Guys, sometimes I have crazy ideas and I just go with them…
I have just started a series to motivate me this year to create 52 pieces of work not based upon a course, a teacher, a theme but based upon ME and the work I want to create just for me. I wanted to make sure I was getting into the studio more just for fun and making this public is a sure way to accomplish that for my personality:-) I would LOVE to have you join me!
This is a free and just a way to encourage and cheer one another one. You can read more below. Please share with your friends!
Welcome to Series 52. This series was created out of a desire to create a body of work in 2018 that was just for me. Maybe you would like the same thing and this group is to motivate, inspire and encourage you through the year as you create. Creating a body of work has always pushed me as an artist and revealed more about who I am and where I want to go with my art. I hope you will join me and discover something new about yourself and your art too.
I will begin this series with basic suggestions in how I approach creating a series but you do not have to follow them. I will also share each month the medium I will be using but you are also free to use whatever medium you choose.
This group has been created to allow a place to share the work you are creating and to cheer each other on as we create 52 pieces of art by the end of the year and to no doubt be stronger and more focused artists.
This series is not based on a course or any one teacher. This series is about each one of us and showing up in our creativity.
You can join this free group HERE.
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