I am constantly in awe of the beauty that is all around me if I have my eyes open to it. Sometimes I find it weeding my late summer garden, watching my studio filled with women creating, watching our oldest get ready to walk out what is next for him, having a facetime movie night with Maddy while she is at college, first signs of fall on our land, how Kelly loves our children or taking the time to eat my lunch in the garden and just be present.
Sometimes I even find beauty on the internet. I found so many beautiful little treasures on the internet this past month and I wanted to share them.  No affiliates, just wanting to share and I hope they add some beauty to your month too.
Have you ever dreamed of selling it all and moving to France? If so, you will love this studio tour of photographer Jamie Beck now living in Provence.
The studio tour above sent me on a beautiful rabbit trail and Chateau de Mille was a beautiful find. The oldest wine estate in their region.
Let’s shop a farmer’s market of Provence and see what all the sunshine of the area provides.
If you love the look and smell of lavender as much as I do, then I hope you enjoy this short look into what harvesting looks like in Provence.
My favorite living French artist is Francoise Gilot. Come and watch a short interview. She inspires me daily.
Make your own Herbs de Provence and add the flavors of France to your favorite dishes this week.