEEL while they are at our studio, home and land but it is special and different. You are well fed, well loved and given the opportunity again and again to just be, create and rest.  Please read a few of our testimonials to hear more.

We only open up my studio six to seven times a year for outside workshops and we carefully handpick each workshop and teacher to create an event that will grow you as an artist, honor you and leave you feeling inspired. Join us!

We have four AMAZING guest artists coming and then I am teaching two really special workshops! If you come to my personal workshops there is even a fun third day option where we adventure with you in Denver. It is such a fun way to end our time together!

Come and read all of the details! We can not wait to welcome you to our home, land and studio!


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Register today and you can also make no penalty payment plans! If you pay in full we have an extra bonus for you!

We can’t wait to see you soon!