Reflections Of Paris {Part I}

I don’t know why I never shared with you all of my photos from Paris.

After all of my photos from the South of France maybe I felt like you had seen enough and needed a break.

I think I meant to show them after a few months and here I am almost two years later.

How has two years past since the Chateau Dumas, hidden brocantes and sidewalk cafes?

Maybe I knew deep down that I could never share in photos what my trip meant to my heart.

My trip two years ago started with over a week in the South of France.

Rolling hills, sunflower fields, quiet cobblestone villages and the most gorgeous château I know I will ever sleep in.

My room had wood shutters that I would open each morning and look out onto the open fields.

On rainy nights I would open those same shutters so I could hear the rain and feel the breeze.


As I stepped off of the train in Paris the energy was already different.

Not better. Not worse.


As the cab made its way to the hotel my eyes were full of tears because of the beauty of Paris.

The architecture, the history, the gardens.

I had just left one beautiful place and now I was seeing beauty in a completely different way.

Each Monday for the month of June I will share photos from the three days I spent in Paris.

This was my first night in Paris.

I hope you join me next Monday for my first full day in Paris and the treasures I found at the flea market.

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  1. cathy

    Lots of memories…Being in europe is life altering isn’t it !!! We spent a week in Paris December 2010 it snowed while we were there on the champs elysees at the christmas markets it was magical and for us aussies that don’t really see much snow it was incredible and 4 nights in Provence at a home stay on a working vineyard… We are hoping to head back at the end of next year when Andrew graduates for another week in Paris and some time in Germany this time as Andrew is studying German in senior school…. Thank you for sharing it surely makes my heart smile XO

  2. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

    Aaaah, Paris!! I spent my childhood in Rome but had always hoped to travel to Paris one day. My dream is to go with my husband and children one day and drink in all the beauty!!

  3. Pat

    Dear Jeanne,

    I hope you tell us how to go about finding these treasures and shopping etiquette (do you haggle?) and even what is a minimum amount of $ one should be prepared to spend if looking for antique silver, linen and grainsack. Can you talk about your experience in shops vs flea markets. Are flea markets open all week long? I know nothing but hope to make it to Europe in a few years. Having some knowledge would be great!


    1. jeanne Author

      I will make a note of this and do a whole blog post about it. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. WendyW

    Hi Jeanne, thank you for the post about Paris and your time there. Loved the photos. I have been to Paris but not to south of France or any countryside in France. It is on my next travel plans (hopefully next year sometime). Yes, would love to hear about the flea markets etc. Thanks again!

  5. Ivy

    Jeanne! It’s so wonderful to see these shots from your trip! I was just in Paris for the first time in March and it was a dream come true! I have been sharing my pics on my blog and it’s so fun to see yours too! Love them! I can’t wait to go back! 🙂 Thank you for being such an inspiration and an amazing teacher! I have loved both your classes. xo.

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you so much for sharing how you feel about the classes. Love that you were able to go to France!

  6. Brenda Gieger

    So inspired by you and these photos. My husband and I have been talking about a trip there for years, now that I have one son graduating from college, I think we are one step closer!!

    1. jeanne Author

      So fun that you are in the next stage of life and that you are planning sweet things to do together.

  7. kaari

    We will miss you this summer Jeanne – we are off to the chateau for three weeks! Come back with us next summer – Amy Butler is coming – maybe for two weeks!

  8. Kris

    My dream! Thanks for filling my eyes with sheer delight, and a tear. (I really want to go)

    1. jeanne Author

      I so hope you get to go someday! It is truly magical. There are so many magical places to visit…sometimes even your own backyard:-)

  9. Marita

    Jeanne- I find myself more and more interested in France and especially Paris- the more I read- and especially your photos- just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more!!!

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you! It is a fascinating place. If you like these you will like the rest even more:-)

  10. Cherie Wilson

    Can. Not. Wait. Going with Kaari the third week this summer. Thank you for inspiring me to be brave with your photos……… It’s still a little overhwelming for this midwestern girl!
    Thanks for sharing your art and your heart Jeanne. Our Authentic walk is so valuable. Sending a heartArt hug!

  11. cathy

    Hi Jeanne, I was there in 2010 – nothing like Paris anywhere in the world – I have many similar photos from that trip = I love this = keep em coming it brings back memories and continues to inspire me to go back
    PS loving your class btw

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