She Wanted To See The Beauty All Around Her

Profile Girl (Etsy)

There will always be negative things in this world but when we have our hearts open…our eyes open…

There is still so much that is lovely, joyful and beautiful.

Somedays the beauty is all around you and so obvious.

 Then there are the days when it is harder to find and it becomes a choice.

I want to see the beauty all around me….even on the hard days.

This is one of my new pieces.

You can find her here.


Thank you for all your prayers for Joanne and her family.

You guys are amazing with the most incredible hearts!!!

If you want you can follow all her updates by following her husband on twitter.

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  1. Leah C

    Life…if you’re looking…is really beauty-full:) And so is your art, Jeanne! Continued prayers for Joanne…

  2. Tammie

    this piece is quite lovely with wonderful details and texture.
    thank you for the lovely reminder; to see beauty.
    sending your friend light~

  3. Courtney Walsh

    She’s beautiful, Jeanne. Looks like something you’d finding hiding in the corners of an attic…like she’d been hidden away for years, full of history and with her own story to tell. What a treasure it would be to unearth her.

  4. Serena Berry

    Love this piece. The background is simply awesome. I am working hard on seeing the beauty of everyday, not always easy to do, but I find when I shift my energy and thoughts to positive ones, a huge weight is lifted and I can move through the hard times a little easier. Being able to see the beauty in everything, no matter how hard, is something that has the power to transform. What a journey!!!
    Sending love and big HUGS to you, my friend

  5. Sandie {A Bloggable Life | 365}

    Love the words you chose for this as much as I love the piece itself. Everything is just exquisite. Exquisite & gorgeous, and exactly what I needed to see this morning.
    Jeanne, I wanted to thank you again for hosting the Soul Restoration giveaway on your blog last month. The course started on the 11th and it’s already brought so many things to light. I’m enjoying the process (even though it’s a bit difficult in the beginning), but really, thank you, for helping bring this experience into my life. Hugs to you!

  6. June

    Lovely piece Jeanne. Sometimes when our life seems hard it takes more effort to find the beauty and the gifts of life, but so worth any effort.
    I read your previous post and my heart is heavy for Joanne’s beautiful family. She is in my prayers.

  7. Valerie L Johnson

    Jeanne..your artistry is truly inspirational..not only the art itself, but the words as well. Its the little moments in time it seems, that we rush through and subsequently leave us devoid of the beauty that we passed by along the way…
    Continuing to lift prayers up to our Lord on behalf of Joanne and her family…thank you with blessing us all with her story, and the opportunity to pass it along…Our father must be shining with pride at the amount of prayers his children are sending his way…

  8. Lara

    I love this piece…mostly because it’s what you do…notice the beauty all around you. It’s one of your greatest gifts.
    kisses to you, sweet friend–
    p.s. praying hard for your friend.

  9. A.Love

    This is SUCH a beautiful piece and such a welcome reminder! I love your heart. You area always an inspiration!

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