Round Two

I couldn't help it!

I kept on thinking of all the other little things that I knew you guys would love that would be affordable for gift giving.

So, here is my second…and LAST…list of favorite things.  Promise.

Who am I kidding…I could have another one on Friday.

Without further ado…here is round two (a bit shorter..but just as sweet).


 1. I know I mentioned Mindy Gledhill last time but this time I am just putting music in general on the list.  I listen to all different kinds of music all day long.  A perfect gift to give someone would be a year subscription to Pandora.  Seriously, it is under $40!!!

2.  This is my FAVORITE….from Arbonne! I have been known to keep a broken compact full of bronzer in a Ziploc because I just couldn't throw it out.  If you get it I would highly recommend the huge brush they sell with it…makes all the difference.  Best bronzer I have ever used! 

3.  Misty Mawn is one of those artists that I just love their work.  Everything she puts out is incredible and soulful.  Her characters have depth and are almost haunting.

 4. Misty is will be offering an online art course in January!  I know this is something that is on MY Christmas list to myself:-)

5.  Brave Girl Camp is obviously something that means a lot to me.  I was privileged to be at the first camp over a year ago and have watched it grow so incredibly.  Everyone needs to make time to listen to their heart…and this is such an incredible place to make that time.  This camp is already almost (if not already) sold out for 2011.  If you think this could be something for you I highly recommend you signing up.  

6. Florabella Actions and Textures are such a fun way to play with your photos.  It is really easy and you could lose yourself for hours on the computer dressing up all those pretty pictures you are taking.

7.I love when something looks expensive but it is not.  My fake Frye boots from Target cost me $50 compared to many of my friends paying over $200 for the real thing.  The best part is that all of them thought the Target ones were real! Target can often have cute but uncomfortable shoes…I promise you these are comfy (even right away).  I have had mine for over a year and still wear them all of the time.

8. If I am not wearing jewelry I have made I am wearing jewelry made and designed by the amazing Lisa Souers.  I get stopped EVERYWHERE I go when I am wearing one of her pieces.  Keep checking her shop for updates and if you see something she has made that is no longer on her site…try contacting her to see if she is able to make another one!  

9.  I have to admit to you that I wasn't sure how much I would get out of Kelly Rae Robert's e-class that I took months ago.  I was so pleasantly surprised by what information was in the class that I hadn't thought about and even amazing resources that she freely gave. If you are starting out or even if you have been running a business for awhile I think her new e-book is packed full of helpful information!!!

10.  Whether you start with Photoshop Elements, Picnik or skip and go to full blown Photoshop….photo editing is so fun and will add so much to your photos , blog or shop.  Perfect gift for any photographer in your life (might want to stick to the PS Elements or Picnik for affordability).

11. I am such a visual learner.  I have never read my camera manual and I learn best hands on.  If you love great photography, wonderful tips and everyday advice about capturing your life, children, products on film I really think you will LOVE, LOVE this book.  This book is perfect for the amateur and professional photographer.

12.  Last but not least my favorite workout pants (thanks AJ for introducing them to me).  I swear I could live in these and sometimes I do and I just pretend that I worked out!!  Lululemon has the best workout clothes (a bit pricey…so I don't have many) but these will hold up.  Great quality and will last 10 times longer than something you pick up at Target.  They better for the price.  

That is it for now!!

I have loved sharing some of the little day to day things that I love.

I have such a wonderful surprise for you on Friday!!!!!

I am so excited and giddy over it!

If you have always wanted to go to Brave Girl Camp but life (and money) has gotten in the way…I have a surprise for you!!!!

Come back on Friday for a wonderful giveaway!!!!


I almost forgot.

I am guest blogger over at Flea Market Style Blog this week.

I would love to hear your creative ideas!!!


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  1. paige

    great list girlie!
    i love my fake frye’s from target too ๐Ÿ™‚
    i will have to check out that photography book
    merry christmas friend

  2. Traci

    i keep looking at those boots everytime i am at target. they are cute. i love boots. i too am going to check out that book. haven’t seen that one. have a great day. and i love your lists, you can keep them coming.

  3. Pam

    Hi Jeanne-Terrific lists! What brand is that bronzer? Wishing you and your family unlimited blessings through the holidays and new year!

  4. ludid

    misty mawn’s class was on my wish list. now it’s on my “most amazing things to do starting 2011 list.”

  5. deborah@applesinwonderland

    sweet list. like *sweet* in how the kids say it;) have and lurve the target boots. i wear them everyday–with everything. the shutter sisters are really super sisters–love this book. may have to come up with my favorite things to give. thanks:)

  6. lovely list, thank you! the photography book looks great, and i had forgotten about lulumon…had bookmarked it long ago. merry, merry!

  7. Shannon

    Yay, keep the favorites coming!! Who doesn’t like finding new fun things to buy?
    I love those boots and the jewelry, so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh sweet Jeanne, another wonderful list! Im also a huge fan of the Brave girl club ~ if only i stay close. Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

  9. Alice

    Jeanne, I’m just now getting time to catch up on my blogs. I love both of your lists. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  10. Lara

    BGC…the perfect gift–can’t wait to see what you’re up to!
    loved, loved sharing inspiration with you today.
    You’re just the Bee’s Knees
    (do bees really have knees?)

  11. kolleen

    i am giggling at lara’s comment.
    i remember i asked an ex-boyfriend once if penguins had knees….think he fell in love right then and there!! ; )
    love your list….and i love those kinds of finds like your Tarjet boots!!
    love you sister

  12. Susan Reaney

    Dear Jeanne,
    Thanks so much for your very sweet note. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
    I adore those Frye boots. I love Target and am hooked on Nick and Norah flannel pajamas! They are the greatest and $25. Last forever, which is bad because I keep wanting new patterns! I want those “Frye” boots. I had no idea…
    Big Hugs,
    P.S. Someday I am going to Brave Girl Camp. I just know it!

  13. meghan

    woot! another thing to talk about at coffee…brave girl. i’m interested.
    i super loved the book page wreaths at the barn. i was in search of big letters last weekend, alas, i found none. but the the book page wreaths were enticing.

  14. Martha

    I love all your pics…and the how fun you included one of my favs too…I’m sure you can guess
    Hope your week is fabulous…and I loved the wristlet for my friend…I know she’ll love it too

  15. Nerina

    Gotta love Lululemon…wearing a pair right now…alays look like new and are the most comfortable eva!!! Great picks…would expect nothing less with your fabulous taste!

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