Playing With Clay {and the kids}

My kids are surrounded by art supplies.

Luckily for them (and me) it is just a part of what I do.

Our days can get busy and with school, home, business etc. I don’t always sit and create WITH them as much as I would like.

The children had been begging to do art together for a while and I could no longer ignore their pleas:-)

We chose to spend our day creating with paper clay.

We all had so much fun and we sure made a mess.

Mess on the table.

Mess on the floor.

Mess on our hands.

It was all worth it though.

{The photos don’t show how we finished them once they dried. A few days after this we painted and stained out pieces.}

I hope I don’t forget how much fun we had and remember that creating WITH them is as important as the time I give myself to create alone.

What do you love creating with your kids?

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  1. Mikal

    It doesn’t matter if we are making art, cooking, hiking, taking photos, etc. I love the time with my kids like this. I’ve learned that even though I gave birth to them, they are unique individuals (not what I think they should be), and it is truly a gift to watch them grow and be their true self.

    My greatest gift is being a mom, and they remind me of that when we get to share like this. (Of course I have no teens at the moment, remind me I said that in a couple years when Jake is making me crazy!)

  2. mgriffin

    What messy, lovely fun!! I would have loved to have been at that table creating with you all. I hope we get to see the painted, finished projects!

  3. Lisa W.

    OH that looks like SO much fun. I was just saying the other day I would love love to make something with clay. And use the pottery wheel. I have niver done that and really would love to try once.

    I hope we get to see the end results in another post. Your kids will always treasure those memoried:)

    1. jeanne Author

      We used paper clay and it was so easy to work with….I really recommend it. I hope you try it.

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