I don’t know why I never shared with you all of my photos from Paris.

After all of my photos from the South of France maybe I felt like you had seen enough and needed a break.

I think I meant to show them after a few months and here I am almost two years later.

How has two years past since the Chateau Dumas, hidden brocantes and sidewalk cafes?

Maybe I knew deep down that I could never share in photos what my trip meant to my heart.

My trip two years ago started with over a week in the South of France.

Rolling hills, sunflower fields, quiet cobblestone villages and the most gorgeous château I know I will ever sleep in.

My room had wood shutters that I would open each morning and look out onto the open fields.

On rainy nights I would open those same shutters so I could hear the rain and feel the breeze.


As I stepped off of the train in Paris the energy was already different.

Not better. Not worse.


As the cab made its way to the hotel my eyes were full of tears because of the beauty of Paris.

The architecture, the history, the gardens.

I had just left one beautiful place and now I was seeing beauty in a completely different way.

Each Monday for the month of June I will share photos from the three days I spent in Paris.

This was my first night in Paris.

I hope you join me next Monday for my first full day in Paris and the treasures I found at the flea market.