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I get a regular stream of emails asking questions about running a small business, Etsy and other shop questions so I thought it was time to have a post every once in awhile about….The Shop.

One of the things that has always been important to me as a shop owner is to present my items in a beautiful manner.

I want you to feel like you receive a gift for yourself when you get one of my creations in the mail.

I believe this presentation makes what is inside EVEN BETTER!

I get as many emails thanking me for my wrapping as what was actually inside.

If you are a shop owner I encourage you to take some time to think about what customers feel when they get your package.

Are you putting thought into your wrapping?

I once received a beautiful tote off of Etsy and it was mailed in a Cheez-It box..just stuffed inside.

It made the tote feel not special AT ALL….and I never ordered from the shop again.

What is too bad about that experience is that the purse was really wonderful.

I wrap my items in tissue paper (right now it is grey…but I have used white and chocolate brown in the past).

I put a vintage French page on each package that I have hand painted with an encouraging word.


I have had many people email me photos of this paper in journals, inspiration boards and even framed.

I then know that the extra time it took to make it was really worth it.

I then include one of my prints.


I wrap up the whole thing in twine, a tag, rolled up vintage book page and flower.


I also always include a handwritten note thanking my customer for their order.

Does this sound like a lot of work?

It isn't.

It just takes a few extra minutes and it is one of the ways I get to personally thank the people that allow me to create everyday!!

When I have something smaller like jewelry to wrap I put it a burlap bag that I have hand-stamped with the number 5.


I put the jewerly in the bag and then top it with shredded book pages or sheet music.


I then wrap the bag with a strip of vintage sheet music and then finish it off with the twine, rolled book page, tag, flower and thank you note.


How do you make your packages special?

If you have specific shop questions you would like answered email me at and I will try to include them in this series.

Have a wonderful weekend.

There is still time to enter my $200 shop gift certificate for my new line.  I will announce the winner on Monday morning!!!

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  1. chrissy

    sweetest jeanne…one of the things that i love about you is your willingness to SHARE. whether it is your wisdom or your humor or your knowledge…you are such an amazing example of a woman who GIVES and i want you to know how much I ADMIRE that quality. so many women these days hoard their thoughts, their lessons, their love…you send it out there and that, dear friend is so refreshingly WONDERFUL.
    thank you.
    the world needs more jeanne.s

  2. amy

    i can relate with the “cheez-it” box. it completely sucked out the excitement.=) love your tastefulness.

  3. Suzan

    What Chrissy said…ditto. When I was teaching classes here at my home I always tried to share every little technique or great product so that others could enjoy creating as much as I did.
    The perfect quilters knot, the wonders of Terrifically Tacky Tape (TTT), or how to pull paint back off a project by using Playtex kitchen gloves…..share the love ladies, share the love.

  4. Rosa Friedl

    You are so right. I can’t wait to receive the items I ordered from you. The Gypsy Caravan girls do a phenomenal job and Rebecca Sower’s packages always feel like Christmas too. Thank you for the great input. Taking notes for my future sewn goods endeaver. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Shanon Gallegos

    I agree, the packaging is so important. I love what you do, I have only purchased from you in person and I have missed out on this very fun packaging!
    I continue to look at your blog first every day, thank you so much!

  6. bonnierose

    Jeanne.. thks for sharing.. and I echo what Chrissy said.. sharing your love and your knowledge is so wonderful.. kudos to you! I tooo am a firm believer in pkging… totally. I’ve oredered off etsy too.. and am disappointed when all they did was shove it in a bubble mailer. U are right.. it makes all the difference. Taking time to wrap things beautifully doesn’t hv to cost a lot and u are right, it doesn’t take that much time.. but in turn, u are telling that customer of yours that they are special.. they are valued by you.. and that means alot in this big old world of ours. everyone wants to feel loved and special and valued. everyone.. xoxoox

  7. Courtney Walsh

    This is beautiful. I have long thought gift-wrapping is an artform of its own. My mom is an expert gift wrapper!! So, I’m in awe of these… πŸ™‚
    And I’m glad you said you’d send mine and not just bring it to me when I see you next. You were right…the wrapping is part of the experience. πŸ™‚

  8. mcm538

    Lovely, thoughtful, very special!! Thank you for all your beautiful details that bless others.

  9. Lolo

    Those extra touches really do mean alot. There are certain people that I just cannot wait to get packages from. You are most definitely one, Tracey (French Larkspur), my friend Clare (the Robin and Sparrow),Sarah (Sadie Olive) and the sweet Tara (Blondie N SC – who needs her shoppe open again soon!)
    The little thoughtful notes, smells and lil bits of creativity are just so special πŸ˜€

  10. Rebecca Lewis

    This post made me want to go and buy something just for the packaging! Thanks for the tips. I’m new to the crafting world and friends have been encouraging me to open a shop. I will file this away for future reference and quickly head back to your shop to look at your pretties!

  11. shannon

    Now I am even more excited to receive my purchase from you! How beautiful each package must look and thank you for taking the time to make it so special for us πŸ™‚

  12. Jeanne ~ I applaud you for what you are doing. It shows that you care for your goods as well as your customers. I think whenever we part with some of our hard earned cash whether it be through Etsy or another retail outlet ~ we want to feel like our business is appreciated. I say Bravo!!

  13. sheila payne Tattered Goods

    Hi Jeanne,
    I love your advice…I tend to start off like you suggest and then at times because I am disorganized πŸ™ I do not always do that. I am going to start making it my priority to do so πŸ™‚ a lil something like a chocolate or an ispiring word of encouragement does add just the right touch. I feel this all is a sense of PRIDE of business and the product…thanks so much you are always full of honest and sound advice. I do hope you and your family have a great weekend.

