Petit Coterie And A Giveaway Too!

This past year has been an incredible journey of creativity for me.  Etsy has opened doors all over the world for my creations to be sold.  It has also exposed my items to so many retailers that would never had seen my work.  Etsy has also opened my eyes to so many incredible artists of every kind.  My home is so full of handmade now because I rarely have a need to go anywhere else (except Anthropologie…I can't help myself).   I think people are getting tired of the same thing in every store and are really embracing the handmade movement

I would like to introduce you to one of the Etsy artisans that I enjoy so much. 


 Michelle is the owner of Petit Coterie.  She makes beautiful pillows out of natural fibers.  Her pillows are original, beautiful, well made and at a price that you can buy a bunch (I have) and place them all over your home.  Seriously, I have seen pillows similar to Michelle's for three times her amount!


I hope you enjoy my interview with Michelle.  She has so graciously offered to giveaway one of her ampersand or No. 12 pillows.  Leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing.  The comments will close on Wednesday evening at 8pm.

Michelle also has a blog so you can follow all her new creations.




Could you tell us about your shop and what you create?

I opened my Etsy shop in November of 2008, really as a whim. I had several friends encouraging me to put some of my designs on Etsy just to see how they would go.  I really didn't do much with my shop until after the first of the year, then I started to add my burlap pillows and they started to sell. It was very exciting to know there were others who liked the European/Scandinavian styles.

Do you have any new items that will be coming out soon? 

Yes, and I’m really excited about some of the fabrics and styles that I’m working with. I love white, the slouchy comfortable white, so I will be adding large white pillows with great graphics. Since I am such a fan of grain sacks, I will be adding more styles that  have the old European feel and these will be made out of actual vintage grain sacks. I also have been working on ottomans that have that comfortable simplistic look. They will be done in the burlap, feed sacks and of course the white fabric.

I know that many people that read my blog own small businesses. Do you offer wholesale terms? 

Much to my surprise I have had so many stores across the country that have seen my items on Etsy and my wholesale business has really taken off.  I really try to keep it very simple for small stores who want to try out a few items and not have to commit to large quantities.

Where do you find inspiration? 

I think my inspiration comes from fabric. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fabric I have. Some women buy shoes, I buy fabric.  I love French sayings so I continually come up with little sayings that would work well on pillows. My love for the Scandinavian look with simplistic styling sets the tone for my ideas.  I decided right after I made my first burlap pillow that I would add a little signature or brand to each item that I make, so each piece comes with a little saint metal attached to the corner. To me, it’s like sending a little blessing to each customer.

How do you balance family and your career? 

I can’t even remember when I was not in business for myself. I have learned over the years to always set priorities, my number one priority is of course my family. I really do set a schedule for each day, just as I would if I worked away from my home. My greatest luxury is I can work in my pajamas with no make-up. Down side is, I always seem to have burlap threads all over me.

Thank you so much Michelle for your interview and offering one of your gorgeous pillows to one of my lucky readers!

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  1. Nancy

    Oh Wow! How exciting. It makes me happy to know people are doing well with ETSY! I think it’s a great idea! I agree, I think there are more and more people that appreciate things being handcrafted….and they should! There are so many taleneted people out there, it’s nice to see them shine!

  2. Missy K

    Michelle’s work is lovely– the combination of comfortable fabrics, bold graphics and elegant design are wonderful!
    And I love this blog– what inspiration!

  3. Claudia

    Wonderful pillows – such inspired work! Etsy is a treasure-trove that I have just begun to explore. I would love to be entered in the giveaway! Thank so much for the interview.

  4. Brandie Pahl

    What a great interview! I can totally relate to having fabric threads and dust all over me alot tof the time;) I am headed over to her shop righ now! Oh how I heart Etsy.

  5. Karin

    Just ordered one of your pillows for a friend’s Birthday. Another great find on Etsy. Please enter me in the giveaway… I would love a little gift for myself!

