This is the post on dreams that I hope I can express the way I want to.

I have the thoughts in my head and heart and I hope it all comes across the right way.

I remember very clearly years ago having a bad day.

Not a bad day in the whole scheme of things…just one of those days when I was listening to myself and not talking to myself:-)

One of those days when nothing was right in my head and heart.

We all have those days.

I was complaining to myself about the dishes, the laundry, cleaning, the children, time for myself….

It wasn't pretty!:-)

What I remember about that day was hearing very clearly in my head….

"Thank me, Jeanne."


"Thank me!"

Thank me for a new washer and dryer to clean all those clothes.

Thank me for your husband's amazing job that supplies the money for the clothes and home that you get to clean.

GET to clean.

Thank me for your three healthy children that were your heart's desire.

That day many years ago changed me.

I know that sounds extreme…but it did.

I don't allow myself to go down THAT road. 

That whining…self pity.

Focusing so much on myself that I actually lose perspective. 

At least I know I am better at stopping it sooner than in the past.

The truth is that when I am cleaning our home, staying home with our children, playing and being a mother to our three children, making dinner, loving my husband, washing the clothes…I am living one of the biggest and greatest dreams of my life and my heart.

As long as I can remember I have DREAMED of being a mom.

I HOPED that I would be able to stay home with those children.

It was the desire of my heart to take care of a home, my children and husband.

When I would change my mind a million times on majors and career paths…that one DREAM was always the same.

That was my first dream……before  my business, creating, teaching or speaking.

Some have wondered why I don't do more shows.

I have had to tell some retailers that I can no longer supply some of the things I have in the past because I am trying to focus on new areas.

I do not spend hours a day on line, on blogs or networking.

There are many things that I DO NOT do every day to promote or advance my business because what I am doing right now at home can never be done again.

I am OK saying no right now to a lot of this…. because I KNOW that there will be time soon when I can say yes.

If I gained everything professionally and messed up everything at home I would have failed at what matters most to me.


It really changes everything.

Sometimes as we are following our dreams…that dream can cloud our vision to the OTHER dream we are already living.

Don't get me wrong…I have so many ideas and plans. 

I have so many things that I want to create.

But nothing….and I mean NOTHING has ever made me more content and happier than on the days when I know I am doing things right with the kids and my husband. 

I am so grateful that the Lord spoke so clearly to me those years ago.

I see women all the time that are constantly complaining about their children, staying home with them or talking negatively about their husbands.

They have forgotten that they chose that life…and it was their first dream. 

A dream worth dreaming, planning, living…will not fight against the life you have created with your family…it will enrich it.

It will run parallel.  Both dreams will grow and change together.

There will be a day (probably a lot sooner than I realize) that I will be able to give my second dream more time and energy.

For now I am so happy and content to create, travel, teach and speak when time allows.

So many things have already happened in the past two years since this journey has begun that promises me that more will come.

As you are following your dream…just don't forget about the most important people in your life.

That dream will not be as sweet without them by your side.


There is one thing I would love for you to do this week.

I would love for you to write a letter to your younger self.

What have you learned and where do you still want to go?

What could have been made easier?

What was harder than you expected?

What dreams do you still carry in your heart that are begging to be set free?

What dreams have you lived and accomplished?

Write whatever you want…..the things you wish you would have known.

Next week is the last in the series on dreams.

I hope you will join me.