  14. Suzen

    You are so right about this!! I got something from ebay just shove-crammed into a second hand box, (an expensive handbag) with some bubble wrap around it. No kidding, I don’t even expect anything special from ebay, but that was a new low. Personally, I think it’s really fun dressing things up with pretty tissue and a lovely note. That’s what makes doing business with indie women so delightful. I once got a print from an artist who lives on a farm and she put in a little “pillow” of lavendar and a chicken feather, plus a beautiful card. It’s just such a special touch! (PS I loved the bag I got from you a while back, with the ledger paper and postcard and note!) XOXO Suzen

  15. Lisa

    You package your items so beautifully, all the time you put into your work really shows and I’m sure your customers really appreciate that! You make a very good point! I hope I can order something from you someday πŸ™‚

  16. Simply Bungalow

    Love the extra special details and so agree. I own a shop and we take a little extra time to put a bow on the bag and “dress” it up. It makes the customers feel extra special and that’s what they remember and tell their friends.

  17. margie

    giddy with excitement…my lucky number is 5…it’s a sign…
    i love you…i love your attention for detail…it shows your love for what you create…
    love love love…
    kiss kiss

  18. lissa

    I’ve always admired the attention to detail you put into your packaging! It makes the arrival of your purchase feel like a gift.

  19. Shelley Paden

    Hello bushel and a peck, I am a curious girl. Why the adorable #5 on the burlap sacks? Is it the # of peeps in your fam? Thank you for the wisdom, I do not sell anything on ebay, but yor post really got me praying about how I present my husband with the gifts I give him. Not at Christmas or his birthday; but the day to day stuff. Cleaning up his clothes off the bedroom floor for like the millionth time, washing his ice cream bowl in the sink; that he rinsed, but didn’t put in the washing machine. When I do these things The Lord convicted me through your post that I shove it in a Cheez it box and still have the gall to claim that I am his know what I am saying? My attitude about taking care of my amazing husband, my precious gift from God….I complain, huffnpuff, eye roll, etc…making my Biblical Womanhood look like my love for him….shoved into a Cheez It Box. Thank you for letting God use you to give my stubborn and selfish heart a thunk in the head. May he bless you for blessing all who you reach.

  20. Alli

    Wow! Now I want to order something from your shop just so I can get it packaged by you! I love attention to detail and you nailed it girlie!

  21. Natalie VV

    I am taking notes… because you are inspiring, and I need inspiration in the *wrapping and packing* department.
    Lovely space you have here, by the way.

  22. anne marie

    here! here! it’s always like sending a friend a package! this is why we love you Jeanne πŸ™‚ you take the time – and effort – to make things special
    have a great weekend!
    Anne Marie

  23. Candylei

    They are so cute! I agree with you on the first impression.
    I would love to get one of your packages in the mail. Now I’m enticed to go show on your etsy site. Thank you for sharing with us and your beautiful pictures.

  24. Ann Marie

    Hi Jeanne — I am reading Blogging for Bliss right now and decided to stop by and check out your blog. Wow — your first blog (about wrapping) just grabbed me. Here is my embarrassing story. I created a bunch of beautiful frames that I wanted to approach a store to carry. Gulp … yes, I presented them all thrown together in a cardboard box. I look back now and I can’t even believe I did that. I never gave any thought to the box. You can bet after reading this blog I will be changing that up right quick … why put all that work on the beauty inside just to shove it into something so dumb? Anyway, I’ll be visiting your blog regularly — nice to meet you. And thanks for the tip!

  25. Traci

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. you definately make the packaging special. there could be nothing inside and i would be just as happy. well, maybe not. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY CAMERA BAG. i really CAN wait. i am just SO excited about it. great talking to you yesterday.

  26. Shawn Seay

    I LOVE how you send your gifts….I mean packages that WE order. I had ordered the apron from you awhile back and I felt like I had recieved a gift in the mail from someone who cared about all of the details. It was so special that I took pictures of how it was wrapped. Keep up the good work. Recieving your package inspired me to wrap all of my packages with more detail, whether gifts or orders.
    I also enjoyed Shelley Paden’s comment, above…makes me stop and think.

  27. Leah C

    I love all the “extras” you put into your packaging…it does really make the purchase extra special! And when I receive an order from you, I then take those extra goodies and use them in my home decor, gift wrapping, or creative things I make:) So thank you, Jeanne…it’s always a pleasure visiting your shop!

  28. Brandie

    Great post Jeanne! I totally agree. I once bought something on Etsy and it came in a used Hard Rock bag. Yikes. I like to package each order to be like a little gift to the buyer. I also like to theme the packaging to whatever inspired that particular collection. For example; my last collection, The Enchanted Garden, each order was wrapped in tissue paper and tied with seam binding. I then made a little envelope out of pages from The Secret Garden and tucked in a hand written note and a package of flower seeds. For my current collection, Bohemian Rose, I wrap in tissue paper, tie with seam binding and then I make a little pouch out of scraps from the collection and put a few silly bands in. I then clip it to a handwrittem note with a clothes pin and slip it in under the ribbon. I always put the entire wrapped package into a cello bag before it goes into the box to ensure that there is no moisture damage en route. I love the packagin part so much!!! I always come back to a shop that makes me feel special.

  29. Amy Muffoletto

    Your packaging is always amazing… a sweet little piece of you. A sweet surprise. A special gift. Love ya, Thanks for taking a few extra minutes to make us feel special when our packages come in. Hugs,Amy

  30. Elaine

    Hi Jeanne its always such a pleasure to stop by & see what wonderful things you are doing truly inspirational. Lets hope November for me brings pleanty of blogging so to not dissapoint my followers enjoy the rest of your week & plowing through all that yummy corn hee. :))

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