Right Now


listening: the music from my blog

eating: nothing

drinking: hours old latte from Starbucks

wearing: pajama pants, tank and a sweatshirt…hot!

feeling: content

weather: cool fall evening

wanting: all my Brave Girl sisters around me

needing: to finish my winter collection

thinking: about the women I know that are hurting and wishing I could carry that for them

enjoying: painting

wondering:  when the day will come when I put my kids to bed and they stay there!!!



Sorry that I have been missing from your blogs and doing such a horrible job at returning emails, comments etc but I am busy finishing up the winter collection. 

Check my shop on Monday, October 18 for the big reveal:-)

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  1. Genn

    Hi Jeanne,
    My name is Genn and I found the link to your blog in Artful Blogging Magazine! I was reading through the magazine last night while sipping my glass of wine in the tub, and I came across your partial post Letting Go.
    It really resonated with me.
    Maybe because I feel like I can relate to so many of the topics you wrote about.
    Anyway, your words stuck with me and I thought I might drop you a note to say thanks for that post.
    It reminded me to not worry so much over unimportant things, and that energy spent worrying about that kind of stuff is energy that I can’t get back!
    Your blog is great, so if you don’t mind I will be back.
    Cute post about you and your husband too. Happy Anniversary.
    Genn Hass

  2. Genn

    Me again,
    Okay I am a dork.
    I looked for my comment on your last post and did not see it so I left you this most recent comment tonight, and now I see my first comment really was there!

  3. kolleen

    love you beautiful funny sweet gor-juss Jeanne!!
    i CANNOT wait to see the reveal….and do some shoppin!!!
    so wishing I was around YOU!!

  4. Lara

    Hey, Miss Jammie Pants…I’m currently waiting for the kidlets to hit the hay so I can catch up on my blogs! I’m wishing I was at your abode, crashing your collection-making-party. Any waistbands for my huge BGC belly? Yikes. THAT wasn’t in “Artful Blogging”, now was it?! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Missing you and hoping that you have a wonderful time creating and making beautiful things tonight. I loooove that shot at the top–just beautiful.

  5. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    I have been putting off switching Bailey to the “big girl bed” because I’m so terrified that she’ll just be up and down all night, and truth be told…I love and treasure my sleep : ) Yes, my daughter will be 4 in February and is still in a crib – and even better…not potty trained. I have many things to work on this month! Can’t wait to see your big reveal on Monday – I’ll save up my Barn check!!! Hugs! ~Destiny

  6. mcm538

    Love your in-the-moment update. And I Love that in the midst of children’s needs and the creating you are also thinking about the hurts and needs of others. Love you.

  7. Leah C

    Reading your blog is a part of my morning routine…love it so much:) I’m so excited about the big “reveal”; looking forward to your winter collection!

  8. Mikal

    Can’t wait to see your treasures… and what a wonderful day you had… minus the bedtime trials!
    Hope today is just as great!

  9. Katsui Jewelry

    So good to see you post! Love the picture os the barn. It is the essence of calm. I remember you talking about Brave Girl Camp and it sounded like an amazing experience. I hope I can go someday!

  10. cari bruno

    Your kids will NEVER stay in bed. I have an almost 18 year old to a just 8 year old and it hasn’t happened with any of them yet. LOL
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s been so busy that I’ve missed a few blog posts.
    Come by and enter my giveaway if you get a chance.
    Can’t wait to see the fall collection, I’m sure it’s fabulous.
    Have a wonderful day
    cari b.

  11. Susan

    Jeanne I loved your “Love Story” post and I think everyone else is feeling that busy feeling too. I know I am. I’m never home (and that is sort of sending me into a panic attack), my daily “to do” list is always a mile long and I have to add leftovers from one list to the next and my calendar just keeps filling up. I don’t like being this busy at all.
    I will, however, say that your outdoor movie night idea was the most super duper amazing out of this world success ever. We had a surprise party for my son Boolie and it couldn’t have gone better. So from the depths of my heart….thank you for sharing that idea. I couldn’t have come up with it on my own.

  12. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    can i just say i’m smitten with that picture. it makes me completely happy inside. anyway i love you. thank you for checking in on me today…and yesterday. i was running around all day and then it got late and i knew you would be with your peeps. hopefully tomorrow.

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