Well…. you all had a chance to take a peek at Lissa's gorgeous home.

After all of your sweet comments I believe that Lissa now loves all of you forever!

After Lissa picked me up from the airport we headed to Snohomish for a little shopping.

I think we had more fun looking and taking photos than anything else.

It was here that I shared with her that I have been thinking about getting my nose pierced with a VERY TINY stud and she loved the idea.

Have I told you how much I love her???

I haven't done it but I love that she is the kind of person that said…hey…I will too:-)

Picnik collagef

These photos are from Faded Elegance…my favorite shop in Snohomish. 

They were so sweet and they even allowed me to snap a few photos.

We then headed back to Lissa's house for the dinner party that night.

IMG_7627a copy 

Lissa and her sister Stefie.

Stefie is really so beautiful and FUNNY!  It was such a blast finally getting to know her better.

She even has a CD coming out soon…serious!

Picnik collageg
This was us before we all headed out into Seattle for the day!

We walked all over and had a BLAST!

I would have bought more but the wallet is not very full these days preparing for France….I think you understand!

Picnik collageh

Our first stop was an antique store.  Bless Becky and Lissa…they did it only for me!!!

We then had an incredible lunch at the gorgeous Pink Door.

We then headed to the original Starbucks, ordered our lattes and headed to Pikes Place Market.

It was so fun to look at all the shops.

We shared a delicious crepe. 

I refused to get my photo sitting on the pig…call me crazy!

One of my favorite shops of the day has to be Watson Kennedy.

Amazing items and beautiful display.

I bought a few things that I am loving.

I will have to tell you about my  FAVORITE purchase from the weekend.

I am not exaggerating.

Run…do not walk and buy these caramels.


This is no joking matter!

Do I sound like I am kidding?

Don't even think I will share either!!!

OK…moving on.

We then headed to Fremont.

I loved being able to visit shops that Lissa loves and see the places that she enjoys to hang out.

IMG_7722 copy

Isn't she a beauty?

When people would walk by I was snapping photos like crazy and talking about the upcoming magazine cover:-)

IMG_7723 copy

Can we just say that I am the midget of this group!

I am 5'5"….and I needed heels around these girls!

There are even photos of Becky bending down to have her photo taken with me…nice.!

IMG_7737 copy

I am afraid that Becky is going to be mad at me for this photo…but this is my FAVORITE of her because this is WHO SHE IS.

She is joyful.  I love her heart, smile and laughter.

She cares deeply.

She is real.  If you know her…you love her.

IMG_7743 copy

OK…I may be getting a call from Lissa too…but this is my favorite.

Lissa makes me laugh out loud…easily!

She is FUNNY!!

Not as funny as me..but she is pretty funny:-)

I am super touchy and huggy…Lissa not so much!

I hug her just for fun…if you live near her try it.  Oh please do…I will pay you!

Lissa is genuine and real.  If you know her…you want to be her friend!

IMG_7761b copy

After an amazing dinner in Fremont we visited a few more shops and headed back to Lissa's home.

Every night we stayed up too late and laughed a lot!

Lissa's poor husband and children…we were LOUD!

I still have one more day to show you.

Can you bear me posting one more time on Seattle.

If you can stand it come back on Wednesday for the FINAL post…..I promise!

For more photos of my trip please visit my photo blog www.jeanneoliver.blogspot.com.