I started off my second day at Brave Girl Camp with an early hike with some of the girls.


Idaho reminds me so much of Colorado and I really felt at home.

Because I have three younger children at home it isn't often that I am out taking a walk as the sun is coming up.


I really believe that these early morning walks could make me a morning person (as anyone who knows me is dying laughing right now)


These morning walks were so beautiful and a quiet time with some of the girls.


Besides being such a great way to start the day….it was gorgeous.


It is rare for me to just be on a walk with my camera.  I am usually chasing a child or running beside a three year old.


Not a bad way to start the day..huh????

After our hike and a delicious breakfast (the food was out of this world…still working if off) Melody shared about some of her art that she had brought and the story behind them.

Don't you love when an artist explains the beauty that they created?

When Melody shares her heart ….I have to be honest…it changes yours!

There are so many things that I want to share with you…but it just wouldn't be the same on a computer screen.

The reason these posts are harder to writer than normal is because I feel like I am trying to describe the most intimate conversation I had with a best friend and I don't want to tell anything that is too personal.

I am trying to tell you about a sacred relationship.

Does that make sense?

Who wants to come over for coffee and I will spill my guts???:-)

I really want to share one of the sweetest parts of the day.

One of our projects was to make art (whatever that is for you) that states truths about ourselves.


So we wrote letters of truths to ourselves.


Everyone's was different…..the truths and the style of their art.

Becky would hand paint on hers.

Lissa (who said she wasn't crafty or artsy) blew us away.

Here are some of mine.






On this night we had the amazing treat of having Kathy play the guitar and sing.


I truly could have listened to her for hours.

I have never seen two sisters compliment each other as beautifully as Kathy and Melody.

I guess I just want to end the day two post with asking you one question.

Are there truths about yourself that you have forgotten?

Have you forgotten because someone has spoken lies over you (maybe even yourself)?

When is the last time that you spoke those words of TRUTH out loud?

The spoken word is POWERFUL!

Even if you just take a few minutes right now and jot down some truths of yourself…I promise you…you will feel so empowered.

My words were written as if the Lord was speaking them over me.

Maybe you have a person in your life that you adore.  Use them as your special person. 

These little works of art are so precious to me. 

I even think I will hang the art around my studio so I have a constant reminder of the truths about myself.

What are you waiting for????