Seattle Grace…We Never Found You!


This is the final post on my weekend trip to Seattle…promise!

Every little thing that we did was so much fun….but this day was just relaxing.

Lissa truly did an excellent job of planning all these perfect and different parts of our trip.

We were only there for three full days…and we did SO much!


The morning started off with us walking downtown to breakfast in Lissa's beautiful little town.

We then headed on to the beach.


I can't imagine being a glorious 10 minute walk to water everyday.

IMG_7829 copy

We just hung out, talked and laughed.

If you didn't notice by now…we do that last one really well.

Picnik collagej

Picnik collagek


Picnik collageL

We also seem to take really stupid photos of ourselves…hmmmmm.

I had the most fun taking photos here.



Picnik collagem


Picnik collagen 

After the beach we headed to Greenlake for a long walk around the lake.

We then headed to the Queen Anne area to get an incredible shot of the city.

We kept looking for Seattle Grace and Mercy West and just couldn't locate it:-)

My time in Seattle could not have been more perfect….and you want to hear the kicker???

I get to go later this month to see my friend Tiffany.

She is having an amazing girl's weekend and I am so excited to spend more time with her.

I had never been to Seattle and now I get to go two months in a row!!


I am writing this in bed tonight because my littlest has the worst cough and I don't want him sleepin
g alone.

He has had croup off and on for over a month now.

If you are so inclined I would love your prayers.  He had only been coughing at nights and today he coughed all day long and soooo hard.

It was truly breaking my heart.

We went to the doctor and he tried the nebulizer (is that even how you spell it??) to see if that would help but it didn't.

I know you all know how sad it is when our children are sick.

Have a good night. 

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  1. LouBoo

    Love the pictures of toes!! And there’s nothing worse than an unwell little child, hope the cough goes away soon… x

  2. CMN

    Here’s what I love most about your Seattle posts…
    1 – The ode (& details!) on Lissa’s hospitality. It made me wish I was staying there too! AND made me wish I had houseguests to spoil for a day or two…
    2 – The fun (& funny!) photos of friends having a great time together. I could feel the warmth of friendship and laughter, and thought to myself ‘why wasn’t I invited on this trip?!? Oh. right. I don’t actually KNOW these people.’
    Your details captured a lovely weekend and wrapped us all up in the fun. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    Awww…I hope your little guy gets to feeling better. I always hate seeing my little girl sick…I always wish I could just trade places with her when she is. I’ll say a little prayer for him since I’m about to go to bed!

  4. Jen@thecottagenest

    Tell Lissa that I’ll be coming to see her soon. What an amazing area. I’ve never been and have really wanted to so lucky you getting to go again!
    Poor little guy! I hope he is better soon and his coughing eases up today.

  5. Theresa Hein

    Your trip looks amazing! I have 3 brothers and their families that live in the Seattle area and they love it, 3 of my kids have visited them for senior pics.(one of my brothers is a photographer) I cannot wait for my turn! I hope your little one is feeling better. I’m sending prayers your way… Theresa

  6. Deb

    Aw, so sorry to hear that your little one is sick. No fun for him OR his mom!
    The pix of Seattle are great. Makes me want to go back there!!!

  7. Amy Muffoletto

    That crouppy cough is the worse cause it sounds horrible… I am praying for it to all go away ASAP. Little man….Feel better soon.
    Your Seattle trip looks amazing. I love the pics of your feet on the beach. The 3 of you look like you are in heaven. Such bliss. Happy day! Hugs, Amy

  8. Tricia

    awww, poor little guy. I’m sending hugs and prayers your way!
    I love hearing about your trip. You girls are adorable!

  9. Traci

    oh jeanne – i hope your little guy gets better soon. it’s so hard when kids are sick. breaks our hearts. he’s in my prayers.
    love seattle. can’t wait to get back there. will lissa plan my trip too? i love the laughter and love in all your photos. girlfriends are the best.

  10. paige

    what fun posts of you guys!
    hopin your little man feels better soon
    that croup is so scary & they sound so awful
    have they tried steroids?
    praying he’s all better really soon!!

  11. alissa

    saying a prayer for your little one. i know how it feels when your child is so sick. hope he gets well soon.

  12. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I loved those pics!! So fun and carefree…then you come back to the real world and have to deal with sick kids and just the normal everyday stuff.
    Sending prayers your way sweetie.

  13. beth

    hi jeanne – i have enjoyed seeing all your fun photos of seattle ! i am sorry your little one is so sick , my oldest gets it like that .(unfortuantely inherited from me) .. just a few weeks back he coughed all day and we took him in fortunately the nebulizer worked for 10 minutes at the office and they put him on an inhaler at home ( which finally started working ) , and we have also done the steroid thing too – Vicks on the feet and the humidifier seem to help a smidge too ! its heartbreaking to hear them cough constantly … i understand the pain because all through my childhood i had the exact same thing whenever i got sick i got the croup… anyways, sorry to be soo long winded !
    love ya and am keeping you guys in my prayers,

  14. Courtney Walsh

    Awww, is he feeling any better today? So sad. I hate it when they’re sick.
    I am saying the same thing about Colorado…I had never been, but in the past six months I’ll have been twice! Once in November and now we found out we’re coming at the end of this month! Maybe I’ll get a chance to take some cool photos! ๐Ÿ™‚
    These are wonderful. Looks like the perfect trip!

