Sometimes it takes something bigger than yourself to gain a new perspective. Like so many bloggers, I have been changed by the accident that Stephanie Nielson and her husband, Christian, were involved in. Her daily writings I have gone back to re-read because her love of her children and husband is so contagious! Like so many others I want to be a better mom and wife because of her sweet example. There is not a day since the accident that I don’t hold my children a little more and think that Stephanie can’t hold her children right now. I have never met this woman or her beautiful family, but she is on my mind and in my heart everyday. I homeschool my children and we start our day with Bible lessons and my children want to pray for her and her children. I cry for a woman, husband and children that I will never meet, but being a wife and mother it hits so close to home. How many times have I complained to myself about all the laundry, picking up the house, cleaning the toilets (how can so many miss the bowl??) or that the kids won’t give me just a little time to myself? I learned a few years ago that the Lord was gently telling me…..YOU ARE BLESSED!!!! I was blessed to have a beautiful home to clean, blessed to have clothes and a new washer/dryer to clean them, blessed to have had the privilege of having three beautiful children. I can really take for granted all that I have been blessed with. I LOVE my life….but I still can take it for granted. I LOVE my children and husband….and still it takes something like what has happened to Stephanie and Christian to hold them all a little closer. I recently put a picture of Stephanie, Christian and their beautiful children above my work space with a banner that reads “Give Thanks”. It is a daily reminder for me to keep praying for their recovery and what sweet blessings I have all around me.