  6. Amy

    Those pillows are so beautiful! Oh my goodness. Now I have to figure out how I am going to control myself.
    Thanks so much for letting us know about Michelle.
    Great interview!!

  7. Angie

    Congrats on doing so well on ETSY! What a great giveaway…I love that pillow! Thanks for sharing!

  8. AJ

    The pillows are lovely! I love love Etsy and don’t know what I did before I found it. Your shop just happened to be my first Etsy purchase.

  9. Lissa

    Those pillows are amazing and would go PERFECT in my house! Oh I hope I win! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  10. Sarah

    I am in love! I have been dreaming of one of these pillows for awhile, and I’m headed straight to your etsy store!

  11. Heidi German

    What great pillows! They’re the kind of thing that would look great in any room, no matter the colors or decor. Very cool!

  12. Rachel

    Great interview! I love Michelle’s designs ~ well, I love anything that even hints at “French”.
    Congratulations on your Etsy success!

  13. Tara

    Thanks Jeanne for introducing this store to me..I say that with a little bit of attitude, cause between you and this store, I could spend my whole paycheck!! 😉 But, anyhow I am off to see what I can drool over!! Your the best!

  14. Jackie

    I LOVE her pillows and have been visiting her etsy shop for a while now. Thanks for doing and interview – it’s nice to get to know the artists better!! Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. Ashley

    I love Michelle’s creations! I’ve seen her work before, but I didn’t know she had an etsy shop. Thanks for the great interview!

  16. Melinda Ekdahl

    Jeanne~ Your package arrived a week ago.. but I had to wait for the right quiet moment to savor it. So, I just opened it now and it was even better than I had imagined! It was a little piece of Heaven… a vintage map of Italy (swoon….) french papers (Ooh la la)the key, the sheet music of the Hawaiian Moonlight song (go there every year),I felt as if you knew just what I needed to see. And that Russian folk tale – I’m Russian! It was simply delightful… I felt like I was opening a treasure box.
    I am not that crafty…. but I know I need to do something very special with these things. I love the history of each piece. The little piece of a farway time…Ok, calm down…
    I just recently discovere etsy. YOU are my first etsy purchase. And I have to say, this will be a hard act to follow! I adore your blog & your heart. Thank you for the great interview. LOVE that 12 pillow! I love anything french… I simply *must* have it.
    Thank you again! xo Melinda

  17. LuLu

    I have been crushing on her pillows for a while now i “heart” them all!!!
    enjoyed the interview!!!

  18. Allie

    What wonderful pillows Michelle creates! Thank you for posting the interview. I’ll have to stop by her Etsy shop. Keeping my fingers crossed for the drawing 😀
    Happy Monday,

  19. Becky G.

    Wow, what lovely pillows! I enjoyed the interview, too! Please count me in for the pillow! Blessings, Becky G.

  20. Amy Muffoletto

    That is so cool for you to have an interview with her. I love that. Up close and personal. Those pillows are awesome. Any luck with the bird fabric…??? I received a tag today on my blog and I want to pass it on to you. Hope you like it visit my blog.

  21. le vintage

    and tons more coming! you havent seen the tip of the iceberg yet so keep checking back, its such a busy time of the year but i still manage to read you’re blog, i just love it!

  22. karen

    What a nice interview! I love her pillows…now on to her blog! Please enter me in! thanks! karen….

  23. Bethie

    Michelle is uber talented and I need to contact her. I love, love the pillows, and appreciate you sharing her with us, Jeanne! Thanks!

  24. lorraine lewis

    I think that these pillows are wonderful and very reasonably priced. Shabby Chic had some sometime ago and I just could not justify the price. Purchasing handmade items is a good thing 🙂
    I am an Anthro girl too!

  25. Sheila R

    Michelle’s creations are lovely. Thanks for popping by and letting me know that you will be attending SB this year. Would love to meet you there!

  26. Susie

    What a clever idea about the saint medal. The No. 12 pillow is beautiful.

