She Is Grateful

PICT3320a While I was at the Heather Bullard Parisian Soiree I had the pleasure of meeting Beth Quinn and purchasing one of her beautiful necklaces.  I loved this one because it says "She Is Grateful' and that is exactly how I feel.  I feel so grateful about so many areas in my life. 

Grateful for


                Friends                        Health            

                                My business

Jack                    Madolyn                    Benjamin                 Kelly


            My customers                                Creativity            Inspirations






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  1. mkg

    Gratefulness is a good place of heart and mind in which to live. Thank you for the reminder. Beautiful necklace!

  2. paige

    what a beautiful post & a lovely necklace.
    i wanted you to know that we’ve been gone to state finals for my daughters cheerleading for 2 days & now i’m at work…came home & found my package late last night.
    i want to wait until i have time to enjoy opening my treasure when all is calm & not rushed….can’t wait to see this gorgeous frame.
    blessings to you

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