Princess {Even For One Night}

I loved dressing up when I was little.

I put on plays, wrote stories and often lived in the imaginary worlds I created.

Even as an adult I wish I could jump into time period movies and play dress up.

I need a trunk full of fancy clothes that can transform and bring me back to the imaginary worlds of the past.

My Maddy plays dress up all of the time but one time a year I believe she feels like a true princess.

This is the 6th year that she has attended the Daddy Daughter Ball with her daddy.

It is her most favorite thing to do with her dad.

I am sure the first year he wasn’t so sure that this was his thing.

Now it is.

How can it not be his thing to make his daughter feel special and loved?!

She is one of his treasures….and she knows it.

…and she lived happily ever after.

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  1. Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I’m all teary-eyed right now. She’s a beauty (you two have the same smile), and this whole night seems magical. I truly believe that a girl with a father who loves her like hers does will end up with a guy who treats her right one day. She may kiss some frogs along the way, but she’ll compare every single one to her daddy and she’ll keep looking until she finds a prince.

  2. mgriffin

    Maddy, you are beautiful inside and out! And you are blessed to know your daddy’s love. Your dress is spectacular as were your curls! And I love the smile on your face when your daddy puts the corsage on your wrist…so sweet:) I’m so glad you have that special night to look forward to each year! Love you…..

  3. Leah C

    Daddy’s little princess is absolutely gorgeous!! Bet she was the “belle of the ball” in that dress…sooo pretty! Precious photos:)

  4. paige

    oh my gosh, are you crying or what???
    she is a stunner & such the perfect blend of you & kelly.
    i love her ensemble, and her hair, & her sweet gloves & her clutch ( & her gorgeous mirror in her room too)
    what a sweet mama you are
    ( & that kelly is quite the handsome daddy too )

  5. the domestic fringe

    I love this. My daughter and husband had plans for a daddy/daughter dance, but it was cancelled last minute due to a snowstorm. So disappointing! Your daughter does look a princess. Just beautiful!

  6. Melissa de la Fuente

    Oh my….Jeanne. This is the sweetest thing ever. What a beautiful little gal and her handsome dad! I love that they do this together….how incredibly special! ( and your home is so gorgeous hunnie…)

  7. Dawn

    Well she is just beautiful and you can tell how happy she is because she is radiating it through her eyes and her smile. Proud parents, good for you guys!

  8. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

    Just to see the happy, contented look on your beautiful daughter’s face brings joy! Then to see her daddy glowing with happiness, love and pride…absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing such a special and sweet moment…how blessed Maddy is!

  9. Melissa


    Maddy is stunning. Seriously.

    Those dimples,sweet gloves, and her brother smiling at the bottom of the stairs…all cherished moments captured.

  10. Jeanne

    Maddy looks so beautiful in these photos. Love the dress and the added touch of the gloves. She is precious. Isn’t it wonderful that this is her favorite thing to do with her daddy. I just love daddies and their little girls. These photos remind me of my DH and daughter when she was younger. She adored spending time with him.

  11. Shanon

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I love how she is dressed to the nines! What fun to be able to do this with your dad (her dad!) what memories she will have!


  12. Donna P

    That brings tears to my eyes!! So beautiful! I adore Father and Daughter relationships. I love my Dad so very much and I see the same views in my daughters’ eyes when they look at their Dad. They are our Heros!
    thankyou for sharing this 🙂

  13. Desiree

    OMG! This brought tears to my eyes! Your daughter is so beautiful all dressed up. What a special time for her and Daddy. Thank you for sharing!

  14. patrice longmire

    This is so sweet. What a beautiful little princess! Also I LOVED the look on brothers face as he sees his beautiful sis! As a mother who has raised two daughters I would say that having a father that loves his daughters and shows them how lovely and special they are helps them to live happily ever after. Also,as a mother of two grown sons…. Watching dad treating their mom and sisters with respect and love help them to grow up to know to treat women with love and respect. So wonderful to witness you and your husband working so hard at being parents. I know that it is not always easy. Looks like your hard work is paying off.

  15. Brian

    she looks beautiful. Truly like a princess. Not many daddy daughter balls anymore though. So great to see you guys so happy.

  16. Amy Case


    I don’t personally know you, or your daughter (though I am loving your e-course and adore your blog!) — but this post brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful girl you have, such a seemingly perfect combo of you and your husband. I have one daughter (10 years) and two sons, and know first-hand the feelings of these moments. The glimpses of the women our little girls are becoming. Your daughter is so lovely, and as we need daughters that feel cherished by their daddies, I can see how blessed she is to be a part of your family. Thank you for sharing a sweet, personal moment with all of us. I hope she and Kelly had a blast!

    Amy in CA

  17. Robinanne

    Every woman’s dream, a beautiful child (inside and out) and a loving husband. My favorite photos are of the bottom of her dress with her shoes, her looking over her shoulder going down the stairs and the best one of her and her dad! I can only imagine the glowing and smiling in your heart seeing your child so loved by her daddy. Such a treasure. Brings tears to my eyes! And then I read the blog about your husband insisting you take a main part of your home and making it into your studio, a place you love, to do your gift, a gift he obviously admires. Insisting until you did it. My friend, you are truly blessed!

  18. Lori

    Oh Jeanne ~ I saw that one shot on twitter but to see them all here ~ she is such a beautiful girl! Did you make her dress? It is gorgeous. Being a self proclaimed Daddy’s Girl myself ~ well I am without words…. what a precious time it is for both her and Kelly ~ memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. Julie

    Dont believe I have ever commented on your blog but just had so say WOW.. What a cutie. She looks just like you. Sweet dress and so fun she is going out with Dad on a date.
    Love your photos….

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