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We had a pretty hard week around here.

We are getting back to normal but it is amazing how things can change in a moment and you are scrambling to stay above water.

The day after Thanksgiving I got a call from my husband that he was in the emergency room because he had blacked out at work.  He also prepared me that he had banged his face up a bit on the fall.

The children and I immediately left for the hospital and found him lying on the waiting room floor, banged up, pale as a ghost and ready to black out again.

After three hours of tests they sent us home.  Said everything was fine.


On the drive home (about one block from our house) Kelly started to tell me that he was getting tunnel vision again…..I turned to look at him…..sweat was pouring from him and then he blacked out.

I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.

It was the strangest site….my big and strong husband slumped over instantly.

As he was coming to I was already calling 911 and then he blacked out again.

LONG story short…..the ambulance took him to the hospital, I packed the kids up and found neighbors that would take them for the night and I met him at the hospital.

Tests were run again and now they included a CAT scan.

It was around this time that we found out why he was blacking out because he was bleeding internally.

As scary as this was it was good to know why he was blacking out.

Four days and three nights later he was finally able to come home. 

It was stressful and scary.  Thank the Lord he will be fine..but I have to tell you…the waiting to find out that he would be fine was horrible! 

We were so blessed to have amazing friends watch our children and so many friends that brought us dinners for days…in fact I received another meal from a friend tonight.

I can not imagine how hard it would have been to be with Kelly if I was worrying about our children.

So….we are all home.  We are all healthy.  We are ready to relax this weekend:-)

I have three children VERY anxious to FINALLY decorate for Christmas.

We have all the boxes pulled out of the garage and tomorrow will be our day to put the house together.

We like to use a lot of tree branches, burlap, mercury glass, vintage papers, birds, greenery and pine cones covered in glitter.

Here are some pretty distractions from this past week.

These are the pretties that I am drawn to and little touches that you may see around my house too.

I will show photos of our house next week and I can't wait to see your beautiful homes too!!!

Ozma of Odds



Alice's Looking Glass

Alice's Looking Glass

Funky Shique

Frenchie and Flea

How are you decorating this Christmas??

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  1. Rachel

    Jeanne! Wow what a week your family has had. First of all thank God he is ok! I nearly lost my dad this summer, and I was right in that moment with you, seeing him go down, scary. The waiting is difficult and it’s wonderful you had so many people helping you!
    Enjoy being back home and decorating for the holiday!
    PS – please email me your address so I can send you a card πŸ™‚

  2. Jackie

    It is so scary to see your husband sick – I know the feeling, and I ‘m so glad Kelly’s getting better and you’re all recovering and getting busy for the holidays! I’m decorating pretty much like you are…lots of burlap and creams and whites and grays – LOVE having all the holiday goodies out! Can’t wait to see your pics!

  3. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    That sounds just awful! We went through a similar scary time with our little guy a couple of years ago and the waiting to get information was the most difficult and heart-wrenching (and frustrating!) part. I’m so happy to hear that Kelly is ok. And so thankful that you have friends and Jesus to sustain you through such an ordeal.

  4. Suz Reaney

    Oh, Jeanne,
    I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal with your husband but I rejoice that everything is alright. Thank God for good friends! What would we do without them?
    Now you can just relax and enjoy the wonderful season!

  5. Gena Orfali

    Wow Jeanne! what an ordeal, girl!!! So glad that all is OK, now! have fun with the xmas decorating with the kids, should be fun!!! have a great weekend! G

  6. Julie

    Scary! I’m glad that he’s okay now. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend. πŸ™‚ Happy decorating!

  7. Annette Q

    Oh Jeanne, sounds like a very scary week indeed! I’m so so glad he’s okay. And its so nice to have such good friends around you.
    Have fun decorating! πŸ™‚

  8. Jen@thecottagenest

    Oh Jeanne! I’m so sorry you have had such a hard time but I am so glad that your hubby is on the mend. I think your holidays will be a little extra meaningful to you this year.

  9. JerriR

    So glad your hubs is home and doing better!!…such a pity our “failing” healthcare system messed up again…geesh sometimes I am embarassed to call myself a nurse! Have a great time decorating and can’t wait to see the pics!
    PS YAY for great friends who helped you out in your time of need!

  10. sharron

    Happy to hear that your Dear Hubby is on the mend..very scary indeed!!!
    Enjoy the weekend with your Family…your decor so far is incredible!!!

  11. Lori

    Jeanne, how scary for all of you…i am happy to hear that your husband is back at home and doing well…thanks for sharing all of the lovely goodies you found!!!

  12. Martha

    Jeanne ~ how terrible that happened…I know that must have been scary for all of you…and so glad he will be okay now…our prayers are with you and your family…can’t wait to see your home…and enjoy your weekend with your fam!