  27. paige

    well its a pleasure to meet you michelle!
    these pillows are wonderful!!!
    i think i especially love the first one. i’m sure they all look fantastic in your home

  28. Jennie W.

    J’adore these pillows! Love fact that these are beautifully handmade. Etsy rocks!
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful interview.

  29. Karen

    What a beautiful and inspirational blog!! Thanks for stopping by to comment on mine. I’m so glad to see that you have three children and a business and still manage to home school! You seem perfectly sane too 🙂

  30. Queen of the Click

    I love the natural color and material of the Ampersand pillow. Thank you for having a great giveaway.
    You have a nice Etsy shop. I really like your apron and monogrammed letter. You may want to put wedding in the search term for the monogram as I know friends and I searched etsy for a monogrammed letter. They are nice for the doors of the reception.

  31. Michelle

    I sincerely want to thank Jeanne for doing this interview on Petit Coterie. I am so moved by all your encouraging comments. As with all of us, you just never know if something you make is actually something that others will like as well.
    Thank you all so much and I look forward to sending the winner one of my pillows.
    A special hug to Jeanne and all who posted.

  32. Rebecca

    I love stories like this of women creating and bringing unique to life…the pillows are amazing and I am most certain that I hve a place for 1 or 2 of them…or 3 or 4…fingers crossed!!

  33. Holly

    It is always fun to be introduced to another creative soul! Thank you for allowing us to meet Michelle. Her work is wonderful!

  34. koralee

    ohhh what a find!!!! Thank you for sharing…i would love a few of those…will go check out her etsy shop!!!

  35. koralee

    ooh la la….these are beautiful!!!! thank you for sharing….i will check out her etsy store….(sorry if this is my second post….i think my first one never sent)…

  36. megan

    How great it is to have found such a creative new designer! Thanks so much for the blog and the interview|!

  37. Elaine Power

    Well how exquisite you just want to have all those pillows on a day bed and relax into them with a coffee & a good book.
    Thanks Jeanneoli for featuring Michelle, inspiring!
    I will have to nip across to her site & do some purchasing.

  38. Rue de la france how exquisite I can just imagine them all scattered on a day bed & just relaxing into them with a coffee & a good book.
    Jeanneoli thank you for sharing your interview with Michelle, inspiring.
    I will have to go across to her site now for a good browse & hope she post’s to Australia

  39. Jemm

    You have a lovely blog! Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway too. Gorgeous pillows!

  40. Tracie~My Petite Maison

    Hi Jeanne,
    Thank you for featuring Michelle. I just received two of her pillows Monday morning and they’ve already become favorites. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. The interview was very good and it makes me feel better to know someone else works in their pjs (I’m sure there’s many, many of us out there!). Happy day!

  41. Allegra

    I love that you took the time to interview the artist! I love being introduced to new artists but getting to KNOW a little about them is rare. You are one smart and creative cookie!! Her pillows are gorgeous. I want a home full!

  42. Berlin

    Her artwork (all things handmade deserve to be called works of art) is perfect! Thank you for introducing us to her Etsy shop and for peeping at my blog, stop by anytime!

  43. Jen@thecottagenest

    I was seriously looking at her pillows just this morning on Etsy. What a funny coincidence!
    So happy you are going to SB. I hope we will have a class together!

  44. Tricia Wilson

    Hi Jeanne, thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I’d come by and say hello. Your blog is beautiful and you have great style. What luck to come by when you are doing a giveaway too, Michelle’s work is lovely.

  45. linda

    Hi I hope I’m not too late. I just love anything that is homemade. I quilt and sew and do woodworking. My daughter makes bath and body products that are all natural. I love the pillows . Pleas enter me in your giveaway. Linda from ONt Canada

  46. amy sutter

    what a wonderful artist that I have never seen! Thanks for sharing – I will take a peak at her shop! Hope all is well!

  47. Susan@the cozychickadee

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Enter me in the drawing! I see you’re from Colorado as well! Do you know about the Paris Street Market that is getting ready to start up for the season? It’s the best! Email me if you need details. Thanks for the beautiful blog you share with us, I’m glad I found you!

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