Peek Into The Art Of Janet Hill Studios

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

-Pablo Picasso


I have been admiring the art of Janet from Janet Hill Studios for some time now.  I love the subjects of her paintings and her use of color and light is amazing. 


I had the privilege of interviewing her recently.  I hope you love getting to know her and her process.  I know I did.


Janet is also wanting to give away one of her prints.

Every comment will be put in the drawing.  A winner will be chosen on Wednesday.


The winner will receive this print "The Sunday Picnic".

Red door 10


At what point in your life did you acknowledge or accept that you truly were an artist?

I had a hard time with pursuing art initially. When I was trying to decide what university programs I should apply for, I was torn between life science (I had wanted to go into medicine) or fine art. At the time,I had a great art teacher who helped me produce a good portfolio and when I got into the tiny fine art program at my favourite university, I decided to really give it a go. Afterall, although I enjoyed biology, I hated math so it seemed like the easier route for me.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from everything- books, blogs, magazines, and movies. Particularly films though.

How long have you been painting and how has your artistic process changed over the years?

I've been painting since my last year of high school, so about 17 years. Yikes! My artistic process has changed quite a lot. I think I've gotten lazier. I used to spend a lot of time staring at my work and rethinking pieces through, but due to the nature of my paintings now, I just paint and try not to think about it. I think when you spend a lot of time examining your work, it can wreck it.

Who are some artists that influence or inspire you?

One of my painting professors told me that I was a bad student and would turn out to be a bad artist because I didn't spend much time looking at other artists work and as a result, I was painting with blinders on. I find it rather funny now that I'm a full-time artist, so maybe her theory wasn't right. Sometimes it may be best just to do your own thing. I haven't gotten any better really at exploring others work. Although, I do appreciate Frida Kahlo's work, John Singer Sargent, and Ross Bleckner. Three completely different artists.

Do you work from home or do you have a studio outside your home? How are you able to balance family life with your art?

I work from home. In a tiny laundry room type space (actually the washer and dryer are in there with me). The light is good, so I make due with the tiny room. I dream of putting on an addition to my little cottage that would have a large studio space. In terms of balancing family life, there are some benefits to working out of the laundry room because I can do loads of laundry as I paint!







Janet, thank you so much for your interview and the lovely giveaway!

To get to know Janet and her work better visit her shop and her blog.


A picture is a poem without words.


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  1. joolee

    ooooh, all her paintings are beautiful……..but how happy I am that the winner gets the Sunday Picnic! I love to entertain and throw parties and I’ve been known to make those banner thingies above the table. This painting makes me happy……it’s soooo me.

  2. koralee

    oh how i love her work…i am so drawn to her shoe paintings…Sunday Picnic is amazing with all those yummy goodies covering the table…thank you

  3. Tracy

    Jeanne. I’m so in love.
    I am NOT an artist – dream of being one, and simply adore the talent of others.
    I’ve been on the lookout for some fresh art in my home, and thanks to you, I have a whole new realm of possibilities.
    Janet – you have a new #1 fan!
    xoxo ~ Tracy.

  4. Amy Muffoletto

    Her work is so peaceful…. Beautiful…
    I love that you share the creativity of so many people. I visit your blog not only to get inspiration but to be refreshed. Thank you for that!!!

  5. Jan

    Janet Hill is a complete delight in talent and interview. I saw her work the other day on another blog, and was instantly in love. It is thought provoking for memories and peace for the soul.
    Thanks for being so generous Janet, and thanks for the extra getting to know her interview.

  6. Elaine Power

    Jeanne that was a lovely interview with Janet what a beautifull person she sounds, its my first experience of seeing Janet Hill’s work & what gorgeous paintings I soooo love the lady in the green dress amongs many of the others, will be going to take a peak at her blog now, thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Susie

    Thank you for introducing us to Janet Hill -there is a lovely teacup painting on her blog. She is very talented. The picnic print is perfect for summer.

  8. paige

    jeanne, this is a beautiful entry, both in words & images. i’m not familiar with janet but i absolutely love her work. the colors are amazing. the four dresses….hmm… i know a home where that might work out perfectly!
    you always hook me up with new faces-i love it!
    ps—did you love your wallpaper tote that you ordered a while back from etsy?