  13. the wild raspberry

    oh jeanne~
    how scary. i’m glad to hear that he is doing better. isn’t that crazy that they sent him home the first time?! did you go to a different hospital the 2nd time?
    that is wonderful that you have people around you that are willing to take care of life’s details while you were busy at the hospital~that is such a blessing.
    have a non~eventful peaceful weekend

  14. T

    I am so glad he is ok. I can’t imagine how scared you must have been. I got goosebumps reading about it.
    I can’t wait to see your home all decked out, I’m sure it’s beautiful!!!
    Enjoy your weekend with your HEALTHY family!

  15. Karina

    Thank God that your husband is alright and received the care he needed. I am glad that you and your family were surrounded with such love & support during this. I hope you are doing oK with all you went through in this. What amazing strength it took to walk through this! Prayers for a sweet and lovely weekend for you and your family.

  16. Mikal

    I’m sure everything feels so much better knowing that your sweetie is ok. It’s terrifying to see the one who makes life complete in that situation. Praise God that all is good!
    Those decorations are beautiful, thanks for sharing the photos/links.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  17. Leah C

    Oh that had to be so very frightening! But, thank goodness {& God} your husband is fine now. I depend on my husband to be the big, strong one…don’t know what I’d do if something happened to him. Wishing you all well & lots of fun decorating for Christmas:)

  18. koralee

    Oh my you have been through a lot…happy to hear all turned out well..what a scary thing to hae happen. Sending you many many blessings as your enjoy you lovely husband and your children during the rest of the holiday season! xoxoxo

  19. stephanie

    Wow im sorry you had to go through so much….glad everyhting is better..your decorationg for christmas will be amazing im sure…

  20. Luci

    So sorry you had to go through all that. But now you can enjoy your lead into the holidays with renewed appreciation for all the wonderful things in your life – especially a healthy family and wonderful friends!

  21. jamie

    I can’t even Imagine. How Scary. You handled it beautifully too. Im sure you were very scared and with three kids you have to stay calm and strong. So glad he is on the mend and family life is getting back to normal. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend decorating. Jamie

  22. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    Oh, Jeanne, I can totally relate, except from your husband’s point of view. The first time I went to Emerg several weeks ago with the chest pains, tachycardia and difficulty breathing (post-flu), the youngest of my three had a high fever at home and my husband was away on business. We had firemen (first responders in our neighbourhood) and ambulance attendants in our house – it was quite the drama. Thankfully our kind neighbour stayed with the kids and my best friend met me at the hospital. The second time I went to the hospital, thank goodness my husband was in town and other school parents helped out with the girls. I’m so glad your husband and I both got good news and we’re on the mend.

  23. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    Oh my gosh Jeanne! I cried when I read this…I’m emotional anyway, but to hear such a scary story about the love of your life…I know that must have been a TERRIBLE situation for you to be in! I’m SO glad that he’s okay and that you’re so blessed to have people to care for you and help you out in tough times. Have fun decorating for Christmas! It’s almost here!!!

  24. I am so glad that Kelly is OK Jeanne ~ did they find out what caused the bleeding? Scary stuff ~ I cannot even imagine.
    I love those little ornaments from Alice’s Looking Glass ~ so adorable. I too have spent the day dragging out boxes and decking the halls. I figured out one thing today ~ I have way too much stuff!

  25. Rachel

    Oh Jeanne, that must have been terrifying for you and your family. I do hope everything is okay now. How nice that you have family and friends you can count on when you need them!
    I can’t wait to see how you decorate, if these are your inspirations. Beautiful!

  26. Tracie~My Petite Maison

    Hi Jeanne,
    So scary, but so good to read everything has worked out and your family’s celebrating the holiday season together. Things can change in an instant and we wonder why did we get so pushed out of shape about “the little things”. Precious life, precious family, the big thing that counts!
    Beautiful holiday inspiration you’ve shown… I’ve just purchased ornaments from Alice, everything she touches is a thing of beauty! Off to check out the other links you’ve provided for us too. Love the music!

  27. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Traumatizing! No wonder you didn’t want to talk about it. I’m so sorry! So glad you are all home now and things are getting back to normal. Can’t wait to see all your pretties.

  28. Teresa Sheeley

    Pretty distractions can always help to soothe the soul. πŸ™‚ I hope you are enjoying the coziness of your family after your not so pleasant moment. So happy that your love is better.

  29. Stephanie O.

    Oh goodness, Jeanne. What a scary situation! I’m glad all was figured out and taken care of…Sending you wishes for less eventful days in the weeks ahead…

  30. kayellen

    That’s sounds so scary~~
    Glad he is doing better…
    Thankful you were with him when it happened after he left the ER
    Praying you have a peaceful and uneventful quiet weekend:)
    Take Care,

  31. susan

    jeanne, i’m so glad he’s home and will be ok. i can’t imagine how scary that was for you and the kids. hope you have a nice quiet and relaxing weekend. take care. susan

  32. elisa

    Wow! So glad to hear that your husband is feeling better and that you have a wonderful network of friends and family to help in a crisis. This will be a special Christmas for you all I’m sure. Many blessings today.

