{Myer lemons arrived from a sweet friend.  My water has never tasted so good}

What do I do when I have a million things I should be doing??

I write a blog post.

I am amazing like that.

Procrastination in all of its glory right here friends!

{Do you ever have your child “freeze” so you can grab a camera.  Me neither.}

First off I wanted to tell you how excited I was when I woke up today and saw that Country Style Magazine had featured my e-course Creatively Made Home!

{Thank you Cathy for giving me the heads up}

{Someone MAY be getting anxious for some spring planting}


My brand new art course The Journey of Letting Go {creating beauty from ashes} begins in TWO WEEKS!!!

I will have a little video for you guys on Monday but for now we are busy getting ready to launch this course.

This course means a lot to me.

I want this to be a really special creative journey for everyone that participates.

I know that many of you have asked for a supply list for the course.

I hate to do this because I never want you to spend one penny on supplies that you won’t need.

These are supplies I love so I am giving you this list but  I usually think it is best to watch the videos and then decide what mediums/tools speak to you and your creative process.

The OTHER side of me is a planner and I completely get that you want to be ready for the course (AKA as any reason needed to buy more art supplies).

I have put together a list of some of my favorite supplies and their links.

You DO NOT need to purchase all of these supplies for the course.

Did you guys hear me?

Just checking:-)


Supply List


Birch Panels

Bubble wrap, shelf liner, old credit card, toilet paper roll (other random mixed media texture tools)

Calligraphy pen

Canvas (I order in bulk at Dick Blick)

Caran d Ache water soluble crayon

Charcoal Pencils

Charcoal sticks

Clay Sculpting Tools

Fine point Sharpie

Fluid? Paints

Gesso (white and clear) I prefer matte

Heavy Body Acrylics

Liquitex Inks

Liquitex matte medium

Masking tape

Modeling Paste

Oil Paint sticks

Paint brushes (I use the following a lot #4 flat, #2 round, #0 round)

Palette Knife

Pan Pastels


Raw Umber glaze

Sharpie Meanstreak

Small spray bottle for water (to use to spread inks, fluid paints and to keep your palette damp)

Soft Pastels

Stabilo marks all pencils (black and grey)

Watercolor Paper (I like 140lb hot hot press or cold press. Hot for less texture and cold for more)

Watercolor Pencils

Waterproof Ink

Whiteout pen

Workable Fixative (be aware that this can change the coloring of your piece)


I will be giving you guys sneak peeks throughout the next few weeks of some of the art we will be creating together.

To register for the art course you can go directly to our creative network or register on our website.

I can’t wait to create with you!!!


{Does this worry you that I will be one of those people that always photographs their cat…..}

I just received a beautiful pack of vintage wallpaper from Ella and Rubys!

She only has a few left right now but keep checking back because the patterns are gorgeous.

I also just ordered this book in the mail after this and this friend were raving about it.

Because I like to not showcase my sunspots I have been using this.

I found out about it from this girl.

I just ordered these because I can’t start a new art course without splurging on some new art supplies:-)

I love hand rolled pastels and can’t wait to dive in.

This candle (the white Mokara scent) has been burning non stop and it is now my new favorite!

This should make some of you very happy…

I get lots of emails telling me that they are sad that I took the music off of my blog.

For those of you that miss the playlist please look on the right side of my blog to see a button that can take you there whenever you want!

Did I procrastinate long enough?