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When I was making plans to go to the south of France I couldn't imagine coming all that way and not spending a little time in Paris.


I really wanted to make sure my time in Paris overlapped with the flea markets.


When I dreamed of coming to France I truly couldn't get the flea markets out of my mind.

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You can't leave France without a treasure when you long to shop at the markets.

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Making my way through the aisle, looking through everything from silver, to papers, paintings, stamps…everything you can imagine was there.

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As I would be rummaging through a pile of old letters I would hear this beautiful language all around me that I could hardly make out.


I found everything that I dreamed of finding at the markets between the south of France and Paris…I felt like the luckiets girl in the world.


(and yes..I was as tired as I look in this photo)

Even now as I walk around my home each day picking up after the children, talking with friends, decorating for fall…I am reminded of my beautiful trip by a painting on the wall, a camera on the mantel, linens on my bed.

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