Proof of Life

Journal Entry No. 03

Welcome to the Proof of Life journal entry series.

Writing more in general, and specifically with you, is something I hope to continue throughout the year. Like many of you, life has become clearer over the past year and there are many things I have dropped along the way that I deeply desire to pick back up. In turn, there are things I never want to pick up again.

From the very beginning, I have always felt like we are on this journey together and I can’t wait to hear what proof of life will come to mean to you.



I love that video of our Maddy so much! In fact, we quote it often around our home. The best part of the whole video is that there is nothing there that she did herself. Even WITH help she was barely standing up and only moving forward with A LOT of help. Aren’t we all!


I am an introvert and I am also someone who likes to do things by myself and likes to feel like I am pretty competent. The truth is that even on the things I THINK I have done myself I am pretty much like Maddy in the video.


When we were first married and we didn’t know how to work things out in healthy ways we relied heavily on the woman that married us and later counseled us to help us see ourselves and each other better.


When I gave birth to our first child and all my book learning did nothing to help me understand if I was producing enough milk or if my little boy was full. I only survived because a lactation specialist helped me through my tears and frustration.


When we started our business I would come up with all kinds of ideas but Kelly would figure out the tech and how to do it. Without Kelly’s expertise my ideas wouldn’t have gotten very far.


When I wrote my first book I might have created the content but I had to reach out to experienced friends and authors to guide me and show me their layouts and how the process worked. Every step of the process was foreign to me.


The business we have today wouldn’t be anything without our beautiful customers and the men and women that connect with us daily, buy our products and share what we are doing.


I guess I first wanted to share again that I don’t accomplish anything without a lot of help. Don’t ever think you have to accomplish things by yourself either.


We can do almost nothing alone. From birth to the grave we are being held up by so many and moving slowly forward. I know sometimes it may not feel that way but we are. Maybe a little unsteady and messy like Maddy on ice skates but aren’t we the luckiest to live in a world with support. Even when we think we “did it all by myself”.