Welcome back for day three of the Pay It Forward  interviews!

Today I would like you to meet Wyokemia from Peach Evolution Designs.


Hello, everyone – I’m Wyokemia! I feel so thankful to have the opportunity to share a little piece of my world and Peach Evolution Designs with you as one of the five Pay It Forward winners. It was so inspiring to read the comments left by so many of you, and it has been so great to be a part of this experience.

I started following my creative dreams more intently a little over a year ago. After working full-time for two large, national organizations, I begin to feel a nudge to move on to something more self-directed and connected to other passions that I wasn’t exploring at the time. After over a year of pondering and brainstorming about what exactly that might look like (while still working full-time), I had an aha! moment when I finally let myself become comfortable in knowing that I didn’t need to know all the answers and have every single step perfectly planned out, but that I just needed to start exploring and doing, and that it would be okay to make mistakes and learn along the way. And with that understanding, I finally found the courage to transition out of the more traditional career path that I had successfully been building, and into a path with far more unknowns than I had ever experienced. And I’ve not looked back!


What has evolved since then has been the start of several creative ventures, including starting an Etsy site, Peach Evolution Designs, around my creative outlet of making hand-crafted jewelry. Inspiration means a lot to me, so as I was picking a name for my jewelry, I knew that I wanted the name to honor my mom and the inspiring role she’s played in my life. My mom is one of the most creative people that I know…always looking to make something new from scratch, taking something that looks like nothing and making it into something – it’s truly remarkable all the wonderful things she’s able to create (including beaded jewelry!). Her curiosity and “I want to try that” attitude combine to make her one of the craftiest people that I know.


I am fortunate to have evolved from my mom – literally and figuratively. She has passed on to me a love for creative exploration, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to nurture my own creative interests and dreams.


And, just as my mom and so many other amazing people inspire and give back to me via their support, time, advice and love, I also want to ensure that I am always doing the same. A portion of each Peach Evolution Designs sale is donated annually to a selected charity. I also offer a *special* breast cancer awareness line year-round, and 25% of each sale is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.



As I continue to move forward in my creative ventures, I hope that I am able to help others as they pursue living life more creatively, too. I have recently started to work one-on-one with people to assist them in identifying and mapping out a plan to pursue their creative passions and dreams. This has very much developed organically, as I have been able to combine some of my strongest skills from prior work experience with the understanding and experience that I’ve gained in the last year. I feel fortunate to now have the opportunity to support others in their journey.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and Peach Evolution Designs! Feel free to stop over and say hi on my blog – LIVE CREATIVE – or on Twitter! Have a wonderful day and a joyful holiday season!


Thank you so much for letting us get to know you better!

Wyokemia has generously offered to giveaway a pair of her earrings to one of you!


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The winner will be announced tomorrow.


The winner of yesterday's giveaway for two prints from Catina Jane is #6, Lei.

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