Thank you for reliving with me the journey to our current home. It was wild, faith building, beautiful and at many points heart crushing. So many emotions came back up as I re-read my heart from eight years ago. I am reminded again that the Lord gets my attention with home. I actually can’t think back to a time when He hasn’t.

What I am about to write I didn’t see coming. We have gathered over 1,000 artists to our home, land and studio over the past eight years. We have created a home that has been featured in regional and national magazines. I wrote a book at this home. I found peace and rest in the middle of turmoil and then next during the pandemic. We have transformed the inside and out with intention believing this was our forever home. We planted trees and gardens with our someday grand babies in mind.  What I did know to be true is to hold everything loosely. To not allow a job, friendship, gifts and even a home to ever define you.

I didn’t want to say anything until we knew it was really real and until we had closed on another home but we are selling our beautiful beautiful home, land and studio. My eyes are full of tears at the writing of these words. The story that I will share with you very soon is just as unexpected and beautiful.

We are having three live workshops here at our studio in January and February and they will be the last at this home. I can not even begin to imagine a world where I don’t gather you here but I know different, more, unexpected and beauty is coming in a new form. For all of those things I am extremely expectant.

We will be officially listing our home soon but I am sharing here first with the hope that maybe one of you know of someone that would love to purchase our home. So many of you have been here at our home, land and studio that it was important to me to ask you first. You can also see different peeks into our home in my instagram account HERE.

Please email us at if you have any interest in our home, land and studio.