Ramblings of a crazy woman!

The photos will be as random as my words.

You’ve been warned!

First off I want to thank all of you that left comments on the last post about France ideas and all of you that emailed me privately!

I loved your suggestions!

Have you ever tried to plan a trip to France, order curriculum for your kids, run a business, attempt to get your home from going into utter despair, pay bills, call a friend or two a month………?

People, it is not looking pretty around here!

If I tried to write a real post it wouldn’t make sense anyways so I am just going to ramble and see if you guys will buy it as a post!


You can see me HERE in a new article about some of my art advice.

Pretty fun and always humbling to be included with so many women that I adore.


I have been listening non-stop to anything by THIS girl.

Love her style and her words are incredible.


I was in a workout rut so I ordered THIS and really like it when I can’t get out to run or hike.


I cried…I mean CRIED laughing at THIS today.

Do not watch if you are easily offended and mom…just skip it all together.

I don’t want a phone call right after you watch it.

Anyone that knows me well KNOWS I would do this.

That serious commercial voice is my signature move:-)

I am laughing now just thinking about you guys watching it.

Please don’t send me mean emails.

Moving on.


 I just got THIS in the mail for my trip and it fits perfectly (don’t buy it without a coupon).

So glad I ordered it in time for France.


THIS video by my friend’s husband was so beautiful and inspiring this week.

The music is incredible too so I downloaded THIS.


I couldn’t stand THIS game anymore so I took it away from my kids for a MONTH and guess what they did…



playing outside


This week Maddy started hip hop class.

Lets just say that she did not get her coordination from me.

She was awesome and such a natural.

The teacher asked if she had ever taken dance before because she caught on so easily.

That was really fun to see her doing something that she has really wanted to do.


My friend Keri got me a gift certificate for my bday to HERE and I had never been there.

It is shower crack.

Be careful in there…everything looks and smells amazing.


Only 11 more days until France!

(just in case you were counting!)


If you wanted THIS you better hurry because they are almost sold out.

THIS is going fast too!


See you on Monday for a new video for our Creatively Made Home online course and more fun details about the course!

Join the hundreds of other women from around the world that are already signed up!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Did you buy this as a post?:-)

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  1. Jill

    You always bring a smile {this time a huge fit of belly laughter} to my face … good stuff here ; )

  2. Lana Waller

    Love the music you are listening to. Just received my Amelia messenger bag. Love It!! Wish I was going to France in 11 days. Have a great trip.

      1. jeanne Author

        Yes, yes it is:-) I was at the pool with the kids and another friend and her kids and this guy kept walking around with his shirt off. It was actually very funny! It was a HOT day and he had jeans and cowboy boots on:-) I don’t have that sly of camera moves but at least I captured it.

  3. Robin

    Thought it was a fabulous post! I clicked on everything. Kind of fun clicking on our friends lives to see what the’re up to. Looking forward to video on Monday and workshop in October…and your posts from France!

  4. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    Hi Jeanne,
    I somehow got onto your blog, and I was really excited seeing so many nice and pleasant things happening at your place. It’s nice you’ve got going something like that. I tried with some stuff here (Whitby, Ontario), but it doesn’t seem people are too much interested in creating something for their own space, homes, rooms, etc. It looks like Canadians rather prefer buying everything “ready-to-hang”; I’m also an artist, that’s why this comparison.
    I used to live accross the ocean. There was so much more interest in anything made from scratch or hand-made. That’s why I enjoy seeing sites like yours. Good luck!

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