Poetry of Place LIVE Zoom with Daune Pitman, Lissa Whitlock, Chris Willard, Tim Willard and me! We’d love for you to join us for a fun discussion about curating places of beauty….or just be entertained by the banter!
Tuesday, April 25
3:00 ET
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I found my creativity again years ago through home and family. Over and over again home has been the safe place to express beauty, make art, teach our children, gather others, build a business and dream of what is next.
I know first hand the power of home and the place of beauty it can be for yourself and others and I am honored to share that I am a guest teacher in Poetry of Place.
If you want to use the big or small, rented or owned place that you live to create beauty, gather others or grow dreams planted in you…I hope you will join us!



Poetry of Place – the unique, distinctive, cherished aspects of a place where stories, art, memories, beliefs, and histories are woven into a tapestry of great beauty.

Your home should mirror who you are and the stories you carry. It is sacred space.

It is the stories of our days, nights, celebrations, and everyday journeys. Stories that bring us joy and lead us to reminisce. A poem that doesn’t need to be recited, because it is seen and felt. Wherever we hold space is a powerful part of who we are and the stories we carry. Living poetry. A creative haven where there is contagious wonder that reveals the truth of our Creator.

What does your home say about you right now? Your home is as unique as your personality. How are you writing your and your family’s story? The poetry of our spaces is what makes our home unique among other places.

Our home is a big part of shaping who we are and who we turn out to be; and it is our most powerful place of ministry. Let’s bring beauty, art, and creativity into our spaces whether they are permanent, mobile, for work, or for play. We can be intentional about cultivating ahome of beauty that is life-giving. A sacred place.

Join us in this special online course to step into artfully cultivating a creative home of beauty that nourishes all that live and visit there; as we learn the power and soul nourishment of the poetry of place. Registration is open and get instant access



Taught in this course:

• Learn the importance of place

• How to bring beauty into the ordinary

• Create a visual inspiration board for life-home-dreams-work

• Marble with acrylics

• Create family spaces that invite to seek beauty

• How to use textures and layers that create your story

• Bringing sound | smell | touch | taste into your spaces

• How to use art + objects + collections to tell your story

• Working with Italian clay to make art for your table

• How to bring nature into your home + create with it

• Intentionally cultivate special places on the road

• Prepare recipes to nourish and delight

• Mix your own unique fragrance for your home

• Create sacred places to rest, nourish, work, create, welcome others


Course Details:


• Instructor interaction through April 28

• 6 hours of content


• Downloadable videos

• Guidebook + resources

• Private Facebook creative community

• Lifetime access

• Instructors: Daune Pitman, Jeanne Oliver, Lissa Whitlock, Christine Willard, and Timothy Willard