It has been a very lazy weekend!

We had friends over for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time.

I was pretending that I wasn't sick…but pretending doesn't make you not sick.

I then spent the next few days in my pajamas…in fact, I am still in pajamas.

I swear I am getting dressed today…I swear!

No Black Friday shopping for us…those crowds freak me out!

I don't think many things in this world are worth waiting two hours just to check out.

We have cuddled, watched movies, eaten leftovers, created and read.

I have to say I am beginning to feel a little better and I am getting a little antsy to get out.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your weekend has been relaxing too!

Here is a little recap (I didn't pick up my camera most of the day so this is all you get).


Notice where Benjamin is eating breakfast on Thanksgiving morning:-)

The boy had no where else to eat!!

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You will not want to miss these talented artists!!

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  1. paige

    absolutely love how you painted the center of the table cover. darn you’re good!
    i might just have been completely inspired to do the same for our next event…tomorrow we celebrate dan’s birthday. might just do a jeanne knock-off!!
    glad you’re feeling better!

  2. mcm538

    So thankful you are starting to feel better!! Fun photos!! I really like the table runner painted with the scripture phrase.

  3. I love your table ~ what a great idea using the craft paper! You place cards are very cute too. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  4. Jennifer

    Lazy holiday weekends are the best! I absolutely LOVE your table decorations. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well over the holiday weekend, but happy to hear you are feeling better!! Great pics…

  5. Dearest sweet Jeanne, i am LOVING your table setting and your home deco!! These photos are soo gorgeous and warm ~ they made me smile! So happy to hear that your thanksgiving was full to the brim! Have a lovely merry happy week and im looking forward to your “Pay It Forward” featured posts! Love to you and yours!

  6. Karen Cannon

    Who had the teeny tiny plate of food? Your table was absolutely beautiful! I hope that this finds you feeling better! I totally agree with you about Black Friday…If I feel the need to shop..I order online! Have a great day.

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