Almost a year ago I was listening to a podcast that was talking about current events and politics in general. I had not been writing anything down while listening but some of the last few words talked about a great awakening and a new renaissance.  I grabbed my journal and quickly wrote down those words and also wrote ART and underlined it. Those words resonated with me so much but the podcast in which I was listening to it almost didn’t make sense. It didn’t fit. But what did fit was that those words were already stirring in my own heart.
The next morning we were dropping off our daughter at the airport to head back to Nashville. I turned my phone on as we were driving away and I had a message from Jessi Green. She was asking if I would be a guest author in a new book she was working on. The chapter would be Renaissance and Revival. Come on!
There was a lot more to that message that morning and there has been a lot since, but I think you already know that I said yes.
I am honored to share my heart about our creativity and the mighty ways the Lord uses it to charge our lives, our towns…maybe even the world.   Thank you Jessi for allowing me to be a tiny, tiny part of your beautiful book.  To read more about Saturate or to purchase click HERE.