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We had a pretty hard week around here.

We are getting back to normal but it is amazing how things can change in a moment and you are scrambling to stay above water.

The day after Thanksgiving I got a call from my husband that he was in the emergency room because he had blacked out at work.  He also prepared me that he had banged his face up a bit on the fall.

The children and I immediately left for the hospital and found him lying on the waiting room floor, banged up, pale as a ghost and ready to black out again.

After three hours of tests they sent us home.  Said everything was fine.


On the drive home (about one block from our house) Kelly started to tell me that he was getting tunnel vision again…..I turned to look at him…..sweat was pouring from him and then he blacked out.

I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.

It was the strangest site….my big and strong husband slumped over instantly.

As he was coming to I was already calling 911 and then he blacked out again.

LONG story short…..the ambulance took him to the hospital, I packed the kids up and found neighbors that would take them for the night and I met him at the hospital.

Tests were run again and now they included a CAT scan.

It was around this time that we found out why he was blacking out because he was bleeding internally.

As scary as this was it was good to know why he was blacking out.

Four days and three nights later he was finally able to come home. 

It was stressful and scary.  Thank the Lord he will be fine..but I have to tell you…the waiting to find out that he would be fine was horrible! 

We were so blessed to have amazing friends watch our children and so many friends that brought us dinners for days…in fact I received another meal from a friend tonight.

I can not imagine how hard it would have been to be with Kelly if I was worrying about our children.

So….we are all home.  We are all healthy.  We are ready to relax this weekend:-)

I have three children VERY anxious to FINALLY decorate for Christmas.

We have all the boxes pulled out of the garage and tomorrow will be our day to put the house together.

We like to use a lot of tree branches, burlap, mercury glass, vintage papers, birds, greenery and pine cones covered in glitter.

Here are some pretty distractions from this past week.

These are the pretties that I am drawn to and little touches that you may see around my house too.

I will show photos of our house next week and I can't wait to see your beautiful homes too!!!

Ozma of Odds



Alice's Looking Glass

Alice's Looking Glass

Funky Shique

Frenchie and Flea

How are you decorating this Christmas??