Perspective Changes Everything…..

Sometimes it takes something bigger than yourself to gain a new perspective. Like so many bloggers, I have been changed by the accident that Stephanie Nielson and her husband, Christian, were involved in. Her daily writings I have gone back to re-read because her love of her children and husband is so contagious! Like so many others I want to be a better mom and wife because of her sweet example. There is not a day since the accident that I don’t hold my children a little more and think that Stephanie can’t hold her children right now. I have never met this woman or her beautiful family, but she is on my mind and in my heart everyday. I homeschool my children and we start our day with Bible lessons and my children want to pray for her and her children. I cry for a woman, husband and children that I will never meet, but being a wife and mother it hits so close to home. How many times have I complained to myself about all the laundry, picking up the house, cleaning the toilets (how can so many miss the bowl??) or that the kids won’t give me just a little time to myself? I learned a few years ago that the Lord was gently telling me…..YOU ARE BLESSED!!!! I was blessed to have a beautiful home to clean, blessed to have clothes and a new washer/dryer to clean them, blessed to have had the privilege of having three beautiful children. I can really take for granted all that I have been blessed with. I LOVE my life….but I still can take it for granted. I LOVE my children and husband….and still it takes something like what has happened to Stephanie and Christian to hold them all a little closer. I recently put a picture of Stephanie, Christian and their beautiful children above my work space with a banner that reads “Give Thanks”. It is a daily reminder for me to keep praying for their recovery and what sweet blessings I have all around me.

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  1. amy

    stephanie, christian, their children, and their extended family are in my thoughts daily, too. it is so unusual how their lives/story have touch sooooo many. i am certainly the better for it. have fun in ohio!

  2. mkg

    Thank you for putting into words so beautifully what many of us are thinking and feeling.

  3. Tricia

    You are soooo right! I too have been very touched by this amazing family and pray for them daily. By the way, have a great time in Ohio, wish I could attend too!!!!

  4. kristin alber

    This has been an amazing eye-opening – life-changing experience for us as well. It is hard to understand why things like this happen… but when you see the changes that are being made in the lives of all of the women and families because of this tragedy- it is obvious that there are lessons being learned all around the world because of this story. Stephanie has been teaching through example… and she still is. We ARE blessed…
    Your blog is beautiful!

  5. paige

    i think one of the most amazing aspects of their story is the enormous blog support for them….people from all over the world, just like us who may never meet them, praying for them continually.
    i printed out pictures too to remind me to pray. they are a beautiful family & i am so inspired by her contagious love for her own family
    on a much lighter note, can’t wait to see more of your creations from the big fair

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