I get a regular stream of emails asking questions about running a small business, Etsy and other shop questions so I thought it was time to have a post every once in awhile about….The Shop.

One of the things that has always been important to me as a shop owner is to present my items in a beautiful manner.

I want you to feel like you receive a gift for yourself when you get one of my creations in the mail.

I believe this presentation makes what is inside EVEN BETTER!

I get as many emails thanking me for my wrapping as what was actually inside.

If you are a shop owner I encourage you to take some time to think about what customers feel when they get your package.

Are you putting thought into your wrapping?

I once received a beautiful tote off of Etsy and it was mailed in a Cheez-It box..just stuffed inside.

It made the tote feel not special AT ALL….and I never ordered from the shop again.

What is too bad about that experience is that the purse was really wonderful.

I wrap my items in tissue paper (right now it is grey…but I have used white and chocolate brown in the past).

I put a vintage French page on each package that I have hand painted with an encouraging word.


I have had many people email me photos of this paper in journals, inspiration boards and even framed.

I then know that the extra time it took to make it was really worth it.

I then include one of my prints.


I wrap up the whole thing in twine, a tag, rolled up vintage book page and flower.


I also always include a handwritten note thanking my customer for their order.

Does this sound like a lot of work?

It isn't.

It just takes a few extra minutes and it is one of the ways I get to personally thank the people that allow me to create everyday!!

When I have something smaller like jewelry to wrap I put it a burlap bag that I have hand-stamped with the number 5.


I put the jewerly in the bag and then top it with shredded book pages or sheet music.


I then wrap the bag with a strip of vintage sheet music and then finish it off with the twine, rolled book page, tag, flower and thank you note.


How do you make your packages special?

If you have specific shop questions you would like answered email me at jeanneoli@hotmail.com and I will try to include them in this series.

Have a wonderful weekend.

There is still time to enter my $200 shop gift certificate for my new line.  I will announce the winner on Monday morning!!!