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  • Studying Under Berthe Morisot

    Studying Under Berthe Morisot

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  • Figuratively Speaking Featured 835x500 2

    Figuratively Speaking

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  • Storytellers and Mavericks with Jeanne Oliver

    Storytellers and Mavericks

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  • Mixed Media Directions with Rae Missigman

    Mixed Media Directions | A Path to Artful Discovery

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  • Abstract Color and Composition with Cherie Wilson

    Abstract Color and Composition

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  • Secret Vestments Featured 835x500

    Sacred Vestments | Expressive Portraits and Figures

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  • Art and Nature in Colored Pencil 835x500

    Art & Nature in Color Pencil

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  • Animals | Sketch and Paint with Cathy Walters

    Animals | Inspired to Sketch and Paint

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  • The Art of Alcohol Ink with Noelle Mena

    The Art of Alcohol Ink

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  • Creative Collage with Leslie Rottner

    Creative Collage

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  • Draw and See with Rebecca Sower

    Draw and See

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  • Feel The Pose with Pauline Agnew

    Feel the Pose

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  • Quirky Characters with Lucy Cook

    Quirky Characters

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  • Mini Masters Bundle

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  • Mini Masters: Matisse

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  • Mini Masters: Pippen

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  • Mini Masters: Van Gogh

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  • Free Art Video Bunny and Ellie

    Free Art Video: Bunny and Ellie

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  • Handmade Journal with Jeanne Oliver

    Free Art Video: Handmade Journal

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  • Little Faces with Kate Thompson

    Free Art Video: Little Faces

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  • Free-Art-Video-TEXT-MARKS

    Free Art Video: Text Marks

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  • Art as Allegory with Stephanie Lee

    Art as Allegory

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  • Carbon Fun with Cathy Walters

    Free Art Video: Carbon Fun

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  • Abstract Charcoal Portrait with Jeanne Oliver

    Free Art Video: Abstract Charcoal Portrait

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