  33. Andrea S.

    Oh my gosh Jeanne. Thank GOD he is ok. I can’t even begin to imagine what you were feeling through all of this. Thank God for friends, and family…and miracles.

  34. lissa

    Now that I read the whole story I can’t believe how scary that must’ve been!!! Your whole life can change in an instant. I’m so thankful that he’s healing and recovering! So glad that he’s to the point that you can begin to enjoy the Christmas season and decorating with the family! God certainly gave you the strength you needed during that moment in the car. I can’t even imagine….

  35. jess

    wow! what an amazing story, so glad your hubby is ok…how scary for all of you! enjoy every minute with your family…you deserve a drama free Christmas!!!

  36. Brenda Kula

    Amazing photos. An amazing and scary story you had to tell us! I’m so glad you’re all okay. That would be utterly terrifying. Your kids must still be anxious over it all and wanting Christmas to take their minds off it. I wish you a happy, healthy week!

  37. kara

    i’m so thankful kelly is ok. that is very scary to say the least. thankful hearts that all is well now.
    kara & darcy too

  38. Pansy Cottage Girl

    Hello Sweetie~
    So sorry to hear about your husband and glad to hear he will be ok. These brushes with the scary stuff in life bring things that matter into focus like nothing else. Wishing you and your family all the blessings of the season.
    Pansy Cottage Girl

  39. heather

    Internal bleeding! Yikes! I’ve never been around that’s black out before~that must have been awful! So glad to read that all’s well and from the looks of your above post: back to normal. Wishing you & yours a wonderful holiday season. πŸ™‚

  40. mary

    i am so thankful that your husband is recovering…it could have been a very different ending. and in fact, this past week, my 43 year old previously healthy, strong, active cousin died…after seeking medical care twice, and his symptoms being dismissed after minimal work-up. he leaves his wife and twin 14 year old sons. i have been a healthcare provider for 15 years, and i am appalled and frightened by the care, or lack of it, that so many people receive – even when they seek help. and here’s the thing – there is no “healthcare overhaul” that will fix it – it has to be an individual committment to giving each patient the very best that you have – no matter how busy, overworked, personally stressed you may be on any given day. i am thinking your husband must have had a GI bleed, most likely(?) – and if he had lost enough blood – he would have gone into shock… the funeral for my cousin was heartwrenching and sobering; i am so thankful you are not in those shoes today.

  41. Tara

    Jeanne! I am so sorry this happend to your husband, my goodness that must have been so scary for you and your family. I am glad to hear that things are ok and the doctors were able to find out what was wrong so quickly, waiting can be the hardest part sometimes. Blessings to you and your beautiful family…!

  42. Laurel@Simply Bay's Place

    I’m so sorry! How scary and to have no control….wow. I wish I would have known…not that I could do anything but still. I hope you all are doing o.k. My prayers are with you guys!
    I hope the house is all beautified and the children are happy. I’m still in process.
    How about this snow eh? Gorgeous and I wish it would stick around for Christmas. We shall see….we do live in Colorado.

  43. DreamGirlLisa

    OMG! That sounds so scary! I am glad that your husband is ok now. Can’t wait to see your house all decorated! I love this time of year:)

  44. Lara Blair

    Oh, Jeanne! You must have been so scared. I’m so, so glad he’s okay. Isn’t it great to have a community that has your back when you need it most? You would do the same for them–that’s what makes such a thing so special.
    big hugs to you!

  45. rue

    I’m so sorry I haven’t been by and hadn’t heard this Jeanne! I’m so so SO very glad he’s going to be okay.

  46. Jim Purdy

    Emergency room visits are a huge pain in the … billfold.
    I sometimes have brief episodes of chest pain and tachycardia, or rapid heartbeat, which used to make me rush to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. Usually, by the time I got to the ER, I already felt better.
    It took me a long time to identify the causes — caffeine and/or high-carbohydrate meals. Now, I avoid the ER by avoiding caffeine and carbs, and if I still experience some problems, I just chew an aspirin and rest a few minutes, and I get better quickly.
    The alternative — an ER visit — always results in a 2 or 3 day hospital stay, with profit-hungry hospitals insisting on tens of thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary and expensive high-tech tests.
    And they always want to do coronary artery stents and to put me on a zillion drugs.
    For me, the healthier and cheaper solution is lifestyle changes — skip the caffeine, skip the carbs — and skip the stents and drugs.

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