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I can’t believe it is almost August!

We have had a full (but wonderful) summer.

A few days after Kelly and I returned from Italy we felt spoiled as we spent a night out watching The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks.  We are so spoiled by this venue that we don’t even like concerts anywhere else.

A few days later we watched my sister’s three kids for 9 days while they helped my mom and brother move from Illinois to Colorado.

It was a big move and I am so happy that it worked for us to love on the kids while their parents were busy helping family pack and driving across the country.

It has been fun this summer to begin seeing the garden produce yummy goodies for us.

We are still waiting for the beans, cucumbers and squash to be ripe but we are being patient.

I recently received this gorgeous painting from the amazing Danielle Donaldson.

It is so rich in layers and details!

My sweet friend Lara invited a few of us to her father’s home in Manzanita and it was the perfect way to catch up with friends, recharge, relax and enjoy the Oregon coast.

While I was gone our sweet Milo slipped past Kelly and the kids and he is no longer with us.

{the note Benjamin wrote for Milo and buried with him:-(}

I didn’t really grow up with animals and I had never had an animal die and let me just say…it ruined me.

I feel like my heart was broken open and wishing we could have a second chance to save him had me in tears for days.

It has been so sad for our whole family.

The day we found and buried Milo was the day my brother moved in with us (just while he finds a place and job).

He was a good sport to watch us do the ugly cry and go to a cat funeral:-)

Thanks, Mike!

We have spent the past week enjoying the freedom that summer brings.

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra recent had a John Williams: Night at the Movies.

It was a fun night of the children hearing the compositions from some of their favorite films.

I love when the kids want to go to Barnes and Noble and we all get to get lost in books and coffee:-)

Tired nights of sleepovers…

Cool mornings wrapped up in a quilt doing devotions and reading…

I feel like our summer is just starting and everyone around me is shopping for school supplies:-)

I am looking forward to another month full of creeks, park time, friends, dinners outside, hikes and relaxing.

What have been your favorite moments of summer?

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  1. leslieharrisakagwenmoss

    Oh my heart aches for you and the kids. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must have been when you found Milo. Our family has buried two beloved dogs and honestly it never gets easier. One of our dogs was elderly and befuddled and he died of an accident and I cried for weeks. Literally, even though I had saved his life on at least two previous occasions. I still struggled with so many “what ifs”….although I do believe that honest grieving together bonds us in a powerful way as a family.
    Your summer photos of sleepovers bring back lots of warm, fuzzy memories of earlier days. Although my guys still like sleeping out in the family room on my couch with a mess of pillows. And they’re 18 and 20. 🙂
    Oh well, that’s the sign of a cozy home..

    1. jeanne Author

      The sadness over not having a second chance is hard. We all feel it. I love hearing that my kids may still fill my living room with sleeping bags and pillows when they are older:-)

  2. Katey

    So sad about your cat. I remember in your videos you had just gotten him. We just found out our 12 year old cat is ill and will have to be put to sleep soon. I find myself crying way too much. It’s terrible. I just wish I didn’t know. So difficult. On another note, I feel like you, I feel our summer is just getting started too. It goes too fast and I feel the time is slipping through my fingers, my youngest to be a senior this year. I’m not ready. Not any. Enjoy your family being closer! Enjoy the age of your children!

    1. jeanne Author

      I am so, so sorry about your cat! I will never blow off the sadness people feel about losing an animal again. I just didn’t know how horrible it is.

  3. Brandie

    Lovely post Jeanne! I feel like summer is slipping by so quickly. Thanks for the reminder that there is still time to enjoy it. We really haven’t done anything this summer and while I am a tiny bit sad to not have fun memories of trips or parties, I am so grateful for the quiet , lazy time that we have had. The school year is so hectic and chalk full for us that this time to meander has been wonderful.

    1. jeanne Author

      I love that you are taking it super slow this summer! You are doing exactly what you need to do.

  4. marci

    sweet lady…one of the biggest, neatest things about my summer was meeting you.:) your coffee is sitting in my pantry and i smell it everyday as i walk past and it brings back good memories.

    it never seems to last long enough the carefree of summer…

    1. jeanne Author

      I wish you liked coffee! I loved teaching for you and getting to know you better. So many women are blessed by you and your heart.

      1. marci

        i do like the coffee…i text you a question about that. recent discoveries have made it possible for me to actually drink the coffee.;) just getting the courage up to bring out the coffee pot.

        and the same can be said for you.

  5. Missy Brooks

    I think you have captured the feel of summer perfectly. I have exited the the field of education and now have no down summer time – but have still enjoyed us sitting out in the early evening with the sound of the rotating sprinkler, the cicadas singing, and the beautiful sunsets.

  6. Kim L.

    So sorry about Milo Jeanne. He was sooo sweet and it was so cute how he would stand at the door and meow for the kids to come play with him. That always worried me in Colorado – that the cat would get out. I also grew up without animals and swore that my children would have a pet. On the flip side, so wonderful to have your family close by! The last few weeks have reminded us that it is also important for our children to have family.

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