Playing With Chip Art


Yesterday Madolyn and I had a neighbor friend over and her mom…and we played a little with Melody Ross' new chip art.

We used the chipboard to make necklaces and other creations.

We had fun playing and learning how to use the tools.

These are such cool tools!



Seriously fun!!!

I was also so impressed that the girls were able to do everything without much help from the moms.



(the girls created these sweet necklaces)

We first started with plain chip board.

You could also use cardboard or something similar.


Melody makes it easy by providing tons of fun shapes to work with.


I only have a fraction of the tools you can purchase so there are so many more things you could do.

The next step is to spritz the chipboard with water.

Just a little.

Then you take whatever design or letter that you want to use and make the design by hammering it into the chipboard.


The girls really liked doing this…and so did I.


I am used to doing this on metal so I did it too hard the first few times.

We tried painting it two ways.

At first we painted the chipboard white and then dried it quickly with a heat gun.

The next step was we painted the chipboard with a mixture of mod podge and brown paint (5:1).

We then quickly wiped the brown mixture off..making sure the brown paint got down into the letters etc.

The second way we painted was by only painting with the brown mixture and rubbing it off.

Picnik collage

After everything was dry we painted our pieces with colorful paints.

I can't wait to play with the tools more and hopefully add to my collection of tools.

I bought my tools at Archivers but I know you can also get them directly from Melody at Artsy Findings!!


Let me know if you have any tips for using the chip art tools.

I would also love to know if you end up purchasing any of them yourself.

I am off to Seattle tomorrow to spend some time with friends, learn soldering and meet some new ladies too!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    Ooohh fun! I have used the metal stamps on regular chipboard before and made some cute Spring things, but I’ll have to check out this kit you’ve mentioned! I just got a new little cupcake metal stamp…it’s so cute and tiny! Not sure what I’ll do with it yet….

  2. Lori

    how cool is that!!! i never saw or heard of these before, so i thank you for sharing…have fun on your trip Jeanne…and be careful with your soldering iron…LOL…i am saying that because i have had soldering supplies for over three years…they are unopened…i am afraid that i will burn my fingers off…silly me:)

  3. mkg

    What fabulous fun for you, your friend, and your sweet girls:) The art turned out great!

  4. rachel

    SO lovely! Looks like you enjoyed yourself. 🙂 I need to get some of her stamp…love them!

  5. sharron

    I just bought some of her scrappen’ line the vintage flair to it all. I will have to try and find some of these goodies that you had so much fun with. Glad you and the girls had a fun creative time together!!

  6. LouBoo

    Gorgeous – love the butterfly one. My daughter would love this – I wonder if you can get them or anything like here?

  7. micah

    Love this! I have never seen this done but it looks fabulous!
    If you get a chance check out my blog I have something for you:)
    I always love your posts!

  8. Koralee

    Now that looks like so much fun…the results are lovely! Enjoy your Seattle time…I love that city..we live less than 2 hours visit all the time. xoxoxo

  9. lissa

    that is such a great idea! I can see you there, smiling, having the time of your life! They turned out so great! My natalie would have loved that play date more than you know!

  10. LuLu

    Thanks for sharing I have to search this out…. i would love a new creative outlet for me and my girls. Have a wonderful trip to Seattle!!

  11. Martha

    Oh my goodness!!! THis seems so much fun. I am so glad you shared this…my girls may be a bit too young but they love my necklaces and I could always help them with it…sounds like the perfect thing to do:)
    Enjoy your travels!

  12. Brooke

    I want to try this — it looks awesome! thanks for sharing your tips. 🙂 You’re so creative.
    Have a great weekend in Seattle!

  13. Lis

    Jeanne, so funny to be reading this post right now! I am AT Archivers with a girlfriend, we generally make an entire day of it and decided to bring our laptops this time! I recently bought some Melody Ross papers and embellies but haven’t bought any of the tools yet. Of course here, I am surrounded by them, so I may be tempted to leave with something new from her line. Thanks for sharing your creations. What a precious and priceless time with your sweet girl!

  14. anne marie

    Hey Jeanne……hope you had a good weekend – mine went by way tooo fast….
    that craft looks really cool – but a lot of investment – how nice you have a friend who did this with you all – i love doing things like that with my daughter –
    have a blessed and holy week.

  15. Deb

    What a great idea! These are gorgeous Jeanne! I must give these a try – thanks for the inspiration. :o) xo

  16. Jemm

    I love the necklaces. I’m not sure I understand though. Was it all a kit? How/where did you get the pretty filigree pendants? LOVE these!

  17. Andrea Villarreal

    I love these. Great packaging! Wish I had some old jewlery pieces I would so buy them. Maybe in your shop……hmmm…
    Can’t believe your making us wait til May;)
    By the way I see you got that same stupid Japenese comment on your blog. You do know it leads to porn right??? I have gotten it twice now the exact same one!! I have spamed it, blocked the ip address and it got thru again over the weekend:( You may want to delete it if it passed your attention.

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