Paris {the flea market}

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When I was making plans to go to the south of France I couldn't imagine coming all that way and not spending a little time in Paris.


I really wanted to make sure my time in Paris overlapped with the flea markets.


When I dreamed of coming to France I truly couldn't get the flea markets out of my mind.

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You can't leave France without a treasure when you long to shop at the markets.

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Making my way through the aisle, looking through everything from silver, to papers, paintings, stamps…everything you can imagine was there.

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As I would be rummaging through a pile of old letters I would hear this beautiful language all around me that I could hardly make out.


I found everything that I dreamed of finding at the markets between the south of France and Paris…I felt like the luckiets girl in the world.


(and yes..I was as tired as I look in this photo)

Even now as I walk around my home each day picking up after the children, talking with friends, decorating for fall…I am reminded of my beautiful trip by a painting on the wall, a camera on the mantel, linens on my bed.

Picnik collagefleamarket


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  1. amy

    thanks for sharing all the details! love those heeled shoes, that man’s smile and face, the twine, the french packaging,… and love that you found many special treasures there to make apart of your home now.

  2. mcm538

    I’m so thankful you had such an amazing trip and were able to come home with not only a heart and mind full of wonderful memories, but these great photos and treasures along the way:)

  3. Katsui Jewelry

    When I saw your picture, my first thought was how pretty and happy you looked. I had to go back and see if you looked tired. Then I noticed you did but, most of all, you look like a woman who is in her element and full of joy! I am so glad that you got to go to the Flea Market and I am really looking forward to seeing those treasures!

  4. Lei

    You had me at those red ticking tea cloths in the first picture (or is it fabric?).
    Have I told you how much I love your playlist? You have great taste in music.

  5. jackie

    I feel like I have been to Paris with you. Your pictures and words have been incredible. Thank You for sharing this trip of a lifetime with all of us!

  6. Alexis

    oh my goodness the Paris Flea Market looks like it was amazing!! so glad you went…. AND THAT PAINTING… score! oxo

  7. LuLu

    so wonderful to bring treasures back to have around the house to instantly take you back to the time! Sounds wonderful,

  8. A Cupcake For Moose

    How did you not buy everything in sight?! That smile on the man’s face is magical…it just brightened my evening!
    P.S. I also really like the first song on your playlist…honey bee…I love hearing (good) new music. Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  9. chrissy

    i am visiting from our BRAVE GIRLS get-to-know-ya-email… but was so happy when i clicked on your link to know that i have actually been here before…many times. not sure where i found you along the way, but i love your blog and your style. you are a doll and now i will be meeting you in person very shortly and cannot wait. i loved reading all about you and know we are going to have theeeee best time in idaho.

  10. pam white

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful fullfilling time. I have been loving your photos this past month. How did you have the willpower to not buy everything? And if you are like me, no matter how tired I am I can always manage to antique/junk/thrift! It’s like I have this extra battery wired to me when I’m that excited about something. If you ever come to the East Coast we have to meet!

  11. Tracie~My Petite Maison

    Beautiful photos, Jeanne. I could almost smell the streets of Paris… it does have its own special smell, doesn’t it? It’s wonderful you can look around your home and remember those very special steps you took at the flea market/marche aux puces. My favorite is the French gentlemen, lovely face and sweet little smile. I do love French people with their gentle voices and kind sentiment, just like you.
    Great post!

  12. lorraine lewis

    Your painting is amazing- I saw so many that I wanted to take home.
    We looked like the beverly hillbillies at the air port- boxes, bags, luggage- sweet cookies in hand- it was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your treasures!

  13. Sharon

    What a wonderful travelogue of your time in France. I love the painting you are holding and you look contented, not tired; like a cat that just found a saucer of cream.

  14. Terri

    I am pea green with envy — A Paris Flea Market. At least through you, we have seen and smelled and tasted. What fun!

  15. paris hotels

    Paris is a beauty of its own kind. It is a unique city of Europe in the sense that it shows a marked contrast as being a centre of cultural richness as well as being a home to all the world’s latest fashions. You can find the impact of this variety not only in the way people live their lives in Paris but also in the architecture, the markets, the easting places and in every thing related to this city.

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