  15. Allegra

    I am sooooo sorry for your sick little one! I am praying RIGHT NOW. Lord, I just ask that you come into Jeanne’s home and wipe it clean of ailments. Lord, you are Healer and provider. Heal her son and provide rest, encouragement, and health to her whole family. It is so hard when our children our sick-how we wish we could take it on for them. Renew Jeanne’s heart with energy and maintain her abounding love. Give her grace as she provides for all of her sweet blessings you have entrusted her with and fill her with that same love she needs in return. Keep her tank on full and away from becoming empty. I thank you Lord for these things in your Son’s name. Amen.

  16. Leah C

    You made me actually like Seattle…now I want to go there! I do hope your little one gets well soon. Saying prayers & wishing wellness:)

  17. Lis

    Praying for your precious little boy!! 2 of my boys have mild asthma, so we are very familiar with the nebulizer:)
    Jeanne, thank you so much for sharing your life through your blog. As you know, I am going to be trying “something new” for 42 and photography and playing with my PSE are at the top of my list. Each time I read your posts and see your pics, I am that much more inspired!

  18. lissa

    i’m still praying for your little one. I just can’t believe you guys don’t live around here. miss you like crazy!

  19. amy

    you captured some great shots. love the missing dock! and the cityscape with you three. and the toes.
    ben is in our prayers. so sorry the treatment yesterday didn’t help! we love you!

  20. Lara

    Said a prayer for your little one. Sorry he’s not well!
    So great to see you sitting at Kerry Park with the girls. I love that park so much…such a big part of my history. I had my prom pic right in that spot! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You have to promise that your next Seattle trip after Tiff’s (which I’m so bummed I’m missing) will involve a side trip to Vancouver/Portland area. You would loooove Portland. It has so many wonderful haunts and I would show you them ALL!

  21. lorraine lewis

    yep, homesick again… I can just smell that ocean water!
    I hope your guy feels well soon, it is a bad year. Keep trying the nebulizer they usually do the trick ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Martha

    Gorgeous pictures of all of you!!! And you get to go back:)
    Hope your little one feels better…that is never any fun

  23. Heather

    Have spent more nights than I can remember in your very same position. I will say prayers for your little guy. My stand-by for the croup when the neb’s don’t work…the freezer. Open it up, put his little face to the cool air and breath deep! It is the worst feeling watching them cough so hard…I hate it!!
    I love your pictures, so much fun and so beautiful! Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful journey’s!

  24. Janet

    Great photos and LOVE hearing about your visit! You girls are too much fun! Hope your little guy is feeling better — nothing scarier than that croup. They prescribed steriods for my girl and even gave her a shot when she had it — made her very hyper, but helped. Take care. Keeping you all in my prayers!

  25. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Praying for your little one. It’s so awful when they get so sick…but I secretly like the extra attention/snuggles/etc.. that they want during those sicky times.

  26. Kacey

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I’m glad you had such a great time.
    Thinking of your little guy – croup is not fun at all. Praying he gets better fast.

  27. Nathalie

    You three are so lucky to have found each other thru your blogs…. looks like it was an awesom trip. I wish the Nebolizer worked for your little one. Mu son had croup when he was younger and it worked miracles.

  28. Koralee

    Oh how I love favourite place to visit..we live only just about an hour and a half north of this lovely visit often. So glad you had so much fun. I will pray for your colds..our home has been infested too..yeck! xoxo

  29. Serena

    Isn’t Washington just the best?! Glad you’re able to enjoy it. Get well wishes to your little bumpkin too. xoxo

  30. Andrea - Faded Plains

    From the looks on all your faces in the photos…a wonderful time was had by all…how exciting that you getta go back…you lucky girl…and sending prayers for your little guy to feel better.

  31. Leslie

    Such fun pictures! Looks like you had an absolute blast!
    Sorry your little guy is not feeling well, I am always a nervous nellie when my kiddos are sick, I will pray he is feeling better soon!

  32. staceyyaculastudio

    I certainly hope your little one is feeling better. When they are that sick you certainly don’t want them sleeping alone. I think the feeling is mutual as they know you are right there.
    Loved the photos of your toes in the sand! I have a very, very, very happy place that has a lake & nothing makes me more relaxed then being in that atmosphere. My dream is someday to live full time by a lake.

  33. susan

    what fun photos! i will keep your little one in my prayers. my middle child gets that awful cough, seems like it takes forver to go away. hope he’s better soon. susan

  34. legendswife

    Awesome pics! My prayers are going out for your little one. I don’t like my babes sleeping by themselves when there sick. Its probably something in our blood to be near.
    God bless

  35. Melissa Gruber

    just checking up and hope the little guy is feeling better. the girls had that once and they gave them a shot of something and it helped within 24 hours.
    love the pictures from your trip!

  36. mary

    jeanne – did they check him for pertussis? (whooping cough). i’m sure he’s been immunized, but still – croup just doesn’t last for a month, ever. let me know if you’d like to talk about it – (not sure if you remember me, but i’m a Family Medicine PA). also – he might just need a short course of prednisone, if it’s a post-viral cough from inflammation…

  37. Elyse

    my 2 yr old has croup right now too. she had it continuously for about 5 weeks last nov/dec. its awful. they always give her steroids to open her airway which i hate but i would rather have her on steroids than not breathing. praying for your little. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Cathy

    Haven’t read through your comments, but bundling our little ones up {when the croupy cough would scare us at night} and taking them outside {just to sit together} always helped A LOT.

  39. LuLu

    Praying for your little guy. hope he feels better very soon. Such fun pictures!!

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