I like to think that I do my part.

I mean…I bring my reusable grocery bag into the store…ok…some of the time.

I haven't used Aqua Net since 1989.  That has to count for something!

I don't throw garbage out the window….wait…there was last week when…ok forget this one.

I give a hoot and don't pollute most of the time…just ignore the sentence above.


I can go days without washing my hair…think of all the water I am saving!!!!

I buy vintage items and re purpose them!

I use my leftover coffee to dye tags:-)

OK…maybe I could be a little more green.

The truth is I don't recycle everything because you have to pay for it here and I always forget to order the special bins…honest….I mean to.

I drive an SUV and love it.

I have used disposable diapers for all my kids and I am not ashamed…nothing you can say here will make me feel bad.

I would like to point out that I use nontoxic cleaners, dish detergent and laundry soap…oooooohhhhh…..I just remembered that I have a front loading washer and dryer…come on…give me some points.

All of this is to set you up for a little incident that happened to me at the Country Living Entrepreneur Conference, in Chicago, this past May.

At the end of the conference all the women were given a canvas tote with products from advertisers.

Before I move on I want you to know that I was already carrying a large purse, had heels on, had done a lot of walking and I was taking the train back out of the city.

As we were leaving the building I was looking through the tote.  Rice (rice???)  Full size soft soap….are you getting the picture?  Lots of samples and some full size items.

The tote was not my style and it was full of products I didn't want or I don't use.

It was also large and heavy.

I took out what I could use and I looked for a garbage can.

Please.  No judgment.  Oh, go ahead I don't care!

As I was walking away from the garbage cans there were two girls behind me that said loudly,"That is worse than littering"



Because I thought dropping the tote and its contents on the ground and walking away would be worse than finding a garbage can.

Silly me.

I told them that they were free to take it out of the garbage…which they did.

They then said very judgmentally and LOUDLY…."Renew, reuse, recycle"

I replied…"whatever"……under my breath. 

When is it ok to shout out all your beliefs to complete strangers?

I have never walked past an obese person and said, "Cut back on the carbs".

Even though I don't like walking through cigarette smoke I have never shouted out, "Those things will kill you and you stink".

While getting groceries in Walmart I have never proclaimed, "The 80s are GONE".

So.  Just so we are clear. 

I will never use these.


Or these.


Or this.


If any of you use the above items that is AWESOME…just please don't yell at me because I don't:-)

If I am coming to your conference please give me this bag and I won't throw it out.


Fill it with these and I will embrace my green self.




Just so we are clear.