Scouting It Out {With My Sidekick}


Last week Benjamin and I took a little walk to scout out a location for a family photo shoot I was doing.


Sometimes I don't realize how little time Kelly and I get alone with each of them.


When we have that time alone with one of the children I love it.


I think you see more of who they REALLY are when they are alone with you.

Picnik collage

I always walk away from times like this and promise myself that I am going to do it more…and then I don't.

I want to work on that.


I want that time alone with each of them.

It is precious for both of us.



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  1. kelly Lish

    What a sweet post Jeanne-your son is just adorable-like his parents! The pics are so pretty-love all the fall colors and the sun shining. I’m sure you must’ve found the perfect photo spot! Thanks for sharing this special moment-love you…

  2. Lara

    He looks so much like Kelly to me…even though I’ve never laid eyes on the man in person! Such a sweetheart, that little lamby is. I’m so glad you had that special time with him. He will remember it, for sure.

  3. Leah C

    I was just thinking the other day that I needed to spend some more one-on-one time with each of my daughters:) I think they love it as much as I do! So glad you got to spend a special day with your lil’ sidekick…he’s a cutie:)

  4. Alicia

    my friend and i were just talking about this exact thing…kids appreciate it so much too. i need to work on this too…thanks for reminding me 🙂

  5. Amanda

    I just did a two day post on spending alone time with one of my daughters. I titles it “A Special Request” and then “A Special Request Granted”
    You are right, their little personalities shine when we spend alone time with them. Enjoy!

  6. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    One on one time is just precious. I’m liking the locale for your Christmas shoot. I’ve had wheatfields in my mind. Don’t know if we have any here, have to keep my eyes open. Love you girl.

  7. Privet and Holly

    And one on one
    stays precious…
    and even more crucial…
    as they get older.
    My girl and I have
    the best heart to
    hearts in the car!
    And my boy {he’s 12,
    tomorrow!} also still
    loves his mama’s
    undivided attention.
    Just wait until your
    little guy’s hand
    is bigger than yours ~
    it’s amazing!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Rebekah

    With Ginny being an “only” and me being a stay-at-home mom, I spend SO much time alone with her that I forget sometimes how precious that time is. It’s hard to “treasure every moment” when she’s throwing a fit or making a mess or following one step behind me everywhere I go all day long. But when I take time to reflect on even those moments, I am thankful she has a strong sense of herself and what she wants in life (even when I have to say “no” to those things), that she is active and creative and curious and PRESENT to leave a wake of disaster, and I am keenly aware that the day is coming when she will not be here with me all day to follow in my footsteps. It *is* a treasure. Sometimes I just have to blow the dust off and wipe away the tarnish. Those are the best kinds of treasures, aren’t they?

  9. staceyyaculastudio

    As a mother of 3 wonderful boys I have felt the exact same way. My husband and I would always relish in these one-on-one moments and we would always share these incredible moments with each other. It is such an incredible time that one-on-one…so precious. I think you are so right you are able to pay attention to who they really are and find out how amazing they truly are. Don’t you just adore them? My boys are much older but I still relish in those moments and I am amazed who they are becoming.

  10. mcm538

    Your sidekick is so precious! And the location shots are truly lovely. I’m eager to hear how the family photos turned out. And 1-1 time is just the best!!

  11. amy

    love that alone time with them, too. so precious and fun! usually i get it because it just “happens.” i’d like to make it happen more, too.

  12. chrissy

    thanks dear jeanne…you always inspire me to be a better person, especially a better mom. with 5 little ones (some taller than me now…) it is hard to find that one on one time, but
    love you

  13. anne marie

    there is a saint that had 12 children…she took one hour a week with just that one child…always…they all stood by their faith…and a few became saints themselves
    i try to do this as well…but “stuff” gets in the way…i’m in…i’m doing this too

  14. kana

    You are so right, the one on one with each child is so special. He is really growing and still so handsome!

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