San Miguel {and lessons learned from my friend}

If you are lucky enough you will find a friend that will deal with desperate phone calls and pleas to fly to Mexico to create art.

If you are lucky.

I wouldn’t have taken this trip without Alexis. 

So glad I don’t know what it would have been like without her.

If you have followed my blog you know that I always say that Alexis was the best treasure I ever brought back from France and it is so true.

I met Alexis over three years ago when I went on my first adventure to France with Kari Meng of French General.  Alexis and I connected right away and laughed too loud and often at inappropriate times. 

We knew we were made for each other. 

Few people can make me laugh as much as Alexis but few also inspire me as much either.

As I was flying home I started reflecting over our trip and also over the short period of time we have been friends.  All of our conversations talk about us way in the future. As artists with studios in San Francisco, doing retreats together, more travels, our families spending time together …more.

I am no fool. I know this is special and different.

I know that even though I live in Colorado and she lives in California that we don’t need a trip to Mexico to spend time together. We just need to be together.

Either Alexis acts older than her age or I act younger than my age…either way we adore one another.

When I was thinking about her and all the things I love and admire… I knew I wanted to share them with you because they are sweet things for all of us to hold on to, embrace, live, explore.

I hope you enjoy what I have learned from my dear friend…..

·      How sweet it is to be a mother of tiny children.  The time goes so quickly and to hold on to each little moment when we have the chance to make their meals, tie their shoes, read their stories and be the one they come to when they are hurt. 

·      Hike, run, play… will keep you young.

·      You don’t need a lot.  Just surround yourself with what you love.

·      Lavish your family with good food.

·      Turn off the computer/TV and go outside.

·      Try new things. Scary can lead you to beautiful new adventures.

·      Fold your clothes when you go on a trip and roll your clothes when you come home.  The folding takes more room and will leave room for treasures. The rolling of the clothes will guarantee you have room for those treasures.

·      Good wrapping makes the gift.

·      Do weird things, laugh loud…who cares who is looking and what they are thinking/saying.

·      Make your costumes.  They will be so much better!

·      Go get chai tea in your pajamas and laugh like little girls. Your whole morning will be better.

·      Watch the sunset. If you can watch it from the beach that is even better.

·      Make good cocktails.  It will make you popular with your friends.

·      Be passionate in your marriage.

·      Purge your home often.  Only keep what you use and love. 

·      Be open and loving but don’t be run over.  Know where to put your energy.

·      Have a mentor. Surround yourself with those that have done more, loved more, hurt more and know more.


Alexis, I love you.

Thank you for saying yes to Mexico!


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  1. melissa

    absolutely beautiful jeanne! alexis is one very special soul and anyone who is lucky enough to have her as a friend already has one of life’s greatest treasures.

    now let’s talk about this art studio in san francisco. best place to be {in the states!}.


  2. Cynthia

    Great post! You are each lucky to have each other, and I feel blessed to have been able to spend time with both of you!

  3. Alexis

    My face is covered in tears. I love you so much and feel so deeply blessed by your friendship. I was driving this morning thanking God for you. Asking Him how I was so lucky to have found you in the Paris airport. You have taught me so much. My children, my marriage and my relationships are richer because of your influence. Thank you for asking me to go to Mexico and thank you for being such an incredible friend. And finally thank you for reminding me to create. I love dreaming with you and can’t wait to see what amazing things we do together in the future with our gifts. I LOVE YOU.

  4. Marisa Franca

    Wow! You ladies have brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful it is to have such loyal friends and a wealth of devotion and loyalty. I don’t know you personally but I feel that you’ve let me into your special group by sharing. Thank you.

  5. Suzen

    Jeanne, I’m so glad for you that you have such beautiful friendships. You must also be a treasure of a friend to have people like this in your life! Good that you push and inspire and loosen up each other; that’s what friends do for each other! (Oh, and BTW, your bangs, girl, are just gorge!!)

  6. Kathie Vezzani

    Okay now I am bawling. Beautiful post and response Alexis. So blessed to have met you both and hold each of you in my heart. Looking forward to doing more with you in the future. See you in May!

  7. Melissa

    That looks so fun! Did you go to an art type class in MX? I am just asking as I bought a really neat painting from a guy who teaches classes in San Miguel!

  8. lissa

    what sweet words!~ You really know how to make someone feel special. I remember when you did this for me once and I had tears spilling down my face too!! You’re a very sweet and special and deeply loyal friend jeanne oliver.

  9. somepinkflowers bonnieB

    {{ oh my goodness !! … wasn’t that the best trip, Jeanne … Too funny that i almost met you dear ones on that French Journey 3+ years ago … In SMA you girls were the icing on our art*workshop cupcake, i must say }} Isn’t life grand !!

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