Parisian Soiree

OK…it is official….I need a new camera and to learn photoshop.  Please check out Sara's site for some amazing photos of the party.

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  1. paige

    i need to invest some time into really learning mine too. i have a canon rebel & i love it but need to really understand all the little thingys too!
    thank you for your encouraging words you shared regarding caroline’s symptoms. thank you for just taking the time to let me know what has worked for you.
    you are such a lovely person & i’m glad i
    ‘found ya’!

  2. Denise

    Try being her sister…me and my little digital camera dont even compare….LOL
    I dont even take my camera anywhere she is going to be, I just let her do all the work and then steal them 🙂 God, she got the long legs and the camera skills!

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