Yesterday Madolyn and I had a neighbor friend over and her mom…and we played a little with Melody Ross' new chip art.

We used the chipboard to make necklaces and other creations.

We had fun playing and learning how to use the tools.

These are such cool tools!



Seriously fun!!!

I was also so impressed that the girls were able to do everything without much help from the moms.



(the girls created these sweet necklaces)

We first started with plain chip board.

You could also use cardboard or something similar.


Melody makes it easy by providing tons of fun shapes to work with.


I only have a fraction of the tools you can purchase so there are so many more things you could do.

The next step is to spritz the chipboard with water.

Just a little.

Then you take whatever design or letter that you want to use and make the design by hammering it into the chipboard.


The girls really liked doing this…and so did I.


I am used to doing this on metal so I did it too hard the first few times.

We tried painting it two ways.

At first we painted the chipboard white and then dried it quickly with a heat gun.

The next step was we painted the chipboard with a mixture of mod podge and brown paint (5:1).

We then quickly wiped the brown mixture off..making sure the brown paint got down into the letters etc.

The second way we painted was by only painting with the brown mixture and rubbing it off.

Picnik collage

After everything was dry we painted our pieces with colorful paints.

I can't wait to play with the tools more and hopefully add to my collection of tools.

I bought my tools at Archivers but I know you can also get them directly from Melody at Artsy Findings!!


Let me know if you have any tips for using the chip art tools.

I would also love to know if you end up purchasing any of them yourself.

I am off to Seattle tomorrow to spend some time with friends, learn soldering and meet some new ladies too!!

Have a fabulous weekend!