Pretty {For Pretty’s Sake}

While I was in California I received the most thoughtful gift.

A woman that I had never met in person gave me a gift that I will treasure because without even knowing me…she knew me.

We both have a love of vintage clothing and design.

She gave me a collection of vintage collars.

I have no idea how I am going to display them but I will display them.

They are intricate, delicate and stunning.

Pretty…just for pretty’s sake.

We need more of that in our lives.

Carol, thank you for knowing me so beautifully and understanding how I would treasure such a gift.

What do you treasure just because it is pretty?

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  1. Lynne

    You inspire. You are gracious.
    Yesterday, I rescued a battered French cookbook at TJMaxx. It had been sitting on the shelf for a over a month. The sales associate took a dollar off and I took it home. Had I not met you (virtually), and taken your Creatively Made Workshop, the thought would not have crossed my mind. I will iron the pages and turn it into a kitchen journal, or clip it’s contents for personal stationary.

    The collars are exquisite. I hope you are able to pop them on over a cashmere sweater or one of your vintage dresses. I treasure handmade and vintage as well!

    I have enjoyed your Business Workshop!
    Thank you for my CMBA! : )

  2. Kara Rosenberry

    those are gorgeous! You should display them on yourself by turning one or two into a necklace. I love when people get you even when they haven’t met you. have a wonderful weekend Jeanne!

  3. mgriffin

    What a sweet friend to give you absolutely lovely vintage collars. I know you will enjoy their textures and designs and the joy of imagining the story behind their “lives”.

  4. Kim

    So pretty! I have seen them displayed on dress forms, busts (the sculptural kind), necklace displays, and shadow boxes. The best display was one on different vases that were all the same color but all different.

  5. Kerrie More

    It is so much fun to do something unexpected and thoughtful for someone. It’s obvious how much you appreciate the gift, but I’ll bet the giver received even more pleasure out of the sheer loveliness of her gesture. I am inspired by this random act of kindness. Much love, Kerrie.

  6. tracie

    lovely! what a beautiful gift!
    i hope it inspires a whole line of clothing or purses or something.
    or framed just for the sake of being enjoyed all the time.
    i get your postings through email feed and look forward to them every day 🙂

  7. Katey

    What a treasure, for both of you. I have many things I have for pretty’s sake, too many according to my husband. My favorite is embroidered linens. I just love them. Someone in another time took special care to turn the fabric into something special and I love that. Thank you for sharing and making me think about my pretties.

  8. amy

    love that beaded one. so thoughtful she was in that gesture. thanks for sharing, jeanne.

  9. darci haney

    Oh Jeanne what a sweet gift! What a great inspiration and reminder that it is such a joy to give and receive such thoughtful gifts!! Can’t wait to see what you do with them 😉

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