Paris { the first evening}

It was hard saying goodbye to the Chateau and all of the amazing people we had met.

Jackie, Rachel, Anne, Alexis, Chantal and I headed to the train station for our (long) trip to Paris.

Alexis and Chantal would be catching a flight the next morning.

Anne was staying on in Paris for a few days.

Rachel, Jackie and I had a hotel in Paris for the next four days.

If you could have seen all of us trying to get our luggage to the train platform in Montauban you would have laughed so hard….I hope you would have helped us…because we looked pathetic.

I was out of breathe and sweating once I finally made it to the platform…and then trying to act like it was no big deal that I just lugged 5,000 pounds up multiple flights of stairs.

I have video footage but some of the content is not suitable for young children…or adults.

Once we all made it onto the train it was a long…long…long ride to Paris.

Once we got there Rachel, Jackie and I had to find a cab kind enough to take us AND our luggage (I promise that the next time I travel I am bringing one suitcase…I promise that the next time I travel I am bringing one suitcase…I promise….).

As our cab was taking us through the city I had tears in my eyes at the beauty of Paris.

It was breathtaking!

It was hard to believe that I was actually looking at this city with my own eyes.

I have felt this emotion many times in my travels. 

Whether it has been the architecture, history, mountains…natural beauty and man made can be so incredibly beautiful that it is overwhelming.

Our hotel was so lovely and on such a gorgeous, tree lined street.

As we were being escourted to our room we passed the courtyard setting up for dinner.


We quickly dropped off our luggage and set off to explore the city.

We decided to start with an early dinner because of the long train ride and being famished.

Anne was able to meet up with us (I was so sad to not see Alexis ONE. MORE. TIME).

After dinner we just walked and walked trying to take it all in.
















When our heads hit the pillows we were exhausted and ready for the flea market in the morning!



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  1. andrea

    When my husband and I went to Paris a few years ago…it made such an impact on both us…we now share the same dream…to one day retire in France. Love your photos…they brought back lots of good memories.

  2. mcm538

    So lovely…truly “another world” kind of experience. Your photos are so terrific!!

  3. Lana

    oh wow…your pictures are amazing! I am going to hate to see this series end…but we STILL have FOUR more days in Paris and pics right? at least? right? 🙂

  4. Katsui Jewelry

    Unreal, Jeanne. Travel isso incredibly mind-opening, isn’t it? I love your pictures. Your Eiffel Tower ones are amazing!
    I am writing from Prague, an incredible city. We have taken so many pictures, none of them as lovely as yours! I felt not so good today so I stayed back and made sachets for Silver Bella…well,I just laid them out.My sweet husband brought me hot chocolate that was…hot thick chocolate. The best thing I have ever had!
    Love seeing your pictures. Laughed at your luggage stories. Jud was irritated all day because I was taking so much. When we got to the airport, they told us we could have had one more suitcase, as he travels a lot for work. Ha! It would have just made things crazier!!!

  5. amy

    thanks for letting us take it all in, too,…in his special, small kind of way. i love that metro sign and that hotel courtyard!=)

  6. amy

    and, jeanne, what is it about france and just paris…i would feel the same way, i guess, about many intimate, real, and lovely reflections on travels in other parts of our world, too, but i am on the edge of my seat!! thanks again for sharing.=)

  7. asweetliferocks

    I have followed your blog for a long time now. Those pics have taken my breath away and I just have to stop, take a moment and comment. Thanks for sharing…..everything! You have shared your trips, friends and your pics. Thanks, everything is beautiful.

  8. lissa

    jeanne~ lately I’m obsessed with france. I don’t know what my deal is. OBSESSED. I hope I get to go there one day and Kiss Neal at the top of the eiffel tower while it’s all lit like that. (did I just start a bucket list?)
    love you

  9. Tricia

    Isn’t wonderful when you travel somewhere so amazingly beautiful. On some of my travels I have felt like things were so breathtaking that it was as if I was in a postcard.
    You’re trip sounds like it was so wonderful. Where is your next destination? 😉

  10. Suzen

    Jeanne, this vicarious traveling with you is FABULOUS! However. I have made a momentous decision…in 5 years I am going to live in Paris or Copenhagen for a year and work. Yep, that’s right, running away from home. And anyone who is reading this is welcome to start planning and join me. Because I am. not. kidding. Oh, and Jeanne? Love the up-the-skirt shot of Miss Eiffel. LOL

  11. Katsui Jewelry

    So far I am still loving Prague. Today I got a Czechoslovakian ledger book…how cool is that! The only thing that would make me happier is Art Nouveau wallpaper for really cheap!!!

  12. kana

    Your pictures are so wonderful….I know you had a great time. I sure do hope to get there one day. I would also love to see Greece!

  13. Lisa

    Oh my, Jean, really. These pictures are fabulous. Particularly the arc de triomphe. it made me smile. I stood in that very same spot years ago. But seeing through your eyes is so magnificent. Love the cafe chair pic and the metro light post too. You need to make a Paris calender or post cards. Really. These photos are worthy of duplicating. Thank again for sharing 🙂

  14. Lisa

    Such gorgeous pictures! I am just catching up on my favorite blogs, been out of town moving my daughter back to college.

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