This is the final post on my weekend trip to Seattle…promise!

Every little thing that we did was so much fun….but this day was just relaxing.

Lissa truly did an excellent job of planning all these perfect and different parts of our trip.

We were only there for three full days…and we did SO much!


The morning started off with us walking downtown to breakfast in Lissa's beautiful little town.

We then headed on to the beach.


I can't imagine being a glorious 10 minute walk to water everyday.

IMG_7829 copy

We just hung out, talked and laughed.

If you didn't notice by now…we do that last one really well.

Picnik collagej

Picnik collagek


Picnik collageL

We also seem to take really stupid photos of ourselves…hmmmmm.

I had the most fun taking photos here.



Picnik collagem


Picnik collagen 

After the beach we headed to Greenlake for a long walk around the lake.

We then headed to the Queen Anne area to get an incredible shot of the city.

We kept looking for Seattle Grace and Mercy West and just couldn't locate it:-)

My time in Seattle could not have been more perfect….and you want to hear the kicker???

I get to go later this month to see my friend Tiffany.

She is having an amazing girl's weekend and I am so excited to spend more time with her.

I had never been to Seattle and now I get to go two months in a row!!


I am writing this in bed tonight because my littlest has the worst cough and I don't want him sleepin
g alone.

He has had croup off and on for over a month now.

If you are so inclined I would love your prayers.  He had only been coughing at nights and today he coughed all day long and soooo hard.

It was truly breaking my heart.

We went to the doctor and he tried the nebulizer (is that even how you spell it??) to see if that would help but it didn't.

I know you all know how sad it is when our children are sick.

Have a good night.