  9. lissa

    Happy Monday sweet Jeanne! Those paintings are beautiful! I wish I was an artist! I’m soooo inspired by them! Lovely, feminine images! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Tara

    Gorgeous paintings, so feminine and fresh, i love the color pallets she uses as well..great interview and great store, I am adding her as a favorite, her work would make wonderful gifts!

  11. Allegra

    GORGEOUS! The colors and subjects are so happy! I love the yellow dress — the last one on your post. It’s amazing. Does she have a favorite movie? Would love to know since that is how she is inspired!
    THANK YOU for the introduction!

  12. cathy

    Her work is like the smell of wonderful butter frosting. I love her work!!! Thanks so much for the interview and giveaway.

  13. Holly

    Wow, I love all of the work you showed us, and will be sure to visit her blog as well! Thank you for the tip! She does amazing work!

  14. Robin Fonville

    Oh WOW! I love, love, love her work! I’m a shoe freak, so I’m thinking I’m gonna have to have a few of her paintings!

  15. TERRY


  16. Jacki

    I’ve been following Janet’s blog for some time now, and was thrilled to see her post the link to this interview. It’s lovely to get to “know” her a little better. I love the colour in her work too, and the retro feel of many of her subjects. I keep checking etsy every time she posts about a new painting, but I am always too late. I would love to be entered into the draw for the print.

  17. Dawn Gahan

    Her paintings go within minutes of her posting them. So this print will satisfy my Janet Hill craving!
    The Gahan Girls

  18. Christine

    I LOVE her paintings. In particular, I love the paintings of interiors and the garden scenes. The colors are always so beautiful.

  19. Rachel

    I like her!!! Her work is very real.
    My daughter paints and I find her style is quite similar to Janet’s. My daughter is very young, though (almost 17), so she is a bit ‘raw’ right now. With a bit of time, practice and inspiration, she could make this her career too.

  20. Denise

    Beautiful paintings…all of them. I could make space for them all!

  21. Mara

    I love the women Janet has painted. They remind me of my mother, which puts a smile on my face and instantly puts me at ease. It’s amazing how a person and a painting can have such an emotional affect.

  22. susan

    wow, her work is so beautiful, really draws you in. i love the paintings of the women they are so feminine. the picnic print is so sweet. just like i’d like my backyard picnic to look.

  23. Her work is so beautiful! I am now one of her fans…I am so happy that she followed her heart and not listened to that professor…her paintings are gorgeous…she is my favorite!

  24. Hydrangea Blossom

    I found you through the Janet Hill Studio blogsite. I have enjoyed meandering through your blog, too. Two very interesting sites. I, like you, have admired Janet’s work! Lovely.

  25. Debra Cripps

    Her work is so lovely. Her subjects are amazing and beautifully done. I would be honoured to own one of her paintings!

  26. Joyce

    I forget now how I first discovered Janet’s blog but I am totally enthralled with her work. The colors she uses and the dreamy images are so mouthwatering (even the shoes!) and appealing. The Sunday Picnic is one of my favorites-oh heck, they’re all my favorites! How generous that she’s doing this giveaway.

  27. kathryn hoffman

    its the feeling you get when you know-i want to live here or yes,this is the dress-there was an instant connection when i first saw one of her paintings that drew me in automatically and i wanted her art to be part of my life in some small way if possible and for that i thank her and hope she will be with me throughout my life-kathryn

  28. ohgoodie

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful artist with me. I went right over and checked her beautiful blog.
    Carol Casey

  29. Sarah S

    I love her work, and it’s great to hear a little about her. Would love to win a print.

  30. kibbygirl

    Her paintings are beautiful! I discovered her blog recently and fell in love with her work. I love the girlyness of a lot of her work. My favorite right now is in her shop so I am saving my pennies!

  31. Stefanie

    I hope one day to own one of her originals. I am slowly though getting a growing collection of her prints.

  32. Brandie

    Wow! I love the paintings of the women. Just gorgeous. I need to visit her blog and take a look around:)

  33. Valerie

    Gorgeous. I would love to win — that portrait of Ms. Beauchamp would look gorgeous on my wall in my guest room…:)
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  34. Futurowoman

    I absolutely adore her work! I am lucky enough to have two of her originals, and they are truly beautiful–the textures and light are amazing!

  35. Sarah

    Wow, these are lovely and I never would have known about them if you hadn’t shared. I would love to be the proud owner of the print.

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