Paint Your Town | Mixed Media Urban Landscapes EARLY REGISTRATION

I have been working on a very special project for awhile now and I am so excited to tell you about it.

When I came up with the idea of The Living Studio it was based upon the idea and belief that the whole world should be our studio.

I have taken people to Italy and France and soon The Danube to create art BUT if we only wait for special big trips then we miss out on growing our art on a daily basis and seeing the beauty right in front of us!

I want you to become a tourist in your own town and start connecting daily with the ordinary and familiar in a whole new way…


In Paint Your Town | Mixed Media Urban Landscapes we will become tourists in our own towns and open our eyes to the photography, sketching, architecture, people, cafes, painting, connecting, history and beauty right in front of us.

In this class we will create abstract landscapes, work with sketching and watercolors, collage, image transfers, charcoal sketches and create mini works of art to create our own Paint Your Town journals when we are done.

The heart behind my art and classes is to encourage practice, use what you have and to create wherever you go. I hope you will join me!  This will be the fall that your town becomes your favorite travel destination!


The early registration price for Paint Your Town | Mixed Media Urban Landscapes is $28, will have 4+ hours of content, all videos will be pre-recorded for your convenience and has lifetime* access.

The course will begin on September 27, 2016.

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  1. jenniferleewalker

    Jeanne, I wanted to thank you for reminding me to appreciate where I live…for the first time in 15 years, I am not able to travel this summer….without going into detail an unexpected event caused me to have to cancel my MUCH anticipated annual trip…..I have cried a lot, felt cheated, had a good old pity party(or2, or3)and just generally just been a whimp about the whole thing….any way I am coming to realize that something that should be an icing to my life has become the cake……and I need to reevaluate the importance I have placed on a few weeks of the year…….I look forward to this class…I live in a beautiful, wonderful place and I really need to BE in this place……

  2. barbara alexander

    Hi Jeannie – I just signed in tonight and I’m very excited to have found you and your community. Congratulations on your move and new studio – it is absolutely gorgeous. I live in a town of 3500 and have thought a lot about painting my town and the people in it. I’ve lived here for 11 years now and I’m still a bit of an outsider. But I love this place. Now that I’m not working a full-time job, I can play and do art. My studio is almost finished also – this was a huge leap for me since I don’t have an art degree and I’ve only taken a few classes since retirement. So in some ways it seems outrageous, but deep down I know it’s the right thing to do. I’ve decided I have to live to be 100 so I have few decades to do my art. back to the idea of painting the town – what better way to become more integrated and also contribute to my community. I’m definitely going to sign up for your workshop and make some of my fantasies become an artistic reality. barbara alexander

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