Q & A All About Business, Home and Family | We Want To Hear Your Questions!

We get so many emails each day asking about our home/land/studio/business/family and we haven’t done a blog Q&A for a long time and thought NOW is the perfect time!

What questions do you have?

It can be about anything (almost anything:-))!

You can ask it in the comments of this post or email us at contact@jeanneoliverdesigns.com.

Next week I will do a video answer all of the questions!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Lana Waller

    How do you find time to do everything, like your blog, social media, run your business, run the house, have a family and also find time for yourself? Do you have any help with the social media accounts, website etc… How do you find balance?

  2. Ramona

    It seems as though there is a very limited supply of your beautiful bags. I realize they are precious, OOAK items, but do you think you would ever offer more of a supply?

    1. jeanne Author

      Ramona, thank you for your message. We try to offer between 50-100+ of each bag each time we offer a bag and we can only offer that amount based upon the vintage fabrics we use each time. They just sell out very quickly but we will have more bags this spring. The next collection will be 100+ bags again but that is why it is so important to be on the blog subscription etc. because you will be the first to know before the bags are launched. Thank you!

      1. jeanne Author

        We just noticed you asked this for our Q& A. We will talk more about this next week on our video answers! Thank you!

      2. Ramona

        Oh wow! I didn’t realize that many were offered! Golly they sell out FAST! Thank you for your response and info. I will stayed tuned! 😉

  3. Kelly Growe Elarth

    I was wondering if you could talk about how your decorating style changed with your move. Did you get rid of a lot? I love your new house and the way you have decorated it.

    1. Alyson Bird

      I would like more info on this question too. I am smitten by your new house and style. It seems so simple and fresh. Any sources on furniture expecially end tables chairs and larger pieces would be thrilling. Thank you Jeanne

  4. D.

    I would love to know your skin care regimen. 🙂 and I would love to hear more about how you manage homeschooling three kids with a flourishing business. What does a daily/weekly schedule look like? Is their curriculum self-paced/self-taught? Tips for keeping your cool with your kids with so many irons in the fire. You have shared in the past about how your view of hospitality/entertainging has changed so much from when you were first married. How has parenting evolved for you while pursuing your dreams and continuing to homeschool. Thanks!

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