I am addicted like so many others.

I have to set a timer or I will get lost into the Pinterest vortex.

I have seen it written that someone was freebasing Pinterest…funniest comment to date!

Seriously, I have to have kiddie restraints put on me or I will waste too much time.

I had the privilege of hearing Ben Silbermann (the creator of Pinterest) speak on a panel last year at the Altitude Design Summit (Alt).

This past January I heard him again as the keynote speaker at Alt.

One year has made a huge difference in the world of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a game changer.

It is fun to see someone’s creative dream change the way we can organize beauty and then go on to create ourselves.

“Pin it” is becoming a common saying.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite “pins”.

Freebase the beauty:-)

Join me for one of my boards…… “Vintage Style”.

All sources can be found on my vintage style board HERE.


What are you pinning?

I would love to see.

You can find me HERE.



The winner of the new novel by Courtney Walsh is…..


Kara Rosenberry commented:

Hello Jeanne! The snow was lovely wasn’t it! I too didn’t mind leaving my house for almost two days and did some reading and movie watching. I would love to win that book or the class with Teresa— so pick me, pick me!

Great new items in the shop too by the way!


and the winner of the new ecourse by the incredible Teresa Sheeley is…..


Marilyn Johnson commented:

Thank you so much for the chance to win. I so want to take the class and I will read Courtney’s book! Thank you so much Jeanne. I am loving that scarf and the camera bag also!

Congratulations both of you and thank you to Courtney and Teresa for such generous giveaways!
Kara and Marilyn please contact me and I will give your information to Courtney and Teresa.
For all you girls that wanted to win Teresa’s e-course I have some good news for you.
First, you can sign up THIS week only for $50 instead of $75 and secondly, you can enter HER giveaway that she will have on her blog for a spot in the class.
Good luck!